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TUTORIAL for new players

TUTORIAL for new players

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TUTORIAL for new players

hello to all lords and ladies who just started this great game

here we will be discussing the things u need to know or improvements u will need to make to grow bigger faster.or simply what to do first and the upgrades that can wait...LIKE this post if it was helpful to u and thanks in advance !!!

1.choosing a league to join:

if u are invited to this game by someone u know its something else.and let me tell u this at start,where u join is completely up to u. but still u should always consider many things,few important of which are Language and how strong of a league u want to join in to

u should try to join a top 10 league .here u might ask im a level 10,20 how can i join a top 10 league ?? every top 10 league has a training league.for example my league Royal Phoenix is rank one in this server the dark plains. one more thing here too,u should always chose a server who has high population of players like this one. on this point of time, to be exact u might think u cant join Royal phoenix ,and yes u would be right ,but we also have a training league Royal Phoenix 2,which our new members join to grow and learn there..

Benfits for this are very comprehensive,ull receive more Scrolls everyday from other members, ur castle will be helped too .when u join a top 10 league(any league) u will also become part of a bigger diplomacy,meaning other big players who are allies with that league wont raid u cuz they are ur least some are.this will decrease offensive actions on ur castle by at least half ! it also means that very big players can and will also be able to protect u too.there are many other upsides as well...Brawls give very decent amount of units for free and ull receive them just by being in a strong league

one more thing is ur language,there is also one league in a top 10 for almost every language,communication is essential in this game as u urself will discover later

2.resources and raiding:

ur primary source of income for resources should be coming in from raids .except special events u receive 10 raids a day which as u grow u will eventually be able to get 100.000 resources from.this will be discussed more as the topic expands but here are some outlines

A. u will need a high level market and high level thieves guild .so ur gonna need to start upgrading these from start.u can also increase ur caravan's capacity from black market with soulstones.paragon activated also helps.u will need this up to the point ur able to send 50k resources

B. choosing a target to raid is very important.if u dnt want to raid an active player who can retaliate and u dnt want to be targeted and just grow for now ,game developers have provided a solution for this. bot line castles. there are castles from level 36 to 68 which are not protected and are rich in resources. their names are like hg434jgf.. u can also ask a fellow leaguemate for their locations also provides u with a free relocation.u should use that to move to not only where these bot castles are bot also where ur strong league members are gathered so they can reinforce u faster when u have incoming attacks

u can find exact information on how to raid on the post here.

3. Catocombs:

unless u have attacked someone in which situation they can retaliate,ur castle is gaurded from any offensive action for a week by lord oberon. but u should always remember to catocomb ur units,if ur units are catocombed even if u are raided or sieged they wont die as they are safely gaurded in catocomb. DNT LEARN THIS THE HARD WAY. as it would be a serious blow to ur gaming career if u lost ur units who were left out in yard.always secure ur units if ur away

4. buying packs:

please note that im not telling u to buy packs,but if u are,always buy packs with a sage or extra craftsmen in them.this will alow u to upgrade 2 lost arts or more buildings at the same time. have some extra saphs ? buy more craftsmen... this brings me to my next topic

5. Lost arts : ur units are only as strong as ur lost arts upgraded

after gathering scrolls and unlocking ur lost arts which will also let u train them u should categorize the units based on which ones u have most of or whichever u use.this is something personal based on ur game plan which u will develop as u grow bigger and stronger but this is what i did when i started. units i also i had eldritches of,like golems and barbarians and griffins,i maxed those first,then i developed others as i had more time later

6. Buildings to Upgrade first and faster than others (please note that this is up to the point they will need sketches for and by the time for which u would have already accumulated some good amount of the knowledge of the game urself)

a. Market (and thieves guild) : this building(s) will be essential for getting more resiources from raids and also sending resources to allies and leaguemates

b. house of scrolls : the higher it gets u receive scrolls faster

c. sanctum of shards : this can probably wait but as it gets higher ull be able to activate shards of higher levels.

d. Farms : the higher they go u produce more food,farms are more important than ur other resource producing buildins at least to me they are.and now ith brawls and free units u receive beside training u should upgrade them faster than towns and mines...

e.barns and warehouses : these will allow u to hold more resources. how much to upgrade them is a personal thing.some say when u upgrade them high that also makes u a target for people to raid u more.some say if u r even raided how much can they take ? they are able to take only 100k at max so its worth upgrading them.if u decide to upgrade them after level 20,dnt go upgrading all.just one would suffice,as if u upgrade just one to max it will enable u to hold unlimited amount of resources which was not produced in ur castle(raids and caravans from others)

after these u would have probably spent some time in the game and learnt the ropes already and developed a game plan on which u wil decide what to upgrade or not to...

