HRV Witches Chapter 2

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17 April, 2017, 5:00 PM UTC

Witches of HRV Chapter 2

Here is a link for Chapter 1 in case you missed it:


Crusaders team: Hercules (Hero), Magic Town (MT) & any member from HRV league

Witches Squad: Zora, Love Lord (LL), Kake, Jiggles & Rock

Previously, an invader has breached HRV prison, curious by this invader magic ability, the warden allowed the witch to continue to finish casting her magic allowing all the Witches in HRV to escape while the crusade guards were rendered helpless. However, during the commotion, the invading Witch Kake having perform her magic through cheerleading makes a wrong turn and drops on the floor leaving her unconscious. The guards managed to hold her in confinement. Now, her interrogation…

Hero: Oh man what should I do?

MT: Calm down Sir

Hero: Calm down? This will hurt my bonus badly if ULS headquarters learns about this!

MT: it was your idea to see the witch perform her spell

Hero: You should have stopped me! What’s wrong with you?

MT: Forgive me, but you didn’t listen to my warning

Hero: Enough! Extract any information that may aid us in finding them!

MT: Yes Sir! Guards what’s your update?

Storm: I just cannot do this

MT: Your the chief medical doctor/mad scientist that dissect witches, I fail to understand how you cannot perform your job

Storm: But my lord, look at her, she is beautiful and fair. How on earth can I dissect such a beautiful creature!

MT: You are a fool. Guards, bring me some holy water.

Storm: What is that?

MT: this is our special holy water mixed with dark essence, this will help counter affect the witches magic

*MT pours the liquid on the witch who transforms into…*

Storm: Holy molly what just happened… is that a bunny *confused*

MT: I knew something was fishy when she keeps using rabbit as a sticker in line chat

Storm: Pardon me? My lord

MT: Nothing to worry about. Now, see for yourself the true form of the witch whom you refused to dissect. See this horrific deformed rabbit trying to deceive us! Now will you do your job?

Storm: With pleasure my lord. Have I ever told you that I once dissected a rabbit using a drill?

MT: Don’t really want to know. Give me an update when you’re finished

Storm: Yes my lord.


Hero: Any info yet?

MT: Not yet be patient

Hero: How can I be patient? My career will be over in HRV once word gets out that I lost all our prisoners in just one day of duty.

MT: True. That’s quite an accomplishment

Hero: We will prepare a team to hunt down all the witches without informing headquarters ULS about our circumstances. Assemble a team of hunters and we will capture them witches dead/alive.

MT: Yes my lord

Guard: My lord, our mad scientist has requested your presences. He has new intel about the witches whereabouts.

MT: Excellent. I will come at once.

Hero: Wait, I will join you


Storm: My lords, welcome to my humble laboratory

Hero: It reeks of blood

Storm: Our victim was truly remarkable specimen. No matter how much I drill holes and cut organs with an axe, it continues to regenerate itself.

MT: What else have you discovered doctor?

Storm: I pour some liquid acids which causes damage but still the same result. However, when I cut one of the subjects fingers and burned the spot. It no longer regenerates. This proves the theory of burning witches on the stake was the best method of killing them but I am not sure whether drowning a witch will also show similar effects.

Hero: I am not interested in knowing whether it kills them or not. Have you got any information about the witches whereabouts?

Storm: Of course, I found this piece of letter in the witches pocket

Hero: Why didn’t you say so in the first place?

Storm: My work is a form of art in which I like to express and explain in details

Hero: Give me the letter. Hmm… it says they are to escape towards a safe location known as Chronicle. Where is that?

MT: I thought it was a myth but apparently not.

Hero: Do you know where we could find it?

MT: It is said to be found in the northern area, just a few kilometers away from HRV prison.

Hero: Seriously, that close?

MT: Yes

Hero: What are we waiting for? Assemble the troops, we are going witch hunting.

MT: At once my lord

Storm: May I come? I promise to behave and my expertise may come in handy

Hero: Alright you may join us, let us depart.

MT: What about the witch my lord? She could recover at anytime.

Storm: Don’t worry. I will drill and attach her to the bed. (Author: Sorry Kake *smile*)

Hero: Quite disturbing but it will have to do.

To be Continued

Here is a link for Chapter 3:

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17 April, 2017, 5:17 PM UTC

You'll never catch meeeeeeeee *muahahahaha*

Well done, magic hon! Always entertaining!

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17 April, 2017, 7:21 PM UTC

Thank you Zorya. 

I have some special plans in capturing you in the upcoming stories. Stay tuned.

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