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Working with your Suggestions in Discord

Working with your Suggestions in Discord

Jan 3, 2020, 15:4101/03/20

Working with your Suggestions in Discord

Hello all! Guys, we surely realize how important it is to keep collecting your feedback, suggestions, recommendations on how the game could be improved, as we are making it for you and our ultimate goal is to make Raid as beautiful and enjoyable for playing as possible. 

That is why we would like to adjust the process of collecting and processing to make it more efficient. We get a lot of posts in this section every day, but we can't reply to all of them in a timely manner, unfortunately, because there is still a discrepancy in the numbers of the posts and the people that work with them. So we decided to keep all suggestions in one channel on our official Discord server: 

Please feel free to leave your suggestion in any channel on the server by using this simple command !suggest. 

NB! Make sure that your suggestion is succinct and precise so that it's easier for our moderators to work with them. Before posting, make sure that you have scrolled up and checked out at least some of the suggestions made previously not to repeat those. Our moderators will be collecting and filtering these suggestions on a constant basis. We will then be forwarding them to our game designers for further consideration and possible implementation.

Also, please feel free to use channel suggestions-discussion in the suggestions section to discuss your thoughts with other players. We do apologize for the possible inconveniences that this change may bring, however, this step is needed for making the process of working with your requests much more efficient.

Now, we will reply to your posts written here over the period of the past two weeks (starting from December, 20th and up until today, January, 3rd). But it won't be possible to create a new topic here. Thank you all very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Jan 11, 2020, 17:1301/11/20

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Jan 14, 2020, 05:2101/14/20

Feeling very discouraged. I'm seriously considering quitting the game already after 3 weeks. i like the overall set up, but the game economy is completely broken. i just spent 800k silver to upgrade 1 artifact from level 13 to 14. That's a little bit rediculeous. That is about 10 bucks worth of silver. I don't mind spending a little money to support and play a game i like, but 10 bucks to get one level on an artifact is a bit Much! The availability and real money cost of tomes is complete retarded. i already have dozens of characters topped out in level and cant even upgrade their spells and abilities.There should be a way to farm tombes. A game with a monthly fee is way cheaper to play then this is turning out to be. you can spend 100 bucks in less than an hour and have practically nothing to show for it. Instead of trying to milk a few for hundreds you could get everyone to spend 20 or 30 bucks a month if they actually got something for their money. what you are going to end up with is a small number of regulars that spend money like a crack addicts  and a large number of turn over players that quit after a week or two when they realize they can't compete without spending 100s of dollars every month. Maybe that is your intended business model, squeeze a small number of addicts for every penny you can get out of them and screw everyone else, it does not seem sustainable to me. But what do i know. i'm no business man. Seem like alot of "free to play" games work that way now. Maybe that is the business model that currently works for online/mobile games. If so i will be happy to see this trend end. 😞

Jan 20, 2020, 02:3401/20/20
Jan 20, 2020, 02:35(edited)
I just want to say how  fucked faction wars are.  Stage 1 & 2 takes me 14 secs  to beat and then I get beat in 11 secs. Faction wars is such a joke. How can it be so loop sided in so many factions on stage 7!!!!!!
Jan 20, 2020, 12:5201/20/20
Jan 21, 2020, 16:03(edited)

Still fairly new to the game but i do like it so far one thing i hope to see is more avatars for profile. Also place change music during battles, That one track with the snare drum it sounds like WWI music. It does not fit with the game at all  Would be nice if we got one free mystery shard for linking fb pretty sure new beginners would love that. furthermore it would be nice if you add a Clear All button to index it can get really annoying sometimes.   

Jan 20, 2020, 13:3201/20/20
Jan 24, 2020, 14:36(edited)

i suggest an energy generator like the gem mine that could be invested in and energy harvested from

there are only 3 counterattack champs for cb skullcrusher martyr & valkyrie, could you introduce a 4th counterattack champ please
Jan 25, 2020, 01:1501/25/20
Hi I have a question I used my friends link and have been  leveling up but he hasn’t  received any of his rewards ?
Jan 27, 2020, 19:4901/27/20
I never received my potions for my amazon content??
Jan 27, 2020, 23:4401/27/20

This is probably not the correct spot for my rant but this is the ONLY spot I've found to leave a post.

