Strategy Games

Delve into multiple worlds, each with its own distinct look and lore.
Attack other players and seize their resources in intense PvP combat.
Fight alongside 250 million players and form clans to share the experience with.
Rise to be top player and achieve ultimate power.

Everyone plays Strategy Games differently. Some like to amass huge armies and blindly attack anyone in sight, others prefer to build an impenetrable fortress and make the most out of their domain, while others still like to focus on collecting resources and engaging other players through trade.

There are a dozen or more ways you can play a Strategy Game - that's part of what makes them so fun. When you get right down to it, Strategy Games present players with a conflict and the tools to try and solve it, but since the way to victory is never straightforward, it is up to each player to decide which tools to use, and how. Or in other words - what Strategy to implement.

Timing Is Everything

In Strategy Games, timing is everything. Sometimes they are slow and methodical, while at others they are fast-paced, with victory hanging on split-second decisions. Nowhere is this more true than in Online Strategy Games, where you play in a constantly changing environment against cunning human opponents.

You need to be ready for everything, since you never know when or where the enemy will strike. You can put in the time to develop a strong army with both offensive and defensive capabilities - time your enemy will use to grow in power as well - or you can invest in select rare and powerful units. Either way, you will need to work for - or fight for - the resources to support your forces and conquests. A constantly growing and evolving army can mean the difference between barely surviving a surprise attack, and sending your attacker running in fear, never to return.

Plarium’s Strategy Games

Plarium is focused on bringing our players the best MMO Strategy games experience on browsers. All of our Online Strategy Games take elements from both Real-time Strategy and Turn-based Strategy games and combine them to create a unique challenge for our players.

Plarium's games also offer a multitude of different settings, ranging from a war-torn country controlled by private military companies in Soldiers Inc., a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with dangerous mutants in Total Domination, to the sunny Caribbean sea in Pirates: Tides of Fortune where pirates plunder and chant merry sea shanties.

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