RAID: Shadow Legends’ 5th Anniversary

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RAID: Shadow Legends’ 5th Anniversary - Festival Of Creation In-Game Event

We’re going big to mark RAID: Shadow Legends’ 5th anniversary. This year sees us celebrating with the Festival of Creation, an in-game event that has all of Teleria come together to mark the creation of the world with a huge party!

When is RAID: Shadow Legends’ 5th Anniversary?

The Festival of Creation celebrations begin on March 7th, with various activities happening both in and outside of RAID: Shadow Legends until April 4th. The in-game Bastion has been decorated for the occasion with all manner of carnival regalia, complete with a special anniversary music track to get you in the party mood.

All players will receive a free RAID: Shadow Legends 5th anniversary gift with goodies each day they open the game between March 7th and March 12th, including the most prized Shards, a Legendary Skill Tome, and 5 million Silver.

New players can download the game for free online and use the 5th anniversary Promo Code FESTIVAL5 between March 7th and April 4th to earn the Epic Champion, Tayrel, to help them kickstart their Telerian adventure!

When did RAID: Shadow Legends come out?

RAID: Shadow Legends made its grand debut on iOS and Android devices on February 28th, 2019, where it quickly became one of the best free to play MMORPGs on the mobile market.

In the five years since its launch, the game has gone from strength to strength, surpassing 100 million downloads across all platforms - iOS, Android, Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store as well as Plarium’s own games platform, Plarium Play, which allows users to play online games on their desktop and hosts numerous free windows games for download.

Meet our 5th Anniversary Master of Ceremonies

A party as massive as this needs a truly remarkable host, and RAID: Shadow Legends’ 5th anniversary certainly has one amazing party planner. The Festival of Creation activities are led by Armanz the Magnificent, a traveling fortune teller and showman, who is as skilled with a lute as he is with a blade.

Armanz The Magnificent - The Host Of The Festival Of Creation

Not only will Armanz feature in many of the in-game Festival of Creation events, but he will be available for RAID: Shadow Legends players to summon via a special Fusion event during the 5th anniversary. Should you not acquire Armanz during this Fusion, he will be available to summon, like other non-Void Legendary Champions, from either Ancient, Primal, or Sacred Shards.

Armanz will also put his fortune telling and divination skills to the test in our annual RAID Chronicle video, available between March 7th to 28th. Here, he will summarize some of your finest RAID: Shadow Legends achievements, or give you a glimpse at what new additions have come to the game in the past 18 months. Players can share their RAID Chronicle via Facebook or X to receive additional in-game rewards.

Get the party started!

The RAID: Shadow Legends 5th anniversary fun isn’t limited to just in-game Events and Tournaments! Players can enjoy a variety of community activities during this almost month-long celebration – follow RAID: Shadow Legends on all major social media platforms to see what’s going on.

You can also check our awesome 5th anniversary commercial below:

So what are you waiting for? Play RAID: Shadow Legends now and join us in celebrating its 5th anniversary!

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