New Player here, so some of what I have to say will be redundant and I'm sure you've all heard this before but NOT FROM ME, so be nice in the replies...

I am currently in 1st Place on two current events due to end in the next day or two from 27 Jan 2020; depending on when you read this.

The biggest complaint is the rewards NOT counting towards Event Progress. Seriously how petty is that??? EVERY REWARD should count towards progress of the pittance or table scrap you call a base reward even if it's a lower number. If it only counted as a single point I would have cleared this event days ago. I get it, your intent is to force folks to spend real money to play your FREE GAME, so you tweak the system to kick out NONE REWARDS so that you think I will waste real money on this game. Needless to say your crap system has cured me of spending a DIME MORE on this game due to your unfair business practices but more on that in another rant. Back to the current events that I lead.

What is happening is in 30 runs, on Spiders, 28 of the rewards DON'T COUNT towards the Table Scraps. I need some 340 points to get the final table scrap and have been wasting energy all day just to end up with 200 Mystery Shards and 140 Beer Mugs. Granted they both have their merits and I'm glad to get them but when they don't count towards the SPIDER EVENT then they are USELESS, MEANINGLESS, and a complete WOT or Waste Of Time to me as a reward. I've gotten more Mystery Shards in Spiders today alone than the past 10 days I've been playing Spiders. 

Am I being punished for something? I am so far in first place that this even can last 2 more weeks and the person in second place might catch up; maybe. The way it is now I should have cleared the Table at least a day ago and if I continue to remain in first place is up to me. Just today I was able to unlock the 50 Gems, after spending 80 Gems for 2 x Energy. This is unacceptable in ANY GAME. This is by DESIGN and Luck, Chance and Good Behavior have NOTHING to do with it.

I gave up on the Champion Event due to the constant redundant over and over again same crap Chumps you'd like to pass off as Champions. I read today that you're going to reward Duplicate Champions, sometime in the future or translation NOT ANY TIME SOON, so that it's not such a feeling of PUNISHMENT. But your NOT going to address the issue of DUPLICATION that will cause more folks to leave then any reward will cause them to stay. It just seems that once you draw Great Champions your account will be BLESSED with Redundant BLESSED CHAMPIONS and Legend Champs will just fall from the sky. 

The downside to this game is if your first Draw is LOUSY Champions. Then forever will HORRIBLE, RED HEADED STEP-CHILD TYPE CHAMPIONS with Negative IQ's will not only Fall from the Sky but will MULTIPLY IN YOUR VAULT as they mingle and make babies with other, RELATED CHAMPIONS only further decreasing your chance at ANY DECENT CHAMPION. 

Again the original issue of Duplication is NOT being addressed but rather Silence is attempting to be bought with cheap trinkets to make one feel it more of a reward than ISSUE. Keep your TRINKETS and FIX this REDUNDANCY. This poor Champion Pool will cause more folks to leave the game than anything else. Who wants to spend real money to get RIPPED OFF and VIOLATED at the same time??? No one that I know and surely NOT ME.

When I release 10 Mystery Shards it's ANYTHING but a Mystery as to which ones I end up with; it's more like WRITTEN IN STONE which ones I get. Now if I was getting Decent Champions once in awhile or ONCE, perhaps I might not be so sour on this game. The 2 Legends I did pull are the two worst in the game. NO LEGEND should be worse than the average Epic. NO EPIC should be worse than the average Rare. NO RARE should be worse than the average Uncommon. Well, Uncommon and Common are by far the worst of the worse so it does not matter what they have for stats the only reason to upgrade them is to FEED the 1 or 3 that might be worth it. In the close to 600 Mystery Shards I've opened I'd be lucky to have released 10 Rares, and of the 10 only 2 might be worth not using as food. 

It's your game, run it into the ground if you want, that's on you; I am just giving you some perspective that you best get your head out of your behind and cater to the average Joe supporting your game. If not, there won't be any GAME. Greed is known to have killed more games than anything else. Sure you have your Cash Cows and Whales currently keeping the game afloat but how many Cash Cows and Whales are there vs how many Average Joes. 

Do the math, it's simple, 10,000 USD from a few cash cows or whales or 100 USD from a Million or more Average Joe's??? Sure in the short run you will make more Money quickly with your Cash Cows but when those Cows and Whales grow tired of this game; then your left with the Average Joe's, you know the ones that don't spend anything because you cater to GREED. If you made this game affordable, like 60 bucks a month MAX you'd have over 200 million players but I guess 12 BILLION PER MONTH is not worth the time or effort when you can have 60,000 per month from a few Cash Cows and Whales. Again the choice is YOURS. 

