Monster Hunter comes to RAID: Shadow Legends

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Monster Hunter comes to RAID: Shadow Legends

We’re excited to announce that the acclaimed Monster HunterTM franchise will be crossing over into the world of Teleria!

A colossal collaboration

The Plarium and Capcom® teams have worked closely together to ensure that all the best aspects of RAID and Monster Hunter are represented in the collaboration.

From January 9th to March 5th 2024, players of RAID: Shadow Legends will be able to obtain 5 new Legendary Champions, each equipped with exclusive weapons and armor crafted from some of the Monster Hunter series’ most daunting monsters: Rathalos, Zinogre, and Fatalis.

Check out our official landing page for more: https://plrm.info/RAIDXMH

Monster Hunter content in RAID

There are five Legendary Champions up for grabs as part of our collaboration with the Monster Hunter franchise.

Rathalos Blademaster can be unlocked by all players simply by logging in to RAID: Shadow Legends for seven days between January 9th and February 27th 2024, while the other four Champions will be obtainable via special limited-time events that run until March 5th 2024. The full lineup is:

  • Rathalos Blademaster
  • Zinogre Blademaster
  • R. Nergigante Archer
  • Alatreon Blademaster
  • Fatalis Blademaster

Furthermore, players can also take part in a variety of in-game and community activities in order to celebrate the collaboration, plus also enjoy exclusive trailers. These explain how the eponymous creatures found their way into Teleria as well as depict classic RAID: Shadow Legends Champions facing off against Rathalos, the long-standing icon of the Monster Hunter franchise.

Get ready to hunt!

Don’t forget to get your Rathalos Blademaster Legendary Champion by logging in to RAID: Shadow Legends between January 9th and March 5th 2024, and be sure to check out all the exclusive Monster Hunter content in RAID: Shadow Legends before the event ends. Also, check out MonsterHunter.com to learn even more about the franchise’s 20th anniversary celebrations and its recently announced Monster Hunter Wilds title being released in 2025.

Get ready to join the hunt!

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