Total Domination

It has been centuries since humanity returned to Earth and decades since pandemic and civil war reduced the world to ashes. In order to survive on the Wastelands, you must struggle for dominance by battling the warring clans that rule the wastes and join forces against a sinister Artificial Intelligence that threatens to make our extinction complete.

Under the command of General Winters you will learn to extract resources, build your Sector, research lost technologies and build your army. You will master strategy, diplomacy, logistics, and warfare while navigating a battlefield of shifting alliances and rivalries. There is no mercy here - only Total Domination!


Diplomacy is important in getting required Resources, but you can also take Resources from other Sectors by raiding and occupying them. Your friends can also send Resources to help you. Whichever strategy you choose is entirely up to you, Commander!


After years of plague and nuclear war, the remnants of civilization split into thousands of warring Sectors scattered across the Wasteland, each with their own army. As Sector Commander, you must develop your Sector, defend it from enemies, and exert your might over weaker rivals. To prosper you must build your fighting forces and secure resources from the Wasteland. Upgrade your Sector with defensive structures and buildings, and secure it by building strategic alliances with the factions around you. General Trevor Winters and the forces of STRATCOM will walk you through everything you need to know to get your Sector ready for battle.


Knowledge is power! Even when times are harsh, you will have to research more and more Technologies to construct new Buildings, and thus, purchase more powerful Units. Collect the required modules to research the Technology. Your Tech Advisor will give you one Module every day you play the game. You can also purchase them at the Black Market, yet the key to a successful upgrade is logistics - you can exchange Modules with other Commanders through the Trade Gateway or trade them in the Research Center. Keep in mind that most of the Technologies can be upgraded - upgrade them, to increase their statistics.


There are three main types of Resources - Uranium, Titanium, and Credits. Your Sector has fields of Uranium and Titanium. Build mines to extract both Resources. You can trade Resources in the Trade Getaway. Upgrade your Resource buildings and construct the Breeder Reactor and Ore Refinery to improve Resource production. Upgrade your Warehouses to store more Resources.