The Top 20 Management Games You Should Play Today!

Last updated: 12/27/2023
6 minutes read

Have you got exceptional time-management skills? Do you know how to prioritize tasks and run a team of people? If so, management games are for you. In this guide, we’ve picked out 20 of the best management games that will test your logic, timing, and patience. So, if you’re ready to take control, here are 20 top management games.

The 20 Best Management Games

What are the best management games available for PC, mobile, and consoles? That’s a tough question to answer because there are so many options. The Sims franchise has, of course, produced some of the best construction and management games, but there are many more options. To help bring some order to the proverbial chaos, we’ve broken down our list of 20 popular management games into four sections. So, if you’re ready, here are

Hotel Management Games

If you’ve ever complained about the service you’ve received in a hotel, this is your chance to prove you could do it better. These management games require you to build and run one or more hotels. That means handling everything from staff and maintenance to catering and entertainment. Five of the leading hotel management games are:

  1. Hilton Garden Inn: Ultimate Team Play – this game has been used as a training tool for Hilton staff members, which proves just how closely it mirrors the day-to-day dynamics of hotel management.
  2. Ski Resort Tycoon – hotel games don’t always have to take place in sunny destinations, so why not take to slopes and see if you can build and manage a ski resort.
  3. Hotel Empire Tycoon – anyone who wants a pick-up-and-play management game that you don’t have to be glued to for hours should give Hotel Empire Tycoon a try.
  4. Hotel Magnate – this game gives you the ability to build your dream hotel, motel, luxury resort or anything in between.
  5. Bed and Breakfast 2 – if you don’t want the responsibility of running a big hotel, why not take the reins of B&B in this free mobile management game.

Online Time Management Games

Time management games require you to hit certain targets/goals within a limited period of time. This means you need to have plans and systems in place to ensure that all parts of your system run in sync. The best premium and free time management games are:

  1. Heart’s Medicine: Hospital Heat – nowhere is time more precious than a hospital, so make sure you’re on top of your treatment game with this one.
  2. Airport Madness 3D – can you handle one of the most stressful jobs in the world? If so, try your time management skills as an air traffic controller in Airport Madness 3D.
  3. Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour – organizing an international fashion show might not sound like a tough task but see how you fare when models need to get into new outfits every few minutes.
  4. Farm Frenzy – take care of five different animals, tend to fields, and sell nine farm products all while adhering to strict time limits in this frenetic game.
  5. Elvenar – take control of this fantasy empire building game that puts your planning skills to the test as you battle against enemy forces and prohibitive time limits.

Resource Management Games

Resource management games require you to oversee the creation, supply, and distribution of things such as food. We can also put money management games into this category because money is both a commodity and a resource. Five of the top resource management games are:

  1. Minecraft – one of the most iconic management games out there allows you to play in two modes: survival (limited resources) and creative (freedom to go wild).
  2. Factorio – build factories of increasing complexity in order to create and manage various resources
  3. Dyson Sphere Program – take the idea of building factories to create and manage resources to an intergalactic level in this space-theme management game.
  4. Planet Crafter – collect resources and use them wisely so you can turn a hostile alien planet into an oxygen-rich place where humans can survive.
  5. Age of Empires II – the sequel to Age of Empires is just as much of a classic and one of the ultimate castle games with resource management qualities.

Sport Management Games

Almost everyone loves sport. A lot of people play sports, many more watch, but only a few manage teams. If you’ve ever had the urge to manage a group of athletes and compete against the best, you need to try these sports management games:

  1. Motorsport Manager – take the driving seat in this realistic sim where you manage all aspects of a Formula 1 team.
  2. Cricket Captain – handle your bowlers, light a fire under your batters, and get fielders in order with this cricket management game.
  3. Baseball Highlights 2045 – this baseball management game isn’t for you if you want realism, but the short 10-minute games are great for bitesize entertainment.
  4. Soccer Manager 2023 – manage every aspect of a team, from nurturing youth players to handling wages and transfers with this soccer management game.
  5. Tennis Elbow Manager 2 – think you’re a tennis ace? Manage up to nine player’s careers, including their sponsorship deals with this game.

What Is Meant by Management Games?

Management games are console, mobile, and PC games where you take control of the ecosystem and, in almost all cases, build it from the group up. Although building isn’t always a central component of management games, it is popular within the genre. Why? Because it plays into the idea that you’re a godlike figure who creates and, subsequently, rules over worlds.

What’s important to understand is that building should be taken in its broadest sense i.e. we’re not just talking about constructing buildings. Soccer management games, for example, require you to build teams. Money management games require you to build a business empire. So, while there will always be an element of building something, it won’t always be bricks-and-mortar structures.

What Are the Types of Management Games?

City builders are among the most popular management games you can play. Does this mean the Sims is a management game? Yes, it is. Technically it falls into the subgenre of construction and management simulation aka a building sim.

Other subgenres with sports management games, such as those focused on soccer. You can also play business management games and time management games where you have to manage various processes within specific time periods.

What Is a Management Games Training Method?

A management games training method is the fact skills you need to master in the digital world can be applied to other aspects of life. For example, free time management games require you to handle things such as supply chains where growth, imports, and exports are controlled by time limits. Doing this requires an ability to plan, think logically, and organize various moving parts to create an efficient system. Honing these skills through time management online games is one example of how this genre can be used for training purposes.

If you’re a master of management, give some of our top-rated management games a try right now!