Positive Aspects of Gaming Part 1

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Mental Sharpness:

As you get older and your body gets slower, your mind tends to follow suit – by age forty or so, most people already begin to see signs of those changes happening. For most people, online gaming is typically thought about as something reserved for teenagers and young twenty-something, but people of any age can benefit from increased mental acuteness. Many, if not all competitive online games, provide a form of mental challenge that otherwise is difficult to come across in a person’s day to day life – unless you actively seek it out.

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Online chess is a perfect example of this – unless you have someone at home who enjoys and wishes to play with you, you will find it difficult to actively practice the game. That’s where online chess comes in, you can play any time, any place and with anyone in the world! Many MMOs and Strategy games give players a difficult challenge, facing up against competitors from across the world and trying to come out on top, completing difficult puzzles or out-strategizing their opponents.

Regularly competing or playing these games online means your mind will constantly be sharp and tested, ready to solve many different puzzles or problems in your daily life. And that brings us on to our next point;


As with most online games, especially strategy or FPS games, there will – more than likely – be a competitive scene for players to test their skills against others. This goes for almost any type of game; if there’s a way you can compete and play against someone else, there’ll be someone willing to play against you. Hell, there’s still an active, competitive scene – complete with competitions, meet-ups and prize money – for an old Atari football game made in 1994.

Competition keeps you strong, keeps you sharp and gives you a sense of purpose – something to work for. Within a competitive scene, you’ll find players with similar interests to you, enthusiastic about playing and competing in their beloved game. Competition in itself has many different benefits; one of the most important ones is that it prepares you mentally for real life. By way of actively competing, training and working on your weaknesses, without knowing it you have already taken part in one of the most difficult things you can do in life - you have objectively analyzed yourself.

By working on your weaknesses and attempting to better yourself, there’s almost no better way to prepare yourself for the job market and the real world. When competing against others, it is only down to you to find out where you’re going wrong, what needs improving and what needs changing.

Competition stimulates improvement, growth, learning and a dogged attitude. 
Ask anyone who you deem successful in life if they’re important qualities to have, and you’re only going to get one answer.

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