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Suggestions that will not be implemented in the game

Suggestions that will not be implemented in the game

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Alyona KolomiitsevaCommunity Manager
Jul 21, 2016, 13:4807/21/16

Suggestions that will not be implemented in the game

Lords and Ladies, welcome to the thread where we've listed some of the improvements suggested by our valued players that unfortunately will not be implemented for various reasons. Please read this thread before posting your own suggestion.

1. Exchanging or trading things - Artifacts, special equipment, etc. These are individual gains and bonuses. We do not want players to take advantage of someone else’s achievements and hard work. This would also create more opportunities for people to abuse the game, for example, by trading in-game goods for real money.

2. Adding a 15-minute protection on Hamlets. Stormfall: Age of War is a highly competitive war strategy game. Players would use this feature to avoid any fights on Hamlets just by sending Units each 15 minutes. In this game, you need to fight for everything! Without battles the game would lose its sense.

3. Removing Attack Limits. We need to keep the force in balance. Players with huge armies will get too many advantages if we remove the limits. Besides, there is a special League Diplomatic Status - At War. Clans in the State of War with other Leagues are not bound by any Attack Limits when attacking each other’s Beacon. However, we will increase the limits when the game evolves enough to keep the balance with higher limits.

4. Boosting Unit training time with Craftsmen. Your Craftsmen have a single purpose in the game, and that is to upgrade your Buildings. They all have their individual tasks to work on and cannot join their forces and work on one Building at the same time just like they cannot perform any other functions.

5. Using Craftsmen for Discoveries. The time the discoveries should take is the result of through calculations, and thus it cannot be changed without affecting the game balance.

6. Making Thieves available for Resources or Maranian Amulets. The Thief was primarily developed to help with farming non-active Castles. It is virtually useless as an offensive unit, even against light defense, and that was intentional. It serves the same function as a larger number of free units. It simply makes the process less of a hassle.

7. Making the Wrath of Weor available for Resources or Maranian Amulets. Yes, it is powerful and can only be obtained with in-game currency. However, before releasing it, we made sure it would not become a game changer. It can only be used once; there is a limit on how often it can be deployed; there is an experience level requirement that will not allow situations when the feature can be easily abused.

8. Allowing League Marshalls to transfer their League members’ troops from one Beacon to another. Troops are the property of their Lords, and controlling other players’ armies is against our rules.

9. Making it impossible to launch Wraths to Castles that are lower level than yours. We have 100+ level players in the game. If this suggestion were implemented, they would not have a possibility to attack others with Wraths.

10. Setting an automatic State of War status between the two Leagues when a Beacon is attacked. Setting the State of War automatically is not a good idea. This could be against some Leagues’ policies. Besides, there could be some League members whose actions do not align with their League's intentions not to attack certain Leagues. We believe that such cases should be solved through negotiations, and if two Leagues agree that it is time for War, they can start it.

11. Applying offensive bonuses to Wraths. When we released Wraths, we have balanced them to make sure they are not a game changer. So we are not planning to boost them or make them strong enough to eliminate huge armies. Their current strength is balanced, and we are not planning to change it.

12. Allowing League members to contribute Sapphires to League Fortress. Each player can receive over 500 Sapphires just for completing Tutorial quests. So this feature could be easily abused by alternative accounts. It could also motivate fair players to create alternative accounts.

13. Showing activated Items in Battle Reports. This task is technically complicated and requires some major changes to the Battle Reports’ UX and UI. Moreover, it requires some more space on the server to store additional information.

14. Adding a “Confirmation” button on Spells of Enhancement. We will soon add the option to choose the amount of Spells of Enhancement you want to use, so there will be fewer situations requiring extra clicks.

15. Increasing the limit on Resource you can send. Current limits were set for a reason. Increasing them could also increase the amount of alternative accounts abusing this feature.

16. Providing a possibility to receive Battle Reports from League Members. Not all of our players would like to share their reports with the whole League. We came up with an idea to create a possibility to send Help requests to your League. So it will no longer be necessary to see someone’s reports.

17. Separating big numbers with commas. This would require a lot of changes to the game interface.

18. In-game translator. Unfortunately, it is technically complicated to implement such a feature. However, we have decided to add the possibility to copy messages from the chat, so you will be able to translate them using your favorite translator.