7. Obelisk of power: here u can decrease the time needed to train units or increase the speed or ingame things stats:

there are many viewpoints on how to do things but everyone agrees on one thing.u should go down the middle line of upgrades till u reach food consumption and xp increase and DE decrease part.u apply skull runes just to unlock the next one and go down the middle till u reach the very important ones like food consumption decrease .as u develop a game plan later u can then decide on which unit training u want to decrease or what to increase the speed of,but at start u should alway go down the middle.

till u reach food consumption decrease and battle experience increase

after that it becomes something personal and u devise ur appliance of ur skull runes based on how u play ur game and ur own game strategy by which time u would have already developed. for me i decreased the time needed for the units i usually train,like pathfinders and golems and griffins and then offensive units' speed


8. always have a 25% core resource production boost on

on ur personal events every day u receive at least one core resource production boost everyday.its really something personal if u want to use it or not but since u receive one everyday,some extra on events too,why not use it ?

this will allow u to produce 25% more resources everyday

9. Hero equipments and abilities : 

a.abilities: as u level up ull be unlocking more abilities or u can saph them up if u deemed necessary,however even if u wanted to saph them up id wait for first few levels as they are pretty easy to reach anyways,then saph upgrade the higher ones.u could also activate both abilities in the same category with saph(ires) 

here as u can see i activated both which had very good effect on my castle but havnt activated the unit carrying capacity as it wasnt important for me..

after a while ull learn how and what to dos as u grow bigger and stronger...

b. Hero Equipment : items for ur hero to wear which will make ur units stronger

equipments are categorized in many ways. defensive or offensive items. weapens or rings or others..nomral ,rare or Mythticals...

u will need mooncoins to upgrade these items.there are many schools of thoughts and what and how to upgrade 

one thing always remains the same.mythtical items give the most bonus to ur units.i personally waited till i had all the mythtical items and saved my mooncoins and upgraded more thing u can wear both offensive or defensive rings for ur hero in the same time

few points here on my hero items as u can see in the screenshot

1.i saved my mooncoins till i got my mythtical items and used them on upgrading these items

2. im a defensive player so iv upgraded my defensive items first.if ur an offensive type u could always upgrade ur offensive items.

3. as u can see im wearing both defense ring type defensive items.u could also do these with offensive rings as shown in the lets say if u were to attack a player or beacon if u changed these 2 rings to offensive ones u would get 20 percent more damage to ur units if u change these items prior to ur action... hero tems and changing them b3 actions have a tremendious effect to ur units power...

10. wheel of fortune and other discount events: u cant deny the fact the u will have to buy things in the game...

u will be spending saphires in this game so u have to learn the time and how to tos too... there are ingame events when u receive discounts on offers and stuff u wanna buy... u want a new castle skin ? sure why not... but u also need to know that there are events in which u can buy that castle skin much cheaper... normally u would need 5k saphs to buy a skin but if u wait u could always buy it in discount for much cheaper 

this also applies to other resources as well,there are events where u can buy sketches for 20% cheaper or where u can buy back killed units 75% cheaper..u need to learn about those events and times....

11.castle defense bonus and how u build ur walls and other fortification to increase it:

castle defense bonus increase the units defnse defdning ur castle increase drastically.u can learn in forum and how they work in forum .however the more walls u have the better ur units defending ur castle will be

here is mine.the better walls u have the stronger ur units defending ur castle will point here though,i tried to make mine beautiful as is the case with many others.its something personal.however u should also note that when u build more roads and green stuff it also makes loading time for others who visit ur castle much longer,so i would like to suggest try not to build roads and those green things,if u want to make ur castle defense bonus larger then build things that dnt lag the upgrade ur people could visit ur castle with less effort.when ur fireballed ull need people to come visit ur castle and raise a gaurd,if that takes so much time for them people just wont come....

12. spy b4 raiding : u should never go in attacking players ever blindly

but also please remember a castle can always be reinforced after ur spy. so make sure the time interval between ur spy and attack isnt more than few secondsdnt learn this the hard way..... u spy a castle and u see only 100 griffins then u think okay ill go in killing those hundred grifins and get some good pvp points along with some resources but when u reach there all ur units die and u fail...its just that easy to lose all ur units.the explanation for that is easy too.after u spied someone has reinforced that castle.... one simple solution though !!! make sure there is not much time interval between ur spy and attack....

