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30 June, 2017, 2:19 PM UTC

Found great tab of assailant's gems!
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30 June, 2017, 2:20 PM UTC
But it's without new assailants =(
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3 July, 2017, 9:47 AM UTC

Jake said:

But it's without new assailants =(

anyway, it's a good list. Do you plan to add new assailants later?

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3 August, 2017, 9:53 AM UTC

Thanks for the list!

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25 November, 2017, 7:34 PM UTC

Another format of the juwels table. As grafics, in text format and in two languages (E/D).

(Visit also: Assailants and materials)






Kyanite - Food (Ⅰ): Outcast, Paladin, Rebel, Renegade, Saracen, Possessed

Tanzanite - Wood (⌁): Disciple, Executioner, Heretic, Outcast, Paladin, Smuggler, Black Inquisitor

Charoite - Iron (Ⅲ): Disciple, Executioner, Heretic, Nord, Savage, Virago, Bloody Duke

Euclase - Stone (Ⅰ): Fugitive, Nord, Outcast, Rebel, Smuggler, Vandal, Barbarian Chief

Azurite - Silver (Ⅲ): Nomad, Outcast, Pillager, Saracen, Savage, Black Inquisitor

Onyx - Resources (Ⅲ): Fugitive, Pillager, Renegade, Saracen, Savage, Virago, Barbarian Chief


Heliodor - Capacity (Ⅰ): Executioner, Fugitive, Nomad, Pillager, Vandal

Citrine - Speed (Ⅲ): Executioner, Nomad, Renegade, Smuggler, Virago


Eudialyte - Spear (Ⅲ): Executioner, Fugitive, Heretic, Nord, Virago, Bloody Duke

Rubellite - Cavalry (Ⅲ): Heretic, Nord, Paladin, Rebel, Renegade, Savage, Possessed

Coral - Range (⌁): Disciple, Nomad, Pillager, Rebel, Saracen, Barbarian Chief

Carnelian - Knight (Ⅲ): Fugitive, Outcast, Paladin, Savage, Vandal, Black Inquisitor

Almandine - Siege (Ⅰ): Disciple, Nord, Smuggler, Vandal, Bloody Duke

Spessartine - Spy (Ⅱ): Nomad, Paladin, Saracen, Smuggler, Virago, Barbarian Chief

Abelsonite - Army (Ⅰ): Black Inquisitor


Sardonyx - Spear (Ⅰ): Black Inquisitor

Chalcedony - Cavalry (Ⅰ): Bloody Duke

Cuprite - Range (⌁): Barbarian Chief

Ammolite - Knight (Ⅰ): Possessed

Andesine - Knight (Ⅲ): Black Inquisitor

Rutile - Siege (Ⅱ): Possessed

Hessonite - Spy (Ⅲ): Barbarian Chief

Corundum - Army (Ⅲ): Heretic, Nord, Rebel, Renegade, Vandal, Black Inquisitor


Heliotrope - Spear (Ⅲ): Possessed

Hematite - Cavalry (⌁): Barbarian Chief

Calcite - Range (Ⅰ): Bloody Duke

Orthoclase - Siege (⌁): Bloody Duke

Painite - Spy (⌁): Black Inquisitor

Pyrope - Army (Ⅲ): Disciple, Heretic, Pillager, Renegade, Saracen, Virago, Possessed


Variscite - Construction speed (Ⅲ): Barbarian Chief

Turquoise - Studying speed (Ⅲ): Possessed

Fluorite - Training speed (Ⅰ): Bloody Duke


Malachite - Stamina (Ⅱ): Disciple, Outcast, Rebel, Smuggler, Vandal, Possessed

Nephrite - Stamina+ (Ⅲ): Executioner, Fugitive, Nomad, Paladin, Pillager, Savage, Bloody Duke

Legend, hit from the chests: Ⅰ = rarely, Ⅱ = normal, Ⅲ = often, ⌁ = unknown


Kyanit - Nahrung (Ⅰ): Deserteur, Paladin, Rebell, Sarazene, Verbannter, Besessener

Tansanit - Holz (⌁): Henker, Jünger, Ketzer, Paladin, Schmuggler, Verbannter, Schwarzer Inquisitor

Charoit - Eisen (Ⅲ): Barbar, Henker, Jünger, Ketzer, Nord, Virago, Blutiger Fürst

Euklas - Stein (Ⅰ): Flüchtiger, Nord, Rebell, Schmuggler, Vandale, Verbannter, Barbarenhäuptling