19. List of possible Items in Hero Chests. It is technically complicated since we have a lot of Items in the game, and we are planning to add more. It is possible that there will be some changes to the Items list in the future.

20. An opportunity to trade Crystals, buy certain Crystals or exchange them. Crystals were designed as your personal Items, so you cannot exchange or trade them. We understand your wish to get higher-level Crystals as soon as possible, but you will need some time and luck to get them. Randomness is an essential component of the feature that serves a purpose.

21. Allowing League Leaders to send their League members’ troops from Beacons back to their owners. Troops are the property of their Lords, and controlling other players’ armies is against our rules. Moreover, some players may use this possibility to harm a League or pass Beacons to other Leagues.

22. Add Friends search. We are limited in creating dynamic features because we use Flash technology for our games. However, we are working on some features which may allow us to create a dynamic interface in future. So this suggestion may be reconsidered.

23. Dragon. Give a possibility to choose the activation time. This feature gives you good bonuses, but it is limited by the time of usage. We are not planning to add more options or extend the duration time.

24. Fuse Paragon Activators. We are working on the new Paragon levels, and it's very dangerous to make such changes to this part of the code.

25. Create an additional queue for Maranian Amulet Units. We have already implemented this feature in another game and it doesn't show good results. We need more time to analyze it. Right now we won't make this feature.

26. Add an Item which shows less Units than you have when someone spies on you. We have some other plans for tricky Items, this one doesn't seem very profitable for players.

27. Temporary Unit training queue. Giving such a boost to Unit training can result in unpredictable changes to the game balance. First we want to analyze other similar features that are already in the game.

28. Give a possibility to send Reinforcements to all League members with one click. It's not actually solving the issue. We have implemented the League Help feature so you could inform your League mates when you need their help.

29. Allow boosting Caravans. This feature wasn't designed to be the main source of Resources. We suggest players raiding more. The benefits for players from this feature are not obvious.

30. Expand Castle. We are working on other features that will give you some additional space.

31. Add a timer to the game. There are many existing tools outside the game.

32. Add sort options to the Friend list - it's a very big task which will take too much time and will require major changes to the game UI.

33. Allow changing places for Unit queues, or allow deleting some of them - it will have a major impact on a game balance.

34. Allow building Offense and Defense simultaneously. This will drastically change the game balance, and will kill the necessity to build your strategy. You always need to choose either Offense or Defense in this game.

35. Add a building queue for Buildings, like the one we have for Units. Our game developers have planned certain game dynamics. To progress in the game, you need to log in, make some actions. Things can't develop without your presence.

36. Add Battle results preview to reports. This suggestion was declined, because battle reports' UI doesn't have enough space to add this information. So adding it there would require too many changes.

38. Add a chat room for Officers only. We’re working on a new feature on that will allow players to create their own chat rooms.

39. Create a special Mark for banned players on the map. The information about player accounts is confidential and cannot be shared with other players.

40. Remove the limit on buying the Paragon activators. We have implemented this limit to allow players to buy cheaper Activators on lower levels of Paragon. On higher levels you have better bonuses and the Activators become more expensive. However, if you could buy as many of them as you wish on the lower levels, we would be forced to set a max. Price.

41. Add some Locations for joint attacks, where players could receive Units or Items. The idea is very complicated and right now we are not ready to implement it. However, we may consider adding this feature in the future.

42. Show the language of the message. It’s technically complicated. Moreover, if you use Google translator to translate the message, it shows the original language.

43. Add more slots for Artifacts or increase selling price. Adding more slots would not be good for our game balance. As for the selling price, we’re not planning to increase it. Players already have an option to get rid of the Artifacts they don’t use.

44. Allow moving Units from one location to another without sending them home first. Our game server allows only two options: move Units home, or move Units from home. Unfortunately, it won’t allow us to implement another logic.

45. Add the Spy requests to league Help. Unfortunately, we can’t implement this feature so it would send the Spy report to a player who requested this mission.

46. Notify League Leaders about incoming new applicants. We don’t want to spam player Diplomatic reports with the information that can be found in the Embassy.

47. Add a confirmation for instant upgrade. The price of instant upgrade is not hidden, so players need to be careful with clicks. There are many other examples when clicks do not require confirmation. For example - purchases on a Black Market.