13.learn about Raid and Siege Mechanics: learn how to use ur units in raid and sieges...

the gist of it b4 u try learning it is this,the more the damage difference between attacker and the defender the better it becomes.for example if u attack a castle who has only 1o griffins with 1000 dragons u wouldnt even lose one unit.but id the difference becomes more ,u lose more units too so always try ur best to lose less units and spend some time in learning on how and who to attack

lets go with an example: lets say there are 100 griffins in a castle,there are many factors affecting this,like if that castle has good walls or not or if that castle has good hero equipments as previously discussed....u want PvP points and resources and just for the sake of this experiment workin there are no affecting factors involved .how do u attack it ? the more difference between ur army and that castle is the better it becomes for u...if u attack it with 200 dragons ull lose some ,40 or so.. but if u attack it with many more ull lose much less.if u attack it with 10.000 ull lose around 2 or 3 at max... this brings me to my next point

14. units and their functions and their efficiency against other units of other categories:

lets go with previous example,the defender is using griffins,what kind of units would u use to attack him ? 

as u can see here the best unit to attack the defnder who is using griffins would be infantry,as a matter of fact anything would be better than using bestiary units like dragons.... 

i have one simple point here,there each unit has a better usage against other units and u need to learn about it..this will also become vital while doing BGs(battlegrounds) too. when u spy a castle ur are provided with very good and usefull information,make use of that information and data...

each unit does good against one unit or one kind of unit and performs very poorly against others...we should all learn about that or we will never perform good in fights ever...

15. Unit ranks : the higher ur units' ranks get the stronger ur units become

this can be done by 2 ways,using units in either in BGs or PvPs

16.Relics : Relics are very important in ur game development

they either make ur units stronger or help in ur resource or castle developments.either way there are Relics u need to be hoarding or saving as u come across throughout the game...the way u use the relics could make ur gaming experience much easier or better depending on ur stance


as previously stated im a defensive player and i have many griffins so iv used 2 defence relics which will give my griffins 10 % more power increase....or iv used 2 ulrics blades which will increase my pathfinders' offence by 200%

the way u use Relics can be very effective to ur unit production too,it can affect anything depending on the way u use them

depending on how they can be extremely helpful,u could use 2 war Levy Relics and train Reavers with 12% less resources,or 2 Pendant of summoning to train Chimeras with 12% less resources... u could use 2 storm Tamers Relics to have 50% speed increase for ur Wyvrens.they become a great force to do ur raids with.... Wyvrens are fast and a good units to raid by themselves and now with these badboys u could do the raids much faster... ingame events speed boosts (like Brawl 200% speed increase) and they become even faster..

17. Items: make use of items u have

u normally have items like XP booster or unit XP boosters or offence or defense enhancers.there are times when u know ull be doing things in the game when u can beforehand make use of these items,use these items b4 doing these things.ur gonna ttack someone ? why not use offence enhancers and XP boosters ?

18. there is always someone stronger out there

nothing much to talk here to be honest just remember who u make enemy of and who ur friends with...the rest ull figure out eventually :p

19.this brings me to my last but not least point, u need to learn something ? ask from someone who is willing to answer...

u will see in forum and also in chat later,people asking questions they know the answer to ....

and remember u should never feel embarrassed for not knowing something ever... ask... dnt worry someone who will not belittle u for not knowing will answer eventually ... no one has ever been a guru from a start on anything

dnt seek loopholes in the rules just to exploit them and use it in a wrong way ...

im sure there are many things i havnt included in this Tutorial which will be discussed later.ill be posting more Tutorials on things to do in game and will post them here....

20.league tournaments: league tournaments are a good way to get units and rewards with almost no effort

just by getting minimal points for activity required u will be qualified to receive all the rewards, so always try to get at least the minimal points///the more the better of course but minimal should always be this particular BG example its like getting 200 eld Golems and 7 hero legedaries by just finishing a lvl 35 BG.... so why not ?

this post is still under construction,and will be updated each time

Like this post if it was helpful please

Dec 8, 2019, 11:0812/08/19

Hello Lord Fury , i have to admit this post took a lot of time to you for type it, and here are a lot good  informations ! Thank you for your your patience !

I wish you good game and good battles !