How to Play Flash Games in 2022 and Later

Last updated: 12/28/2023
6 minutes read

Flash games were created all the way back in 1996 but remain popular today. Even with the emergence of cutting-edge graphics, virtual reality innovations in the gaming world, and Adobe sounding the death knell of Flash in 2020, players return time and time over to this genre of gaming.

If anything, the Flash game fan base has only continued to grow over the years. Many classic games have been preserved, and new ones are still popping up online as popular PC games.

Fun games, great graphics, and originality are what Flash games are known for across the many genres they cover. So, if you're into all things Flash or maybe want to dabble for the first time in this genre, read on for more information on our best recommendations.

What Are Flash Games?

There's a great deal of variety in that Flash games can be enjoyed in either single-player or multiplayer modes. In addition, Flash games cover a range of genres, including action, adventure, role play, and puzzle options.

Typically people play them over the internet, on a browser, which is why they're also known as browser games.

When it comes to the issue of how to play Flash games, things have changed substantially in recent years. When Adobe announced the end of Flash Player, people had to get inventive.

One solution was that many gamers set about preserving Flash games before releasing them so that others can continue to enjoy playing them for years to come.

Although players may need to install some things onto their device to do this, the fact that Flash games don't require a powerful computer to run means they’ll work on almost any browser, no matter how slow the device it’s on.

Can You Play Flash Games After 2020?

When it comes to how to play Flash games post-2020, there are a few tried and tested ways that provide players with easy accessibility.

First is Flashpoint, which was a project announced soon after Adobe stopped running Flash on December 31st, 2020.


Flashpoint was the product of over 100 nostalgic individuals working together, determined to preserve the Flash games that many people grew up playing. In total, the efforts of these people saved over 90,000 games and animations for anyone wanting to use them in the future.

If you're new to all things Flash and wondering how to play Flash games, these titles come with handy instructions. Nonetheless, the main recommendation is that often the best way to learn how to play these titles is to go on ahead and just try it out, learning on the go.

Flashpoint is free and allows users to only use files on demand and avoids installing programs on a player’s PC that create folders and files.

With two different types of software that can be used, players can opt between downloading all the 90,000 games available on Flashpoint Ultimate, or just the ones they want to play on Flashpoint Infinity.

The main issue to consider is memory size. With Ultimate, 700 GB of data is required after extraction, whereas with Infinity, after a game or animation has been installed, players are looking at possibly over 2.5 GB of space being taken from their device.

To use Flashpoint, go to the website and:

  • Select either Flashpoint Ultimate or Flashpoint Infinity.
  • Click “download” and let it do its thing.
  • Click “install”.
  • Click “launch”.
  • Flashpoint Ultimate: select the game of your choice and play.
  • Flashpoint Infinity: download a game to play. Be patient because it can take time.

If help is required, there’s a help manual provided. But, once downloaded, no matter which Flashpoint is chosen, games can be played offline, along with the instructions about how to play them. Better still, nothing else needs to be done.

How to Play Flash Games in 2022


Another option to play Flash games without the Flash, is Ruffle. Despite being an alternative to Flash, it comes in three formats:

a standalone program, browser extension, or program that requires a line of HTML code. At present, it doesn’t run Flash games older than 2006 that use Actionscript 3.

Ruffle is coded in Rust. Rust is a programming language with an emphasis on safety and performance when it comes to memory management and safe concurrency.

Most of Ruffle uses Rust’s memory protection, which increases ruffle’s security, making Ruffle a credible way to do so.

Ruffle is considered an emulator for small web format (SWF) files. These were originally an Adobe Flash file format that contained videos and vector-based formats. By reproducing the function of SWF files, Ruffle can access Flash content.

So, in effect, you're playing Flash games without Flash.


Ruffle also built the browser extension without needing it, meaning it bypasses any security concerns people previously had about Flash. It’s free to use, and, like Flashpoint, Flash games can be played offline in both standalone and browser extension versions.

Depending on the version wanted, downloading it will differ. However, for those looking to play Flash games using Ruffle, they can go to Ruffle's website to get further help on this. Here’s how to download it as a standalone program:

  • Go to Ruffle’s website and select the standalone version.
  • Open Ruffle: There’ll be a prompt requesting the player to open an SWF file, which can be downloaded from other websites.
  • Once open, you can play the game offline, including reading any instructions about how to play the Flash game, as well.

After, you can right-click on an SWF file and set the default app for opening them to Ruffle. If you do this, any SWF file you want to play on can be instantaneously played.

Find a Website and Play!

Some websites that have browser games just allow players to play Flash Games, without adding anything to their computer or browser. In effect, it's them playing Flash games without the Flash.

This is because the websites have done all the hard work for players, which is great for people not wanting to add anything to their devices, or don't feel confident to do it.

Undoubtedly, the best part is there are plenty of these websites out there, so players will never be spoiled for choice. They just need to find a game to play, learn how to play the Flash game, and just start playing. It’s that simple!

Gaming and games have a rich history in popular culture. Its development and progression are fascinating to watch because it’s a dynamic field to be part of. Even now, there's progress with how they're being played.

HTML5 is an increasingly popular option to play Flash Games and looks like it's here to stay, thanks to the relatively simplistic code that people can use.

For die-hard gamers, learning how to play Flash games and being able to play the ones that are part of this history is something that cannot be ignored.

As more people get into online gaming as a past-time, the more games are being created, a love for classics is being fostered and more are being played. Being able to play so many of them online is a fantastic opportunity for many people around the world.

The fact these games have been so diligently preserved and continue to be played is a testament to those people who have painstakingly worked behind the scenes to allow this to happen.