Vikings: War of Clans

The North awaits!

Follow your heart and choose the way of a warrior - the way of a Jarl! You can assemble the mightiest warriors under your banner and gain the status of a true Konung. Act coolly and resolutely! Show your enemies that you are the true conqueror of the Northern lands. The time has come for you to triumph!

Ruler’s success!

Rich and prosperous holdings guarantee your greatness! Build an impenetrable town and upgrade your buildings! Strengthening your influence is the best way to gain an edge in the struggle for power!

Power in troops!

Train your warriors and they will rush bravely into the heat of bloody battle at your command! Discover the tactical genius within yourself, lead an army of thousands and smash your opponents!

Fight Invaders!

Enemies come to the Vikings lands from time to time! Fight and conquer the Invaders! Defeating them brings valuable rewards, such as materials for crafting specific items!

Northern Hero!

You need a leader to strengthen your troops! Upgrade your Hero's Skills and craft equipment in the Forge that will optimize the game in key areas. You can improve the equipment with gems in the Workshop.


You are a Viking!You are the Hero!