As for the REWARDS during Events they should ALWAYS COUNT. You've already cured me of working hard to complete ANY FUTURE EVENT, such as the Ice Event going on right not as other events finish up. Not only do I have ZERO DESIRE to start the Ice Event but I will not waste any extra Energy on any future event for ANY REASON because the REWARDS seem more like PUNISHMENT than anything resembling a REWARD. 

If an Event lasts 4 days and one is forced to NOT SLEEP for 4 days just to get midway up on Table Scraps, you know the things you use as Carrots to tempt folks to continue with an Event, then just know they won't be repeating their mistakes anytime SOON. Drops are a HUGE ISSUE in this game and the Game Devs like to sweep it under the carpet with MISDIRECTION and SILVER TONGUE VERBIAGE. I don't care how much gold you cover cow dung with, bottom line it's STILL COW DUNG and it STINKS just like the current DROP SYSTEM of this game. 

Of course I'd continue but I'd venture to say this post is going to get me BANNED because RAID can't handle the TRUTH. Grow UP RAID... Oh, in case you missed it, when I say RAID I mean all game devs and anyone associated with the Game RAID: Shadow Legends right down to the person in the building that is only responsible for opening the Door for folks to enter the building. 

Jan 30, 2020, 21:3601/30/20
 I have a lot of problems with the game so far and have been on every day for almost 3 months.   First the refer a friend doesn’t work I had 3 friends start playing in the first week I started playing and after 2 weeks no one got anything that was promised matter of fact it never showed that I sent the link to them but that was the only way they downloaded it . So they quit after the third week of nothing.    2 : the clan member limit is way to low because most people are on different time frames and some don’t have a lot of time to play.   3 :  I have only got one legendary in 3 months and have spent over $100 dollars for shards and still nothing which is bs I see so many people getting them time and time again and it’s the same ones I see every time I’m on .  4 :  it would be nice if Players didn’t have to spend money just to move forward in the game because it is in possible to when tournaments unless you do.  5: how is it that you are able to bet a lvl and then with the same group lose every other battle except 1 out of 10 which wast all your energy making it even harder to proceed and frustrate me to the point that I’m fixing to quit the game all together 
Jan 31, 2020, 04:5801/31/20
When u spend 70$ for 15 purple crystals but yet all of them are just rares upsets me makes me not want to play due to the unfairness to it i never get anything but the lowest denominator for all crystals you would think after 50+ crystals you would get a legendary
Feb 2, 2020, 13:0902/02/20
Feb 2, 2020, 13:10(edited)

Please review energy - I believe there is a very simple solution to energy issues. Keep it as is bar campaign does not require energy. End game gearing ect should be capped. But this would remove leveling chickens cap as let's face it the time investment is already present -takes a lot of hours, crazy amount to rank a 6. Therefore progression and investment is still present, this would not break the game or I would think platinums finances as money would be spent elsewhere by users, likely on shards to get the heroes people want or on tomes as there is no decent way to farm either. You could even go further and reduce energy per day if you were to introduce this to correctly limit progression at end game for dungeons ect.

Feb 4, 2020, 07:5602/04/20

Agree with the shards comments totally crap as your only going to get 3star champions even with purple shards

Feb 10, 2020, 23:3702/10/20

Not Sure This is the Right place, but why can PC players not get the Amazon Prime Rewards?

Feb 11, 2020, 18:4202/11/20

I enjoyed this game for all of 10 days, or less, but like all games of this nature (pay to play) the game has issues. You, the game creators, want to be different and attract more people, start with the below issues. 

1. Shards.

The Ancient Shard and the Void Shard have the same exact chance for rares and epics yet the Void Shards are extremely harder to get and even made to seem like you're getting something special as a reward for working really hard at something (like completing the entire campaign mode... seriously?). Your shard system should look something like this:

Mystery Shard - 80% Common, 20% Uncommon.

Ancient Shard - 55% Uncommon, 45% Rare

Void Shard - 75% Rare, 25% Epic

Sacred Shard - 65% Epic, 35% Legendary

Then when someone earns a shard for hard work they actually get something equivalent to their work they performed or the amount of cash they spend.

