Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare - iOS & Android - Plarium

A hardcore mobile military experience!

Sharpen your strategy and master the next-generation MMO, Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare! Build your base and hire an army of man and machine to take the fight to your enemies. Team up with friends to take total control of the battlefield! Hire advanced assault vehicles, tanks, and military drones, then declare all-out war in the mobile sequel to the award-winning Soldiers Inc.!

Defend Your Base!

Selva de Fuego is the world's most deadly war zone: you won’t last long without a secure Base! Construct Buildings, produce Resources, and hire a powerful army of mercenary soldiers in order to survive!

Build Your Army!

Dominate the modern battlefield with a powerful army of hi-tech military Units, including advanced assault vehicles, tanks, and autonomous battle drones. Get hiring and destroy the competition!

Construct Annexes!

Use the sites around your Base to your advantage! Build Annexes that will produce vital extra Resources for your Base, or construct defensive outposts to stop enemy forces in their tracks!

Hero Gear!

Choose a Hero to lead your army! You can equip your Hero with powerful Gear that boosts the Combat Statistics of your Units. Recover Gear from the battlefield, and upgrade it for bigger bonuses!


Enter a Mercenary. Leave a Legend.