Celebrate the Third RAID: Shadow Legends Anniversary in Style!

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Celebrating RAID: Shadow Legends 3rd Anniversary

RAID: Shadow Legends is turning three years old, and to celebrate, we are rolling out a series of amazing goodies, including personalized videos and free characters!


The epic freemium fantasy gacha game, RAID: Shadow Legends, is celebrating its third anniversary. As seasoned players will know, the Shadow Legends universe has grown significantly since its global release in 2019.

Now, with the third anniversary upon us, it’s time to celebrate.

Naturally, this is a party that everyone is invited to. However, if you don’t know the details, you’ll miss out on the fun.

So, without further ado, here’s how the RAID: Shadow Legends 3rd anniversary shapes up.

What is the RAID: Shadow Legends 3 year anniversary start date?

RAID's 3rd anniversary is spectacular!

RAID: Shadow Legends was released globally in March 2019. Now, three years on, the start date for the RAID: Shadow Legends third anniversary is mid-April 2022.

How long will the RAID: Shadow Legends 3 anniversary last?

The third RAID: Shadow Legends anniversary celebrations will last for one whole month. During that time, new and existing players can enjoy a variety of treats, including bonus upgrades.

What is the RAID: Shadow Legends 3rd anniversary theme?

The theme for this year’s RAID: Shadow Legends anniversary event is Arbiter, an overall champion rating of 4.5. She’s an arena and faction war goddess that’s available after completing the mission quest line.

With a book value of 10, as well as A3 and A4 book priority, Arbiter is a powerful, speedy character. She can also revive a team’s health and boost other characters.

So, if Arbiter sounds like a champion that you would like on your team, and you'd want to celebrate her in all of her glory - make sure you join our anniversary event.

What benefits can I get during the RAID: Shadow Legends 3 anniversary?

Ride of the RAIDers at our 3rd Anniversary!

Check out these unbeatable perks you could get by joining the RAID: Shadow Legends third anniversary event:

A Free (Epic) Champion

All new players can get Talia for free!

That's right, if you create your first account during our 3 year anniversary celebrations, you’ll get a promo code to unlock Talia, starting your journey with a powerful Champion of Epic Rarity.

Personal Idomoo Videos for the RAID: Shadow Legends 3 Anniversary

Play during the RAID: Shadow Legends anniversary and you'll get a personalized video of your progress!

These high-quality Idomoo videos are presented by Arbiter, showcasing your most recent, mythic progress in the game.

Mystery Prizes and Special Bonuses for RAID Players

In addition to custom videos, and a free champion for all new sign-ups, we’ve got plenty of surprises up our sleeve!

You can win many more special prizes and upgrades during our third RAID: Shadow Legends anniversary, bonuses that are currently still being kept under wraps.

Celebrate the RAID: Shadow Legends 3rd Anniversary with Plarium

That’s just about all you need to know about the third RAID: Shadow Legends anniversary, for now...

So, if you want to get the most from this epic game, make sure you take part in our absolutely fabulous celebrations!

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