The 11 Best Bullet Hell Games (Across All Platforms)

Last updated: 10/30/2023
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Do you crave action, where the screen is filled with countless enemies and projectiles?

If so, step right into the frenetic universe of bullet hell games!  And if you're still unsure as to what sets them apart from traditional PVP games or why they're worth playing, check out below the absolute best bullet hell games that have shaped the genre, or scroll all the way down for some typical FAQs about this awesome subgenre.

Top 11 Bullet Hell Games to Dive Into

20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn plunges players into a harrowing challenge where every second counts. Drawing inspiration from the haunting works of H.P. Lovecraft, players are set against monstrous adversaries that are as relentless as they are devastatingly horrifying. While the mission seems simple and rather straightforward—survive for 20 minutes—the evolving dynamics of the game ensure that with every minute passed, the threats amplify. And if that's your idea of fun, who are we to judge?


In Archvale, players are thrust into an odyssey where the end goal is to discover the enigmatic location of Archvale. The path is far from simple. Battlefields are teeming with adversaries, and the bullet hell dynamics mean that evasion is just as crucial as offense. Archvale is mostly unique for its harmonious interplay between combat and story, making a great game combining action and narrative.

Binding of Isaac

This twisted take on biblical stories sends Isaac into mysterious underworlds as he tries to escape from his own mom who has been watching too much TV and now believes God is telling her to kill her own son... There are over 600 different items to find, each of which can impact your abilities, it's finding which ones work better together. Oh, and by the way—it's definitely worthwhile checking for tips on how to play the Binding of Isaac if you're new to it.


In Cuphead, the vibrant hand-drawn visuals tell a tale of misadventure, where a gamble gone awry leaves two brothers indebted to the devil himself. It's not just the unique art that captivates; the gameplay is a relentless run-and-gun marathon.

Players are pitched against a series of fiendishly designed enemies, each bringing their own brand of chaos to the table. And if you want a friend to join you, this game could be perfect for you because you can play this bullet hell game online.

Enter the Gungeon

In the depths of ancient, mysterious temples you must find the gun that can change the past. Enter the Gungeon offers players a rich tapestry of bullet hell action, where each session introduces new surprises.

With dungeons that change every time you play due to their roguelike mechanics, adapting on the fly becomes the core of the experience. The dungeons are only the beginning. A diverse arsenal of weapons, each with its unique flair, opens up myriad combat strategies that make this one of the hardest bullet hell games.

Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony

Imagine a universe where the red planet Mars plays host to 17th-century explorers, and steampunk reigns supreme. That's the world of Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony. This shooter game elevates the bullet hell genre with its blend of historical and sci-fi settings. As players navigate through the Martian landscapes, they encounter various factions, each vying for dominance.

Neon Abyss

Seek revenge against the Titans in this action-packed roguelike. Neon Abyss introduces players to ever-changing dungeons filled with unpredictable challenges. Every trial faced is an opportunity to grow stronger. The game melds frantic action with strategic gameplay, compelling players to balance raw firepower with tactics to conquer the abyss.

NieR Replicant

For those new to bullet hell games, NieR Replicant serves as an approachable introduction, merging familiar action-RPG mechanics with the bullet-dodging challenges of the genre. NieR Replicant presents players with an expansive realm filled with both beauty and danger. Combat is versatile; one moment you might be dodging a barrage of enemy projectiles, the next unleashing a flurry of sword strikes. 


Plunged into the alien landscapes of planet Atropos, astronaut Selene Vassos confronts a reality where death is a momentary setback. Returnal is a masterclass in atmospheric bullet hell gameplay, set against a backdrop of hauntingly beautiful extraterrestrial terrains. Each rebirth offers a fresh perspective, with evolving environments and challenges.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 thrusts players into a 3D world where danger lurks in every corner, shadow, and skyline. With its procedurally generated levels, the game ensures that no two playthroughs are the same.

As challenges ramp up, players must continually adapt, leveraging a diverse array of weapons and abilities. From the early stages to epic boss confrontations, timing, strategy, and reflexes are crucial. It's a game that constantly keeps players on their toes, blending relentless action with strategic depth.

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors offers a pure, undiluted combat experience. Players are thrown into arenas swarming with enemies, demanding rapid reflexes and strategic prowess to survive.

The retro-style graphics, combined with a pulse-pounding soundtrack, creates a soundtrack for dodging enemy onslaughts or launching devastating attacks. Vampire Survivors is a high-octane trip that action enthusiasts will absolutely adore.


What Are Bullet Hell Games?

Bullet hell games are action-packed shooter video games characterized by a plethora of bullets, enemies, and intense gameplay, with very strong focus on ambience and an eerie atmosphere. How to play bullet hell games is simple, fire whatever weapons you have as much as you can!

The most popular bullet hell game in our list is most likely to be considered Enter the Gungeon, however, each one in our list is vastly different so your own personal favorite may very much differ.

Is Doom a Bullet Hell Game?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to famous games and the bullet hell subgenre. Although many might consider it a first-person shooter, its relentless waves of enemies and the constant need to dodge projectiles do in fact give it characteristics of a bullet hell game.

Ready for a Challenge?

Bullet hell games are more than just dodging projectiles; they're about strategy, timing, and intense narratives. Whether you're new to the genre or a seasoned player, there's a title on this list ready to challenge and captivate. Ready to dive in and test your reflexes? If you need a new name to go along with a new fantastic game, you should check out our fantasy name generator.