Invaders, the way forward, and are old tactics redundant?

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1 July, 2018, 2:45 PM UTC

I decided to concentrate my efforts on only attacking those invaders that would help speed up the leveling up of the hero, but already have passed the old maximum level of 50 without being able to build any invader hero equipment that I think  would have had major impact on this effort.

First, is the advice to not build any equipment until you can get legendary completely sound? I see players using simple equipment.

I would love to be able to afford the time to put this to the test by starting two new towns and play opposite tactics.

In one, nothing would be built till legendary was achievable, the other where as soon as you can forge something ,its forged.

A flaw in this idea is that  chance would give you different materials.

I appreciate there is a long way between Hero 50 and Hero 60. but have a feeling I will hit  L60 before I can build legendary, as presently I can maybe forge one unusual piece, so you can see the % available increase is small, compared to other Hero level boosts available.

Getting material faster is the solution but how best to achieve this and as cheaply as possible.

First problem is you need lots of energy to attack lots  of invaders ,or kill higher level invaders in order to gather better materials.

Having got to level 2 invaders around the time someone posed the question

" Why am I getting poor results from attacking level 2 invaders".and took notice of the replies.

I postponed improving invader knowledge upwards while I accumulated the resources neceassry,, and learned  the  best order to do the knowledge.

Of course, I soon found out  that like in other aspects of the game,it  forces you along certain routes, so there are little choices to make.

Now I am wondering what next? 

I was just beginning to get some better pieces from hitting L1 one invaders, but I progressed ,and now I am killing them before I get to maximum % sustained attack

The time to back fill  invader knowledge is considerable,as is the amount of resources required.

Level 5 invader knowledge is much the same , but of course you need more energy to kill higher levels.

When should I stop attacking L1 in favour of the other levels?

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2 July, 2018, 10:05 PM UTC


When should I stop attacking L1 in favour of the other levels?

As soon that you can hit ubers, go for it...

Why ? Lvl 1 give simple material or gems... Ubers can give legendary material or gems... sure, plenty of energy is needed for hit a ubers but a single legendary mat is worth 1024 simple mat...

A other thing is that ubers have very usefull gems that normal invader lvl 1 to lvl 6 don't have... like longobard  indicolite for construction speed, pict aquamarine for research speed... each uber have 4 unique gems...

Sure, with critical hit, you can have a mat/gem who is 1 level above the invader lvl but in my case, city lvl 27, i have not yet unlock invader lvl 6... ubers can be hit from the begin

By the way, i am at max substained attack ( 600% ) when ubers is around 35-40% health... mean that all attack after are at max with more chance of critical hit and better reward
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4 July, 2018, 3:12 PM UTC

Perhaps I should have asked a simpler question  and not written quite so  much in order to get more replies. 

I already know about the advantages of attacking and killing Ubers and how much energy it costs to do so.

There is an earlier topic on the subject of killing ubers  which mostly suggests that you do not attempt to do so until  you have maxed out all the invader skills tree. with the added advantage of doing so,  only when:

It  is the 10 % bonus day,

Have used a similar boost.

Wearing Guardsman gear. 

It will take me quite a while to max out the invader skills knowledge.

In the mean time I want to know the most  cost efficient way of getting more invader gear.

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5 July, 2018, 10:15 AM UTC

I think it pays to get the best invader gear available and upgrade as you go. I find it pays to save gold/hero juice until you have enough to kill an invader in one session using normal (one) strike at at time as your hit bonus builds up and with it the quality of the stuff dropped.

So build up sustained attack in your hero invader skill section as well as in the invader tree.

Good stuff starts happening lvl5 invader on. Ubers are great and give special gems too - that's why it takes loads of juice/gold to kill.

I'm still building also so best of luck.

Note to Developers - fewer or no simple diamond knives being dropped by invaders please - unless we can fuse them to make better grades.

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5 July, 2018, 4:39 PM UTC
Yes I put up a thread a long time ago about being able to fuse knives ... :)
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