It has been centuries since humanity returned to Earth and decades since pandemic and civil war reduced the world to ashes. In order to survive on the Wastelands, you must struggle for dominance by battling the warring clans that rule the wastes and join forces against a sinister Artificial Intelligence that threatens to make our extinction complete.

Under the command of General Winters you will learn to extract resources, build your Sector, research lost technologies and build your army. You will master strategy, diplomacy, logistics, and warfare while navigating a battlefield of shifting alliances and rivalries. There is no mercy here - only Total Domination!

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Top Clans
  • 1SpaNisH_Army
  • 2☣ФЕНИКС☣
  • 3The King
  • 4Les Chevaliers Noirs
  • 5fall out
  • 6†Global Guard†
  • 7Wolf Pack

Video and Screenshots

Carve your name in the history ofTotal Domination!