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Question - Answer from our Game Designers (May, 2020)

Question - Answer from our Game Designers (May, 2020)

18 май 2020, 14:2318.05.20
18 май 2020, 14:27(отредактировано)
In short words: „Nothing that you players suggested will be implemented anywhere soon“ or even shorter „players just stfu“
18 май 2020, 14:2418.05.20
We just should stop spending money here to wake them up I don't think that anything else would make a difference. It never has been different and I am playing over a year now
18 май 2020, 14:3318.05.20
THANK YOU for reminding me why I went free to play!!! Thank Plarium you always know what's best for me. Not spending money on your greedy game. 
18 май 2020, 14:3818.05.20
The answer about dupes is just not acceptable at this point, you NEED to adress that issue ASAP, EVERYBODY agree on that!
18 май 2020, 15:0618.05.20

مرحبا.. ارجو اضافه اللغه العربيه للعبه لاننا نواجه الكثير من للصعوبات في فهم مزايا الابطال وايضا فهم ماالمطلوب في المهمات وايضا الكتابه في الدردشه

18 май 2020, 15:0918.05.20
Hi..Please add the Arabic language to the game because we face many difficulties in understanding the advantages of champions and also understanding what is required in the missions and also writing in the chat
18 май 2020, 15:4818.05.20

Why do you have these meetings all you do is enrage your players with your terrible answers.   Duplicate solution should be you first priority after new content.   I stopped buying shards cause all I get is dups now.    I think more players need to start going ftp until plarium addresses these concerns.   Why is everyone still dumping money into this game, when they haven't added new content since faction wars have then spent four updates fixing that new content.  Long term players are dropping like flies from boredom and I personally wish I could have not spend as much money as I did in this game so I could have quit too without any money lost.     You made a good game that you have done so very little with in the last year.  

Eh long rant!  plarium sucks the end!
18 май 2020, 16:0218.05.20
What happened to the request to sort your champions alphabetically? This should be an easy fix.
18 май 2020, 16:0618.05.20

Here is the solution to your duplicate system.  First forget dups with rares and epics they don't count and players just need to use them as chickens or spellbooks drop it and deal.   Duplicate legendaries is the concern.   Simple solution. 

Trade in two duplicate legendaries get another RANDOM legendary in return.   Might be new might be another dup but it's a chance and it burn up 2 for one redo so it has a decreasing effect on our champion counts.   Second option make a sacrificial pool where people can turn in champions for a type of resource/tokens that can then be used to buy items from a very selective set of items like a second market  where you sacrifice rares you get so many points epics so many more and legendaries a lot more    Then you can use these points to buy things like rare, epic, legendary skill tomes,  5 star chickens   All types of shards , energy refills, gems, xp bonuses,  ect .

  As a side note if you are concerned about people getting full collections.  Release the other new factions you haven't yet and start putting out more legendaries until all factions have a dozen or so.   I think you originally intended for players to have more unique team champion compositions then it turned out.  You just have far to many crap champions no one uses and the pool isn't that numberous where people can't make teams in one of a half dozen set ways.  Releasing another 100 legendaries or so would get some new life into the game.   If you do this option you could even change the dup system to a legendary exchange system where you can turn in three legendaries dups or not for a random new one then those with crap legendaries can get rid of them as long as dups for a chance at someone new.  

18 май 2020, 17:0418.05.20
A buyback system should also be added to this game with a timer. To undo a mistake if it happens. 
18 май 2020, 17:4018.05.20

Well we havent learned much but honestly Plarium has been getting a lot of hate for various reasons ( not saying it was not well deserved) but lately things are slowly improving. So both criticism and careful optimism is in order

THX Plarium for the effort, looking forward to more updates, features and especially content 
- new champ is not a content

- new gear for PLAT arena was a content
- FW nerf was not a new content

- ...

- .......

18 май 2020, 19:3818.05.20

I'm a whale.  Ive spent over $12k USD last I could look but probably closer to $15k now.  Plarium, please listen closely:

The most important task you have right now is figuring out duplicates.

I have 48 unique legendary champs in my roster plus 16 duplicates. Half of the unique champs are of little value  because they suck and a full 1/4 of my total investment is of no use to me at all because they are dupes.  Announce a plan for dealing with duplicates and provide release dates.  I'd like to hear your plan for this before the next patch release.  Between now and then I'm f2p and beyond that date I'm gone if an acceptable plan isn't announced.

18 май 2020, 20:1618.05.20
mi sugerencia seria, crear un emulador de artefactos dentro del juego. Este emulador me permitiría cambiar artefactos, ver un antes y un después de como va a quedar el campeón  y así no gastar tanta plata
18 май 2020, 20:4218.05.20
I would love to see a sales pack options were we can buy the exact heros we want versus just buying shards. And also one were we can buy equipment already maxed out at level 16. 
18 май 2020, 21:3418.05.20

Suggestion 8: Add Critical Rate and Critical Damage Glyphs

Gave Dev Response: At the moment, we don't plan to add these, it could break the current balance in the game.

Balance? where is "the current balance in the game"? Balance between characters like rotos and candraphon? Or between rewards in gold 4 and platinum? In this game there is no balance, and your efforts to "balance" are really laughable, i think you all need to stop drinking vodka.
18 май 2020, 22:2218.05.20

Made an account to specifically comment on this lol

The only conclusion that can be reached from such tone deaf meetings is that the devs have stopped playing their own game.

There's no way any one of the devs can sit down with all the bugs and absolutely stupidly pointless mechanics and enjoy the game.

You're pausing "QoL" fixes for new content and the new content you're releasing is tournaments you can only use rares in?

Does it not make sense to fix broken auto mechanics over pointless end of game content?

I've only been playing for like 4 months but there's been talk about this for a year A YEAR and your response is "not right now"?

I just pulled an Ult Galek and leveled him for spider but guess what? He throws his aoe before his ability that gives him atk up so it's literally pointless unless I pull someone that can add the buff but I can't because I'm stuck pulling 4 Dark Athels that I can't do a damn thing with.

Then you have issues of dupes on top of broken mechanics and your best response is "NOT RIGHT NOW"?

I've never laughed so hard or been more mad at wasting my own time.

18 май 2020, 22:5218.05.20
You had a meeting, whereby nothing was gained, and then you broadcast that fact???!!!
19 май 2020, 00:5619.05.20
This is an extremely disappointing PR update about absolutely nothing. Come on guys. You have an amazing base game but are sooooo money hungry you aren’t focused on QOL improvements to keep people around. This is the only mobile game I’ve spent over a hundred bucks on but it appears that the devs and the PR team are either incompetent or lazy. Reading through what people have been suggesting for such a long time only to hear that you will consider it is disappointing. READ THE REPLIES AND FIRE YOUR PR PERSON. They are completely out of touch with the community and reality. 
19 май 2020, 00:5719.05.20
Horrible idea. 
19 май 2020, 01:5019.05.20

I read every Post. Not  single positive response. Palarium, you better wake up. I am a 20 year online player and games I have spent $10K on like this one have tanked because of these exact same issues.

Ever heard of Oil Barons? No? You know why? Issues like yours crept in. 

How about Gates of Andaron? Was a top 3 Earning game in 2008-10. Devastatingly similar issues there too. Bottom tier game now eaking along at the bottom of the earnings list.

I could go on and on but you won't listen to us.

Hell Hades has an excellent video on the things we    R E A L L Y   Want. Give us those things and see if things don't work out better.
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