Mark These 15 Gaming Conventions Happening in the Next Year

Last updated: 4/15/2024
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Video gaming conventions are an important part of the culture, long serving as a place where the biggest announcements and most shocking developments have taken place. Even in the age of the internet, gaming conventions are still a growing component in the gaming space, offering like-minded players a way to see new things and meet new people.

Over the decades, some of the biggest gaming conventions have faded away, while others have reached heights nobody could have predicted. Taking a look at the most successful gaming conventions, we want to explore the biggest coming in the next year, and the former favorite now left to history.

If you've ever wondered "What are gaming conventions near me like?", now might be the perfect time to start planning. Even if you don't know the difference between MMO and MMORPG, there'll almost always be something at these gaming conventions you can enjoy.

Gaming Conventions

What Is the Biggest Gaming Event of the Year?

While E3 once held the place of prestige in the biggest gaming conventions list, today that role is occupied by Gamescom. Held in Germany, this general gaming expo hosts many forms of interactive entertainment, and video games play an important part in this lineup.


Currently holding the name as the king of video gaming conventions, Gamescom is still expanding as it dominates the charts. Hosting everything from casual games to the most hardcore AAA and niche titles, thousands of players make the trip to Germany each year for this event.

Tokyo Games Show

The center of the Japanese gaming conventions space, TGS draws in enormous numbers and is home to many of the nation’s biggest video game announcements. If you love JPGS, then this is the place to be.

Brasil Game Show

The first of the gaming conventions to draw more than 300,000 attendees, the BGS is South America's number-one gaming event. Browser games, tournaments, and streaming stars all shine at this expansive yearly show.

Penny Arcade Expo – West

The Penny Arcade Expo video gaming conventions, also called PAX, take place in several locations, but the West version pulls the most numbers. Learn about D&D classes, play in game tournaments, try demos, and be surprised at how far the Penny Arcade team has come.

Taipei Games Show

Taking a more diverse approach than the Tokyo Game Show, the Taipei version is the gaming jewel in Taiwan’s crown. Including titles from all of Asia, this gaming showcase has played a huge part in growing the nation’s gaming fame.


Taking place in Shanghai, ChinaJoy demonstrates the prowess of China’s explosive gaming market. Many of the best iOS games in 2023 were featured heavily at ChinaJoy, and we don’t expect this momentum to slow anytime soon.

San Diego Comic-Con

You know it for comics, but San Diego's Comic-Con is also one of the world's best video gaming conventions. One of the best places for celebrity interviews and hands-on experience, SDCC, and its gaming are a big part of what keeps Comic-Con famous.


Another of the gaming conventions that have multiple events, DreamHack sets itself apart by focusing more on esports. The largest LAN party ever was held at DreamHack, as what we can only assume was a logistical and cabling nightmare.

Augmented World Expo

Dedicating itself to the landscape of augmented reality gaming, AWE USA is surely on to watch. With AR titles finally having their true potential unlocked with devices like Apple’s Vision Pro, AWE is destined to become an even bigger hit.

Retro World Expo

Taking place in Connecticut, the Retro World Expo is one of the best gaming conventions that focuses on, you guessed it, retro-style gaming. From classic action games to older gaming systems, older game enthusiasts can't afford to miss this one.

Eurogamer Expo

England’s biggest event, EGX takes place yearly in London to huge yearly success. A great way to check out the latest games and take part in a little cosplay, this convention is looking to solidify itself as a growing gaming force.

The Game Awards

This one stretches the definition of gaming conventions a little bit, but we had to involve it. Acting as the world’s biggest gaming prize event, TGA is home to many big announcements, and at its height pulled in more than 100 million viewers.

Game Developers Conference

Equal parts convention and conference, GDC is the place where developers meet to network, check out the newest tech, and share expertise. GDC’s influence reaches into every other convention, even if it can be difficult to track.


As an event focused on Blizzard properties like WoW and Hearthstone, BlizzCon commands a smaller audience than many, but it still performs well. Given the company's recent performance, we have to wonder about the future of this gaming convention…

The Electronic Entertainment Expo

Once the most famous of all gaming conventions, E3 has now shut its doors (likely for good). First opening in 1995, E3 was the event of the year that everybody paid attention to. Las Vegas will mourn this gem, as other gaming conventions move to pick up the pieces left in its wake.

What Happens at Gaming Conventions?

The gaming conventions 2023, 2024, and beyond offer are full of announcements and booths from new and established companies in the gaming space. These could be demos for big new AAA games, or accessibility peripherals for controllers, merchandise, or anything in between.