The 10 Best Interactive Story Games: Plots, Characters, and Immersive Narratives

Last updated: 3/7/2024
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What are the best interactive story games online, for PC, and mobile? The desire for interactive stories is as high as it’s ever been and, in 2024, the top titles are among the most popular games out there. Some of you will know this genre intimately, but others won’t. So, what are interactive storytelling games?

Interactive story games take players on a journey. They’re games with a narrative arc that brings stories to life. This broad definition of interactive stories allows it to cross genres and include a variety of games. For example, some of the best MMORPGs of 2023, such as Chrono Odyssey, can be classed as interactive story games. The same goes for co-ops, split-screen games, and pretty much any other game where players follow a narrative. 

The 10 Best Interactive Story Games

Which narratives should you be following if you enjoy stories? Or, more specifically, what is the best story-based game? Based on what fans of grinding games have been spending hours playing in recent years, these are 10 of the top interactive story games for PC, console, and mobile.

1. Life Is Strange: True Colors 

The Life is Strange franchise has been telling stories since 2015. Such is its cult status that it’s been spun off into a series of graphic novels. The franchise tells the stories of different characters, each with a superpower. Powergaming fans immersed themselves in Alex Chen’s story with True Colors as she used her psychic power of empathy to solve the mystery of her brother’s death. 

2. What Remains of Edith Finch

Edith Finch is the only surviving member of her family and she’s on a mission to solve a series of mysteries surrounding the death of those she loved. Taking place in her ancestral home, Finch House, Edith narrates her way through secret passages, wilderness footpaths, crawlspaces, and all manner of places in search of answers.

3. A Way Out

Fans of split-screen co-op games will love A Way Out. Released in 2018, this interactive story game is clever in that it combines active and passive entertainment. Players take control of Vincent and Leo, two prisoners on the run. Each character has their own story, which means players work in unison but also take turns playing/watching as things develop. 

4. ValiDate

If you enjoy a love story, QTE features, and modern tropes, ValiDate is ideal. This romantic visual novel takes players through life's trials and tribulations as a singleton. The journey, as it is in real life, is all about finding love in any form. The willingness to embrace all sexualities and preferences makes ValiDate one of the most inclusive interactive story games out there. 

5. Before I Forget

Before I Forget was BAFTA-nominated for good reason. The action takes place in Sunita’s house, a woman struggling to find herself. What’s unique about this game is that it switches from moments of absolute clarity to times when even the simplest things don’t make sense. In many ways, Before I Forget is more than a game, it’s a visual depiction of what the early stages of Alzheimer's can feel like.

6. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Players with a completionist mentality will love The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Why? Because you have to explore every possible avenue to solve the disappearance of Ethan Carter. You’re forced to search high and low because there isn’t any hand-holding in this game. You’re left to explore the open world and solve puzzles on your own, which makes the story extremely engaging.

7. Oxenfree 

Fans of visuals and voice acting can get a lot from Oxenfree. Available on all platforms, this supernatural thriller follows a group of friends who accidentally release a paranormal force into the world. What’s neat about this game is that it combines coming-of-age teen-movie narratives with dark undertones. What’s more, the lack of cutscenes and the open-world dynamic make Oxenfree an eerie adventure. 

8. Tangle Tower

The amateur detectives among you should try Tangle Tower. This is a classic click-and-point game where you work alongside Detective Grimoire and Sally. Their mission: solve the murder of Freya Fellow. Each puzzle unlocks a new clue as you play towards the goal of questioning and, finally, accusing suspects of murder!

9. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is the perfect interactive story game for rebels. Unlike other popular interactive story games online, The Stanley Parable doesn’t have a set narrative. Well, it does, but you don’t have to follow it. The uniqueness of this game comes from the fact you can guide Stanley in a way dictated by the omniscient narrator or you can ignore their instructions and do things your way.

10. Firewatch

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but few can question the aesthetic qualities of Firewatch. Set in the Shoshone National Forest, you take on the role of Henry, a ranger on the lookout for fires from his watchtower. Your only ally in this game is Delilah, another ranger you communicate with via walkie-talkie. Together, you have to battle ominous forces and solve an age-old mystery. However, even more than that, you have to navigate the relationship with Delilah which can change based on a single phrase. 

Immersive Yourself in the Best Interactive Story Games

Interactive story games are immersive from start to finish. They bridge the gap between novels and interactive entertainment like no other genre of games. Time, of course, matters. You need to spend time getting into the story if you want maximum enjoyment from these games. If you can do that, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Put simply, if you’re someone who is creative and enjoys the concept of progression, we strongly recommend you try the top premium and free interactive story games.