Games Like Wordle

Last updated: 2/14/2024
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Released to the public in October of 2021 and hosted on the New York Times website, Wordle quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Rather than something like shooters or airplane video games, Wordle was instantly appreciable to anyone who knew English, both as a game and a teaching tool.

As we see with any popular games, Wordle would go on to inspire a slew of imitators. Some of these found themselves in the linguistic landscape, while others entered the domain of maths, arts, entertainment, or geography. The flexibility of the concept makes it a great fit for many approaches.

With the success and features of Wordle as a baseline, we want to look at the other titles that fans of the original can enjoy. No matter where your interests lie, there’ll be something on this list for you.

What is Another Game Like Wordle?📢

Word Master is a remake of the Wordle formula, with a slight difference from the original. You can play an unlimited number of free games in Word Master without having to wait for a day to pass, so you can stay engaged as long as you’d like.

Hello Wordl

Taking its name from a classic computing program, Hello Wordl is another remake of the classic Wordle formula with a twist. This entry still works with the same kinds of words and colored blocks but with a greater focus on customization. Hello Wordl lets you play an unlimited number of games, while also letting you choose how many letters you wish your words to contain, between four and 11.


Players chasing other games like Wordle but who just want more can also consider Quordle. This version functions the same as the original, but instead of six guesses on one word, you're allowed nine guesses on four simultaneously played words. This can make the title a little more complicated, but this added dimension of challenge might be exactly what some players crave.


If maths is more your thing, then Nerdle could be exactly what you’re looking for. This is one of those Wordle-like games that has you figuring out both calculations and answers to narrow down a few different equations each day. Plus, since it revolves around raw numbers and maths, you could also consider it one of the games with the most realistic graphics, as long as nobody challenges you on that idea.

What Are Offshoot Games of Wordle?

Offshoot games like Wordle are those that take the original formula and add some new type of spin. These tend to be online games that are updated daily with rotating content which, like the original, is carefully hand-picked to be engaging.


Geography buffs can head out in a different direction as they track down games like Wordle to suit their tastes. As the name suggests, Globle takes place on the globe, as you set your sights on narrowing down the right country using hot and cold as a guide. The big challenge with this title is that you need to be as accurate as a hitscan weapon since you'll need to not only know where countries are but also the exact names of smaller nations should they prove to be the right answer.

Lordle of the Rings

This is one of the games like Wordle that we’re fairly sure was invented just for the pun, but that works just fine for us. Lordle of the Rings takes its word list entirely from Tolkien, making it a great way to test your fan knowledge. You can also use this as an excuse to go 1v1 in gaming against your friend, to discover who’s the ultimate Tolkien scholar.


No, you haven’t discovered one of the games like Wordle which is based around jumping. Instead, Heardle takes a one-second clip from a song and tasks players with identifying the track. Incorrect guesses provide more of the song to listen to, and auto-fill works to add even more identifying information if you continue to struggle. This is another game that's great to play with friends, as it can prove a real challenge for all but the biggest music fans.


The first of our games like Wordle to break the naming trend, Framed works a lot like Heardle, only it uses a single frame from a movie instead of a short sound clip. Film buffs will excel in this title, with six guesses standing between you and failure. Framed can be a real challenge for players without knowledge of older films, so adding an older player to your team can help a lot in narrowing down Framed's six allotted guesses.


Sticking with the themed name and making even more of a mess of it is Swordle, which is only partially based on swords. Swordle borrows from the Star Wars universe as its basis, which can be significantly more difficult than you might think. Did you know that Yoda's first name was originally envisioned as Minch? We sure didn't, but now we feel even more enriched by the knowledge.


If you’re not great with movies but you excel with faces, then Lookdle might prove your speed. This game provides you with a pixelated celebrity face and five guesses to narrow down which famous person the visage belongs to. Some of the pictures provided make accurate predictions a bit of a swing in the dark, but it's still a worthy title for those passionate about celebrity culture.

Is Wordle the Best Free Word Game?

Picking the best free word game is like choosing the game with the best female game characters, it depends on personal taste. There are no best of the word games like Wordle, it’s just a matter of which of the many titles you like best.