Game Randomizers 101

Last updated: 12/31/2023
5 minutes read

Here, we will concentrate on game randomizer mods and those that select a game at random for you. What alterations do they make to the way you play and the enjoyment you will get?

Why Are Game Randomizers Used?

Game randomizers help make any gaming experience more open and unique, from adventure games to robot games and everything in between.

Rather than following a linear path through the map, you are encouraged to explore different parts of the game and do things that the original never included.

They can make completing the game more challenging, even when it is a game that you have completed before.

You need to think on your feet if the best weapons you need have been placed elsewhere or if enemies appear from out of nowhere when you least expect them.

You can enjoy a favorite game for longer in this way too, as it may feel like a completely new version.

There is no denying the pleasure of seeing a game that you are familiar with but that is now presented in a very different way. It might even give you a reason to start playing a game you hadn’t played in years.

Type 1 - A Look at Game Randomizer Mods

The first thing to look at on any game randomizer list is how it gives you a way of making a certain game completely different. These are mods that change the way the game is played, turning it into something new even for experienced players.

This sort of game randomizer only works on the chosen title. It could mean that the enemies are placed in different locations, or it could change the places where you will find valuable items like weapons and food.

You could discover different skills and powers, add new locations, or the layout of the map might be completely different. Maybe a familiar room will lead you somewhere totally different now.

You can choose from lots of different game randomizer mods available for the most popular video games. This means that you may find a number of ways of altering your favorite game to give it a completely new look and feel.

Some of these changes may make the game easier, while others turn it into something insanely difficult even if you consider yourself an expert at the basic game.

You might see that a few things have been changed, or it might be that just about everything has been altered from the game you know and love.

If you enjoy a popular game, there is a very good chance that you can find a game randomizer to freshen it up. Try a few of the options and see which ones suit you best.

Type 2 - Game Randomizers That Choose Random Games for You

The next way of shuffling up your gaming experience involves a different sort of game randomizer. In this case, you enter the randomizing site and are directed towards a game that has been chosen in a completely arbitrary way such as by spinning a wheel.

This is a good choice if you aren’t sure what title you want to play right now. Maybe you have a lot of games you love and can’t decide which one to play. Or perhaps you are new to the gaming world and want to find out about a few of the titles you might like to try.

It is unlikely that you are smitten by every version that you discover in this way. However, there is also a very good chance that you find some great new ways of playing by letting a randomizer do its work on your behalf.

Who Can Use a Randomizer?

Anyone can carry out the simple process of finding and adding a game randomizer. All you need to do is search for a game randomizer list on the game you are interested in.

You will probably get more out of these mods if you have played the game a lot and understand it fully. In this way, you will appreciate the changes and how they alter the gameplay.

Survival Games as PVP

Having said that, there is nothing to stop you from trying the random approach on a title you have recently started playing. You may find that you enjoy the shuffled experience more than the original.

Game randomization is popular among speedrunners, as it forces them to adapt to different circumstances and find the best way of planning a new route and meeting the fresh challenges in front of them.

But anyone who enjoys playing games can add a game randomizer to shuffle things around.

How to Find the Right Game Randomizer

You can easily search for new ideas by looking at titles on Twitch and YouTube videos. A lot of the time, you will see them labeled as randomized versions of the game and will tell you which game randomizer was used to produce the version you are watching.

With other videos, you may just notice that things don’t look quite right. There may be subtle differences from the game you know, or you might see something that almost looks like a completely different title.

If you see a randomized version but don’t know what tool has been used to achieve the changes, don’t despair. You can now search for different randomizers on that game by looking for a game randomizer list that includes it, and see which one appears to have been used.

It is worth trying a few of these shuffled versions of your favorite games, as they each add something different to the overall experience. You should find something that appeals to you through a process of trial and error and by seeing what other players have to say in their reviews.