Azurit - Silber (Ⅲ): Barbar, Nomade, Plünderer, Sarazene, Verbannter, Schwarzer Inquisitor

Onyx - Ressourcen (Ⅲ): Barbar, Deserteur, Flüchtiger, Plünderer, Sarazene, Virago, Barbarenhäuptling


Heliodor - Kapazität (Ⅰ): Flüchtiger, Henker, Nomade, Plünderer, Vandale

Zitrin - Tempo (Ⅲ): Deserteur, Henker, Nomade, Schmuggler, Virago


Eudialyt - Speerkämpfer (Ⅲ): Flüchtiger, Henker, Ketzer, Nord, Virago, Blutiger Fürst

Rubellit - Kavallerie (Ⅲ): Barbar, Deserteur, Ketzer, Nord, Paladin, Rebell, Besessener

Koralle - Fernkämpfer (⌁): Jünger, Nomade, Plünderer, Rebell, Sarazene, Barbarenhäuptling

Karneol - Ritter (Ⅲ): Barbar, Flüchtiger, Paladin, Vandale, Verbannter, Schwarzer Inquisitor

Almandin - Belagerung (Ⅰ): Jünger, Nord, Schmuggler, Vandale, Blutiger Fürst

Spessartin - Späher (Ⅱ): Nomade, Paladin, Sarazene, Schmuggler, Virago, Barbarenhäuptling

Abelsonit - Truppen (Ⅰ): Schwarzer Inquisitor


Sardonyx - Speerkämpfer (Ⅰ): Schwarzer Inquisitor

Chalcedon - Kavallerie (Ⅰ): Blutiger Fürst

Cuprit - Fernkämpfer (⌁): Barbarenhäuptling

Ammolit - Ritter (Ⅰ): Besessener

Andesin - Ritter (Ⅲ): Schwarzer Inquisitor

Rutil - Belagerung (Ⅱ): Besessener

Hessonit - Späher (Ⅲ): Barbarenhäuptling

Korund - Truppen (Ⅲ): Deserteur, Ketzer, Nord, Rebell, Vandale, Schwarzer Inquisitor


Heliotrop - Speerkämpfer (Ⅲ): Besessener

Hämatit - Kavallerie (⌁): Barbarenhäuptling

Calcit - Fernkämpfer (Ⅰ): Blutiger Fürst

Orthoklas - Belagerung (⌁): Blutiger Fürst

Painit - Späher (⌁): Schwarzer Inquisitor

Pyrop - Truppen (Ⅲ): Deserteur, Jünger, Ketzer, Plünderer, Sarazene, Virago, Besessener


Variscit - Bautempo (Ⅲ): Barbarenhäuptling

Türkis - Studiertempo (Ⅲ): Besessener

Fluorit - Trainingstempo (Ⅰ): Blutiger Fürst


Malachit - Ausdauer (Ⅱ): Jünger, Rebell, Schmuggler, Vandale, Verbannter, Besessener

Nephrit - Ausdauer+ (Ⅲ): Barbar, Flüchtiger, Henker, Nomade, Paladin, Plünderer, Blutiger Fürst

Legende, Häufigkeit in Truhen: Ⅰ = selten, Ⅱ = normal, Ⅲ = häufig, ⌁ = unbekannt

Assailants and Juwels

Disciple: Almandine, Charoite, Coral, Malachite, Pyrope, Tanzanite

Executioner: Charoite, Citrine, Eudialyte, Heliodor, Nephrite, Tanzanite

Fugitive: Carnelian, Euclase, Eudialyte, Heliodor, Nephrite, Onyx

Heretic: Charoite, Corundum, Eudialyte, Pyrope, Rubellite, Tanzanite

Nomad: Azurite, Citrine, Coral, Heliodor, Nephrite, Spessartine

Nord: Almandine, Charoite, Corundum, Euclase, Eudialyte, Rubellite

Outcast: Azurite, Carnelian, Euclase, Kyanite, Malachite, Tanzanite

Paladin: Carnelian, Kyanite, Nephrite, Rubellite, Spessartine, Tanzanite

Pillager: Azurite, Coral, Heliodor, Nephrite, Onyx, Pyrope

Rebel: Coral, Corundum, Euclase, Kyanite, Malachite, Rubellite

Renegade: Citrine, Corundum, Kyanite, Onyx, Pyrope, Rubellite

Saracen: Azurite, Coral, Kyanite, Onyx, Pyrope, Spessartine

Savage: Azurite, Carnelian, Charoite, Nephrite, Onyx, Rubellite

Smuggler: Almandine, Citrine, Euclase, Malachite, Spessartine, Tanzanite

Vandal: Almandine, Carnelian, Corundum, Euclase, Heliodor, Malachite

Virago: Charoite, Citrine, Eudialyte, Onyx, Pyrope, Spessartine

Barbarian Chief: Coral, Euclase, Onyx, Spessartine, Cuprite, Hematite, Hessonite, Variscite

