Throne: Kingdom at War

The King is dead. Long live the King!

Experience majesty and power, live the triumphs, and show no mercy on the path to your sacred goal – the Throne! This is the Amarian Kingdom in an alternate Middle Ages, where the best way to defeat a cunning enemy is to be wise, armed and always keep an eye out for spies among your allies. Be driven by the lure of treasure and the flames of retribution that burn enemy castles to ashes!

Town Development

Construct and upgrade buildings, conduct Studies at the Academy. Make your Town an unassailable fortress for enemies who dare to attack your lands!

Army Creation

Choose your warriors from among six unique troop types: spearmen, ranged, cavalry, knights, siege and scouts. Each type has their own strengths and weaknesses when fighting enemies!

Order System

Join an Order or create your own to attack enemies together with your allies, defend against attacks and exchange resources! Remember that even the best strategist cannot stand alone against every enemy.

Hero Upgrading

The Hero is a Lord's finest military commander. Develop dozens of available Hero's Skills, arm your Hero through an advanced weapon and equipment crafting system, and surpass your enemies!


Let cold steel be the judge!