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How to submit a suggestion?

How to submit a suggestion?

Moderators for Stormfall: Age of War wanted
Nov 23, 2018, 12:4011/23/18

How to submit a suggestion?

Lords and Ladies, we surely realize how important it is to keep collecting your feedback, suggestions, recommendations on how the game could be improved, as we are making it for you and our ultimate goal is to make your favourite game as beautiful and enjoyable for playing as possible. 

That is why we would like to adjust the process of collecting and processing to make it more efficient. Please feel free to leave your suggestions by creating a separate topic for it inside of the thread “Feedback and Suggestions”.

IMPORTANT: Before adding a suggestion, please make sure you've read the following posts:

Make sure that your suggestion is succinct and precise so that it's easier for our moderators to work with them. Before posting, make sure that you have scrolled up and checked out at least some of the suggestions made previously not to repeat those. If you find that your suggestion has already been expressed by another player and the Community Manager responded, please do not post it. If your suggestion has already been declined by our developers, please do not post it again.

Write a short summary of your suggestion in 5-20 words. Next, add any details to give us a better understanding of what you would like to see in the game including screenshots. Be precise and concise. Don't forget to mention why you think your suggestion will improve the game. It's important for us to know this.

You are welcome to discuss other players’ suggestions, but please follow our Forum Rules and be polite.

Please do not create new topics for your suggestions in other threads.

All your suggestions will be checked by our moderators and Community Managers. Some of them will be forwarded to our game designers. We’ll post feedback from the devs on the most discussed suggestions here.

Thank you all very much for your understanding and cooperation.

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