2. Training books. 

Common to Rare characters requires 6 - 24 rare books, each, to max out there spells. Right now there is only a few ways to get books, purchase with real money, or play for 6 months and collect books in monthly quests and monthly daily login. This is crazy if someone wants to try and experience different characters and their potentials. With the limitations of spell books someone would have to have knowledge of all 200+ characters and choose 6 main characters and never play any other character for 9+ months. That limits people's game play experience (which is only the characters and not anything else in your game) and people will get annoyed and leave. It's even harder if you find an epic or legendary character you want to play with.....

3. Gear. 

How can you enjoy different characters if you are, again, limited. Yes, you can easily get gear but it's not so easy to level gear or to change out gear. For example, it cost 50k to remove an uncommon ring from a character. That's ridiculous. You want people to explore other characters with different gear and find their characters of choice. Not limit them to only a specific few characters. If your game charges someone up to 300k - 750k in silver to remove full sets of gear, on top of the millions of silver someone will spend in leveling up gear, then you limit someone's game play and experience and people will eventually leave. Example, I spent 750k silver, or more, to upgrade one item to level 16. I should not be forced to pay another $100k to remove that item to try it out on another character. 

4. PVP.

Everytime I refresh the list of opponents to fight 70-100% of the list are opponents that cannot be won against. They are 10k+ higher in team power. On top of the lack of fair matching, when I go to fight someone with 9k less team power, or more, than myself I somehow still get my ass whooped in a few moves. I don't think your team power is accurate. That should never be an issue. Everything from gear, to level, to spells, to ascension, to stats need to be accounted for. Your algorithm seems to be off. 

5. Last but not least, pop ups. 

When I load the game.... for the love of God please stop with the 10 pop ups selling your shit. If someone is going to spend money on your game then they will go to your shop, and you will always have hundreds of kids who pay to play. You don't need 10 advertisements popping up every time we log in. It's so damn annoying and thus people will leave, as will I most likely. 

Most intelligent gamers who want to play for enjoyment, and not a repetitive annoyance, will not continue to play with the above issues still an issue. I've only been playing 10 days and I'm already bored with the repetitive nature of this game and the lack of character exploration due to so many limitations.

Please fix. Good luck. 

Feb 12, 2020, 14:5402/12/20

Grohak the Bloodied: Lord of War does not work on the dragon. It works on every other dungeon boss; why not the dragon? Its passive skill does not specify that it's immune turn meter manipulation as it does for the CB. 

I would like to either be able to steal its turn meter, or have its passive skill tell me I cannot.

Also, when the skill does not work in any other circumstance, there seems to be no reason for it. For example, when fighting in the arena, Lord of War will fail to steal the enemy's turn meter, but will still say "Boost Turn Meter" and without even a "Resisted"

I think that Grohak is better balanced if the effect can be resisted, but again, I would like to see that; instead of thinking I'm being cheated by the game.

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Feb 13, 2020, 13:0602/13/20
Tired of these server maintenance every 30 minutes...
Feb 13, 2020, 18:5902/13/20
Why can't I earn 3 stars in campaign even though I didn't lose a champion or took little damage? 
Feb 16, 2020, 09:2602/16/20
просто издевательсво над людьми которые мало того что тратят время но еще и деньги
Feb 16, 2020, 20:1702/16/20
Plarium, I love your game and all the uniqueness to it BUT... it is a dying game. You guys are running on dialysis of a handful of big spenders.  The main playerbase needs your attention because it is there where you can find your biggest source of income, provided you rectify the current mood in the environment and then move in a way towards the future where you keep promises and keep them timely. Make new CONTENT in the game. Provide regular updates (2-3 month intervals). Lastly stop catering to the whales and worry about your longevity as a game instead of the cashflow the 1% can give you. Mark my words, if you do not turn this around you will not have a game in a years time. Love you guys but I am quitting and recommending everyone I know do the same if we don't see some action on Plariums part very soon.
Feb 18, 2020, 00:4702/18/20
I think shards need to be reworked and allow mystery shard to have a very small chance of summoning epics and legendaries. That would give the occasional spenders and even the f2p atleast the feeling that the grind has a chance of a payout as the game is now everyone loses interest quickly due to the lack of a chance to actually make real progression
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