HRV Witches Chapter 3

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25 April, 2017, 2:47 PM UTC

Witches of HRV Chapter 3

In case you missed  Chapter 2 here is a link:


Crusaders team: Hercules (Hero), Magic Town (MT) & any member from HRV league

Witches Squad: Zora, Love Lord (LL), Kake, Jiggles & Rock

Preview: Witches escaped HRV Prison. The warden tracks their whereabouts in a land known as Chronicle. Now, the continuation…

Hero: So this is the so-called Chronicle. What so special about this place?

(Author: HRV & Chronicle league has joined as one, welcome my fellow lords & ladies to HRV)

MT: I am not sure. Ask our tactical officer Mr. Hammer.

Hammer: It was the capital city of the witches where the final battle between the crusade and the witches took place. The destruction was so devastating only ruins and ashes is what remains.

Storm: That’s not all. It says a legendary witch created Chronicle using forbidden magic, her name I believe was called Rock the solid witch.

Hero: Where is that witch now? Will we get any extra rewards for capturing her?

Storm: My lord your standing on the witch

Hero: What?

Storm: That piece of rock under your feet is what remains of the witch form. As I said it was forbidden magic and the price was too great.

(Hero grabs hold of the rock)

Hero: So this use to be the legendary witch that turned herself into a rock, ironic is it not….(Hero drops the rock by mistake and causes a crack)

Hero: Oops…hope I didn’t cause anything serious damage

Storm: Legend says the witch soul still remains inside. May be you have caused some serious emotional damage but we will never know.

MT: My lord, we’ve tracked one of the witches. Its Jiggles the pumpkin witch, we’ve located her hideout. Its heavily decorated by pumpkins everywhere. This will not be easy. We will lose at least half our men. How do you wish to proceed?

Hammer: My lord, may I make a suggestion?

Hero: Go ahead

Hammer: According to our statistic, this so called Witch Jiggles does not have any real value to be kept in prison as long as no one touches or eats her pumpkins. I suggest we skip her and capture the others.

Hero: I like the sound of that

MT: I disagree, every Witch is a potential threat

Hero: Not according to our tactical officer, we are skipping. Let’s move on.

MT: As you wish but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Hammer: We have located the voodoo master LL. She is a priority target with great value

Hero: Excellent. Prepare for battle.

(As the crusaders march towards LL hideout, the rock which they made a crack on has begin to move!)

To be Continued

Here is a link for Chapter 4:

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