Total Domination: Reborn

Prepare to Dominate!

The nuclear apocalypse has come and gone – now you must fight for survival in the merciless wilderness of the Wasteland! Prepare yourself to command both man and machine in your army: develop your Sector, research Technologies, produce Resources, and fight against your enemies. The strong can save mankind from the Mutant threat, but only the strongest will dominate!

Your Sector

A strong Sector is essential for a powerful Army. You must build and upgrade the Buildings that will help you thrive, and secure your Sector from enemy attacks! Only then will you be able to dominate the Wasteland…

Train Troops!

Prepare your military forces: Infantry, Armored, Artillery and Air Forces - and send them to war! You will need a powerful army in order to fight successfully against other Commanders and Morgana's mutants.

Get Resources!

There are three main types of Resources - Uranium, Titanium, and Credits. Your Sector has fields of both Uranium and Titanium, where you can build mines to extract these Resources.

Hire Striders!

Hire Striders and upgrade them to make higher-Level Units! These unique Units are equally strong in Offense and Defense, and can be upgraded to create Mutant-smashing forces like you've never them seen before!


Live. Fight. Dominate.Total Domination: Reborn