Witches of HRV Chapter 1

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7 February, 2017, 6:58 PM UTC

Witches of HRV Chapter 1


Crusader team:

Hercules (Hero), Magic Town (MT) & any member from HRV league!!

Witch Squad:

Zora, Love Lord (LL), Kake & Jiggles!!

During the dark ages, it is was a time were witches dominated the lands of Storm-fall. Why Storm-fall? To make you a bit interested in reading but it can be anywhere or any place really… but for now let’s just go with Storm-fall like usual. Now let’s see, what did these witches exactly do…ah yes, they manipulate people into doing bad things. What kind of bad things? I really don’t know may be scare and curse people for entertainment. Anyway, where were we .… ah yes, they even twisted dark energy to do their bidding such as creating minions as servants! Actually that doesn’t sound too bad. However, they brought terror into the land of Storm-fall and threaten the safety of the people! The people were kind of jealous of their power so apparently we need someone to stop the witches. Alright, I am assuming that the people were living in fear and terror until they decided it was time to say enough is enough. No more running from terror, hope came into existences, in darkness a candle shines the brightest!! And you may be wondering what’s a candle doing there? I don’t know someone apparently left it there. Anyway, as I was saying nothing really interesting is happening until… An order was formed! This order knew not the meaning of fear, they were either very brave or very stupid but it doesn’t really matter. Now you may be wondering again who are they and what are they called or what will they do? Do they even have an insurance policy? Oops never mind! Let’s just call them the crusaders and their purposes is to do only one thing… Any guesses?. To fight the witches!! As I said they were either very brave or just plain old stupid but it doesn’t really matter. A great battle occurred between the crusaders and the witches which ended up somehow making a remote prison known as HRV. This prison holds the most dangerously notorious witches of all time. Nobody knows where this prison is located, not even the people who work there even know its exact location. HRV is relatively a peaceful place and it has been for decades until a new warden was assigned to safe guard the iron prison. His name was Hero and here begins our story.

Inexperienced, carefree and curious new warden of HRV would like to do a bit of exploring and his assistant with 40 years of useless experience of watchful guarding over the witches, his name is MT (Magic Town) who will be showing him the way!!

Hero: Hello MT, I would like to do a little bit of exploring, so if you can show me around that would be great!

MT: Are you absolutely sure?

Hero: Yes, please!

MT: *sigh*Very well, right this way

Hero: Oh how exciting

They reach the first prison cell were an ancient witch resides inside

Hero: Who’s inside?

MT: That is Zora the Ancient Witch, the oldest witch of all!!!

Hero: How exciting… can I open the door and see?

MT: No

Hero: Why not? (sad face)

MT: She will destroy us the moment we open this door

Hero: Really? What’s so special about this witch?

MT: She who was ancient when Storm-fall was young (a well-known quote that old veteran World of Warcraft players should know very well *smile*)

Hero: How on earth we captured such a witch in the first place?

MT: Let’s just say the crusader order have their secretive ways

Hero: What kind of powers does she have?

MT: Nobody truly understands, her book of spells are made of ancient language that our crusaders were unable to decipher so we burned it all. Let’s move on to the next cell.

Hero: Who’s on the next cell?

MT: That my friend is my personal least favourite witch named love lord (aka LL) the voodoo master

Hero: How does her magic work?

MT: We will observe from afar. Guard!!

Guard: Yes, commander.

MT: Your new here, what’s your name?

Guard: It’s Galahad, Sir.

MT: Galahad, make yourself useful and stand guard near that witches cell

Galahad: Yes, Sir

Hero: Now what?

MT: We wait and observe

The witch LL carries a doll within her hands and pokes it slowly with a needle. Galahad didn’t react much at first but as few minutes have passed. He began to smile more and more until he bursts into laughing!

Hero: What’s going? Why is he rolling on the floor and laughing out loud?

MT: The witch uses voodoo dolls to cast her magic

Hero: Which makes you laugh? Doesn’t sound too deadly.

MT: We must continue our watch!

From slow poking now pokes rigorously and Galahad continues to laugh and laugh and laugh until he's no longer able to laugh anymore.

Hero: Holy crap, he passed away from laughing.

MT: Yes, the unfortunate soul met a tragic death

Hero: Awesome death, okay what’s next?

MT: Next cell belongs to Jiggles the Pumpkin Witch, her magic source comes from her accursed pumpkins that she makes!

Hero: Cool… hey can I try those Pumpkins? They look yummy and I feel pretty hungry.

MT: You serious?

Hero: Well yeah duh

MT: As you wish, guards be ready for battle!

Hours later…

MT: Here is you Pumpkin finely chopped into small cubes.

Hero: What took you so long?

MT: I lost three good men to get you that Pumpkin, I hope you enjoy it.

Hero: That’s not a good excuse, umm… these Pumpkin tastes delicious…ah no wait

Hero throws up the Pumpkin as it was causing him pain…

MT: I guess you have received the curse of tooth decay.

Hero: Not cool man, book me up an appointment with a dentist and make it around….

An explosion occurs, shaking the prison while the alarms are set into motion. Someone has found HRV Prison and broken through the defense!

Hero: Who on earth managed to find this place? Even I don’t prisons location.

MT: We will find out soon enough, the explosion came from over there

As they’ve reached, they found that it was a witch who broken through the defense in order to free her fellow witches.

MT: Oh noes!

Hero: Do you know this witch?

MT: It’s Kake, the cheer leading witch

Hero: What? Cheer leading? This I gotta see!!

MT: But..

Hero: No buts!! Let’s see what this witch can do!

To be continued!

Here is a link for Chapter 2: https://plarium.com/forum/en/stormfallrob/tavern/38172_hrv-witches-chapter-2/

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