How to submit a suggestion?

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23 November, 2018, 12:40 PM UTC

Hello, Lords and Ladies!

I'm happy to inform that we prepared an updated flow of work with your suggestions:

1. Now you're able to create a separate topic for each suggestion inside of the "Suggestions" Thread.

It will allow searching through all your suggestions easier.

2. All your suggestions will be checked by a moderator Christine first. She will reply to your suggestions and will forward to me the best ones.

Before adding any suggestion, please make sure you've read this post on which Suggestions we (do not) accept.

3. I will reply to the best suggestions each Thursday. Please note once you got a reply on your suggestion, it will be closed to avoid spamming and off-topic comments.

4. All accepted suggestions will be forward to devs for a further discussion and posted in this topic.

6. Rejected suggestions will be posted here.

7. Implemented suggestions will be posted in this topic.

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