Could Raid: Shadow Legends and Other RPGs Make You a Real Team Player?

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Video gaming wasn’t always the mainstream pastime that it is today. Indeed, through the decades, the concept has been targeted with criticism, including the idea that it could ultimately be bad for your health.

However, in the present, it's loved by huge numbers of people across the world. There is also an ever-growing school of thought that video gaming can be pretty good for you. As explains, studies have looked into the issue and concluded that video games offer a range of benefits to regular players, including that they could even go some way towards increasing your grey matter.

Could it be that certain forms of gaming - namely RPGs - are actually more beneficial than others?

Raid Shadow Legends On PC

Why RPGs?

Past concerns around gaming may have developed for the simple fact that it was once a rather isolating pastime: gamers often hid away in bedrooms to tackle predominantly single-player experiences. Nowadays, everything has changed and much of that can be linked to the vast multiplayer options offered by online gaming and role-playing games in particular.

The likes of Raid: Shadow Legends are played online on both PC and mobile devices, while they involve gamers from across the world actively interacting with each other. In Raid, this may take the form of them:

  • Doing battle with others in order to climb the rankings; or

  • Joining a clan and working side-by-side on 'raids' to improve their standing.

What skills could you develop from RPGs?

RPGs come in many forms, and there is a strong argument to say that this means players have to face a host of new challenges and develop skills along the way. For example, common issues which you may have to tackle while working with others in Raid: Shadow Legends include:


While collaboration is vital in cooperative play in Raid, there will still be times when you have to show leadership and make important decisions which could affect the whole group.

Being a specialist

In team-based RPGs like Raid, gamers often have to take up specific functions – like attack, defence and support roles – which they need to perform to the best of their capabilities if the collective is to succeed. Doing your bit for the greater good is key to being a team player.


On the flip side, there will also be moments when you need to juggle several tasks at once in order to ensure that the clan continues to be successful. If you're playing Raid: Shadow Legends on PC via Plarium Play, one way to successfully tackle such issues is to set up hotkeys to quickly complete repetitive actions.


Raid: Shadow Legends like many games is about problem-solving at its heart. For example, which Champions will be best suited to different enemies? This means the game should help you develop your thinking around finding solutions that work best in a given situation.

Can such skills be applied away from gaming?

But while such ideas might be part and parcel of Raid: Shadow Legends and other titles, are gamers actually able to make use of the skills developed in these games in their everyday lives? Well, research certainly seems to hint that it's a possibility.

Last year, researchers at Missouri S&T surveyed almost 300 online RPG players who enjoyed gaming for eight hours a week but also worked 38 hours a week. They found that those who tended to be successful in raid-style scenarios in the games had qualities are regarded as key to success in the workplace.

Raid Shadow Legends On PC

According to Psych Central, these skills include the Big Five personality traits such as:

  • Conscientiousness

  • Agreeableness

  • Openness

  • Neuroticism; and

  • Extraversion

An added bonus was that those involved in such games also tended to have a good grasp of technology, with researchers stating that being savvy on new systems and equipment is another thing that would prove useful in the modern world of work.

Can gaming help with more than just team-building?

Of course, there is more to gaming these days than simply working in a team and that inevitably leads to another key question – would playing Raid: Shadow Legends offer further benefits than simply making you good at working with others?

There appears to be a general consensus that this could well be the case. For instance, in an article published at the end of August in the UK by the BBC, a few individuals put a spotlight on how they think their gaming habits may have helped them in terms of employability. Among those interviewed was a successful businessman who claimed he learned a lot simply by being involved in the economy of a fictional RPG universe.

Furthermore, a radiotherapy physicist also discussed how he feels the problem-solving involved in gaming has helped him in his work, as his involvement in treatment plans means he has to repeat processes in a similar way to how you would while seeking a high score on a title.

Big benefits

The world of video gaming has changed so much in recent years, and although titles like Raid: Shadow Legends might offer exciting action in a fantastical environment, they do still require gamers to make use of and develop skills ideal for use in a real-world setting.

Research in this area is truly fascinating and with so many people tackling games on laptops, smartphones and tablets these days, it will be intriguing to see how such titles continue to influence our skills and abilities in the years to come.

Raid Shadow Legends On PC

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