Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

The year is 2037. Society is in ruins, nation states are bankrupt, and the world is dominated by just a handful of extremely powerful – and heavily armed – private military companies. However, a new development poses a huge threat to the newly established world order: the discovery of Serum, a miracle drug sourced from the dense rainforests of Selva de Fuego, has thrust the previously unknown Phoenix Industries into a position of seemingly unassailable global dominance.

With the World Security Organization offering unprecedented amounts of power and resources to anyone who can take the fight to Phoenix, it falls upon alliances of mercenary commanders to build their armies and change the course of history…

Game features:

  • Cutting edge graphics, including high-spec animated characters and fully 3D map functionalities.
  • Extensive range of highly realistic military units, with varied and engaging battlefield scenarios.
  • Free-to-play on Android and iOS with regular updates

Enter a Mercenary. Leave a Legend.