Black Inquisitor: Azurite, Carnelian, Corundum, Tanzanite, Abelsonite, Andesine, Painite, Sardonyx

Bloody Duke: Almandine, Charoite, Eudialyte, Nephrite, Calcite, Chalcedony, Fluorite, Orthoclase

Possessed: Kyanite, Malachite, Pyrope, Rubellite, Ammolite, Heliotrope, Rutile, Turquoise

Eindringlinge und Edelsteine

Barbar: Azurit, Charoit, Karneol, Nephrit, Onyx, Rubellit

Deserteur: Korund, Kyanit, Onyx, Pyrop, Rubellit, Zitrin

Flüchtiger: Eudialyt, Euklas, Heliodor, Karneol, Nephrit, Onyx

Henker: Charoit, Eudialyt, Heliodor, Nephrit, Tansanit, Zitrin

Jünger: Almandin, Charoit, Koralle, Malachit, Pyrop, Tansanit

Ketzer: Charoit, Eudialyt, Korund, Pyrop, Rubellit, Tansanit

Nomade: Azurit, Heliodor, Koralle, Nephrit, Spessartin, Zitrin

Nord: Almandin, Charoit, Eudialyt, Euklas, Korund, Rubellit

Paladin: Karneol, Kyanit, Nephrit, Rubellit, Spessartin, Tansanit

Plünderer: Azurit, Heliodor, Koralle, Nephrit, Onyx, Pyrop

Rebell: Euklas, Koralle, Korund, Kyanit, Malachit, Rubellit

Sarazene: Azurit, Koralle, Kyanit, Onyx, Pyrop, Spessartin

Schmuggler: Almandin, Euklas, Malachit, Spessartin, Tansanit, Zitrin

Vandale: Almandin, Euklas, Heliodor, Karneol, Korund, Malachit

Verbannter: Azurit, Euklas, Karneol, Kyanit, Malachit, Tansanit

Virago: Charoit, Eudialyt, Onyx, Pyrop, Spessartin, Zitrin

Barbarenhäuptling: Euklas, Koralle, Onyx, Spessartin, Cuprit, Hämatit, Hessonit, Variscit

Besessener: Kyanit, Malachit, Pyrop, Rubellit, Ammolit, Heliotrop, Rutil, Türkis

Blutiger Fürst: Almandin, Charoit, Eudialyt, Nephrit, Calcit, Chalcedon, Fluorit, Orthoklas

Schwarzer Inquisitor: Azurit, Karneol, Korund, Tansanit, Abelsonit, Andesin, Painit, Sardonyx


Edit 20. Jan. 2018: Actualised  (overview grafics)

Edit 19. März 2018: Update in progress  (overview grafics and gem appearance), planed corrections: Plarium changes or wrong listings in Caution: Data from 20. Jan. 2018 contains wrong informations (at least for alpha assailants)

Edit 22. März 2018: Changes actualised (Stone drop range for alphas reduced)

Edit 14. April 2018: Overviews corrected (Black Inquisitor dosen't drops Onxy)

Have Fun!

Umbra from [dnnb] Donnerblitze, Surtbor #152

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27 November, 2017, 2:01 PM UTC
Amazing! Have u made it by yourself?
UTC +3:00
27 November, 2017, 6:51 PM UTC

He he thanks, yes, my secretary during the holidays. ;) 

Collecting data from ingame and from:

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28 November, 2017, 7:10 AM UTC

Good job bro!

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30 November, 2017, 2:32 PM UTC

Great job, Umbra Lumba!

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25 April, 2018, 2:04 PM UTC

Wow! That's just awesome

Rly looks cool beside the fact that it's very usefull !

Umbra Lumba said:

Another format of the juwels table. As grafics, in text format and in two languages (E/D).

(Visit also: Assailants and materials

UTC +3:00
26 April, 2018, 9:45 PM UTC

Thank you Kris! :))

I'm trying to keep it updated (since posting in november 2017)...

Have fun
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13 January, 2019, 11:20 PM UTC
super toller beitrag und sehr hilfreich
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