48. Show all player expenses in the Bank. This feature would require a lot of time for development and it’s technically complicated.

49. Add an audio alert for incoming attacks. Even though it could be added, we would be unable to add a separate filter to turn it off when a player gets attacked, so a player would be forced to turn off all in-game sounds.

50. Add a counter to all Defensive and Decor buildings to see how many you can build. This feature is technically complicated.

51. Show a progress bar above the Dragon Stone when the new disciplines are being studied. We don’t have a similar progress bar for Lost Arts. We only have it for buildings that are being constructed or upgraded.

52. Delete inactive players from the Map. Unfortunately, this may cause some other issues - when all opponents are active, you don’t have “farms” to raid. Our devs will consider such a possibility, but right now it’s inapplicable.

53. Add a possibility to buy Sketches for Soulstones. We’re planning to make them more available, but as a part of an upcoming feature. Unfortunately, we’re not planning to sell them for Soustones.

54. Add new levels for Crystals. Current bonuses existing in the game are quite high, and we are not planning to increase Crystals bonuses for now.

55. State of War Icon. We will soon be reconsidering all aspects of Wars and Challenges between Leagues, so this update will probably be part of a wider feature.

56. Hero Equipment Hamlets. This feature is technically complicated. If more players were engaged at Hamlets it may have been worth looking at, but as they are not, it isn’t.

57. Daily Quests. “Claim all Rewards” button. We don’t think this is especially necessary, as claiming the Rewards one by one requires minimum effort anyway.

58. Add server game time. Devs don't want to overload the UI with this feature and it's possible to open a timer in another tab of your browser.

59. Getting a report of a Wrath of Weor launch before they arrive at the designated Castle. Wraths are the only way to make a sudden attack in the game. It is impossible to detect, and it will stay this way because that is the way it was designed to function.

60. Limit the number of players that can be removed from League per 24 hours. This suggestion was made by players after the majority of members were kicked from the League by a spy. It won't be implemented as Marshals should better choose players for ranking up. Plus, even if all players are kicked, they all can enter it back.

61. Give Marshal an option to limit those players who can create "Attack requests" in Leage help. In this way, we will block the whole access to this feature for some players and they won't be able to complete Mar'eth quests, for example. It's not what we want to do. Marshal should set League Rules and if he wants to avoid cases when a new player asks for League attack help, he needs to discuss it with the newbies.

62. Allow combining Orbs of I and II Grade and make Orbs of III Grade. Devs are working on the new Tournament where Orbs of IV and V Grade will be given in a reward. Still, they don't have any plans to add combining option.

63. Add Item that will allow switching Personal Quests. These Quests are a really old part of the game and changing anything in its code will require a lot of time effort. You already have alternative Quests like Mar'eth ones that you can complete while Personal Quest will change automatically.

64. Increase the number of Fiefs a player can have. After some time of occupation give all resources produced in the Fief's Castle to the player who occupied him. The increase in the number of Fiefs won't change anything. So, there is no sense in doing it. The second part is denied as in this way we will close to none the necessity of doing Raids and it's not what devs want to do.

65. Give the allied Leagues a chance to send defensive Units to Beacons of each other.

It won't be fair to offensive players. Even now you can defend Beacons with all League members while the joint attack is limited in power.

66. Add new Building for producing of rare resources. Even if this Building is added, the number of produced resources will be very small. Players won't have a lot of use from it, but from devs side, its creation will require a lot of time. It's better for them to spend it on the feature that will allow receiving these resources from the in-game events.

67. Add Tournament points that can be used at the moment when players lack points at the end of the Tournament. This task will require a huge balance rework. Plus, it won't be fair for those who can get that additional Tournament points.

68. Champions. Add a notification when you send two Champions to the same Undead, and it gets killed with the first one to avoid unneccessary Energy use. Devs won't add this feature as they want players to calculate by themselves the appropriate power of Champions they need to send to one Undead. Plus, they plan to add Champion Hunt Item to Tournament rewards that will allow decreasing the number of manual fights with Undeads.

69. Give Marshal an option to remove messages in the League Chat. Devs plan to increase the number of messages a chat can keep and it should help in the situations when messages are deleted too fast.

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