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Raiding ! new, complete and comprehensive

Raiding ! new, complete and comprehensive

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Dec 12, 2019, 23:4912/12/19

Raiding ! new, complete and comprehensive

we are asked not to create new topic for which there are already posts....

and yes there is a post about raiding,but with new features being added recently and also the former ones missing some points i felt the need to start a new one

the former post about raiding is completely accurate and have very useful information about how to choose a target and all the how tos overall. u can find the former post here.

except special events when players are granted extra raids we have 10 raids a day, aside from hamlets, sieges and the production buildings u have in ur castle, these raids provide a decent amount of resources for u. a mil of any kind, which is much more than any of the aforementioned...

pushing: ull come across this word pretty often ,what does it mean ? before ur raid hits u send ur caravans full with food (or any other kinda resources) to the castle ur raiding and cancel it after ur raid hits,this process will be clarified with example as the post proceeds..

if ur a new player and/or just dnt want to look at long explanations and reasons behind it and other factors involved... just want to know how to do raids and get maximum resources,here is an oversimplified version :

we normally receive 50k (50.000) resources from a single raid,if u push it,meaning u send food(any kind of other resources would work too) before ur raid hits and cancel after the raid is done u receive 100k resources.u can also use a resource champion aka a cavalier to receive even more resources.we will follow this step by step as we proceed

1.u send food to the castle ur raiding 10,20 seconds before ur raid hits

to do this u locate the castle ur raiding on map ,when u go on his/her castle u will see all the options and actions u can take and click on resource transfer

please note that if u send the resources even one second before ur raid hits,it will still work,the reason i said 10,20 seconds is because it gives u some time to act if u also have other raids out or are slow to act due to slow connection or other ongoing actions...

and cancel it after the raid is done,preferably exactly after the raid hits. u can also choose a cavalier to accompany ur troops,so u get more resources out.

here please note that the better champion u use, the more resources u will get in raids..

that was simplified version explained with no extra details or factors affecting with easy to follow steps

from here on we will discuss the other factors involved and how tos and everything else related to the subject

2.spying before raiding : if u are raiding an abandoned castle or a bot castle simply one spy unit would be enough.after u raid these castles u spy u can add them to ur contacts too if u find that castle reach with the resources u need,so next time u dnt even have to spy.and that is a good thing,not spying a castle a good thing ? yes it is and it will be discussed thoroughly.for now have a look at my contacts

this will provide u with many advantages. first, u can tag info to each added u can see in the picture iv added castles which give 50k gold and iron,so i could raid them when low on gold and iron and i want to do BGs and in need to max my resources, adding will also allow u to see the castles based on the distance between ur castle and them so u can start from closest one to u...

here there are some things we need to discuss:

3.Brawls and other special events when players receive extra raids: in times like these experienced pro players start raiding as soon as they get the extras,so if the units u use are slow and hence ur raid takes so much time after u spy u might not be able to receive as much as u might have thought,simply because someone else raided those castles... units speed matter ,we will also discuss this but for now , why people do extra raids as soon as they get them and why u should too,the reason for this is very simple, when u get extra 30 raids ,as long as u dnt get them done u wont receive ur normal 10 daily the next day.. u do ur extra 30 raids ,then u do the normal 10 ,thats when u will again receive more.if u haven't done those extra u wont receive more raids again ... so always do the extra raids as soon as u get them and as soon as u can

4.unit speeds: the best units to raids with :

here please note that during brawls almost every unit is good to do the raids with and it always comes down to ur personal game plan and strategy ,however we will list down the normal best units to do the raids

4.1.thieves: these units not only are fast but also give extra shards more occasionally too...these are the best units to raid abandoned or bot castles

4.2.wyvrens: are the fastest normal units which can also be used to raid lightly defended castles even if used in small numbers... these units have another feature too. the relic storm tamer gives 25% speed boosts to these great beasts. if ur using the plarium app,and if u have 2 storm tamer relics,thats 100 Percent speed boost for wyvrens.fastest normal unit.a castle isn't guarded but it always has spirit wardens ? send 100 of them with ur cavalier and u can raid these castles for every iron and gold u can carry

4.3.pathfinders: i use these units too while raiding cuz they are pretty fast.they are not wyvrens,they are not theives but they are fast

4.4.other normal units

Question: u and i both have wyvrens and thieves,why would i need to explain the rest and why would u wanna use other units ?

answer: u come home late from work, u think ah i wont be able to do all these raids so i wont get extra 5,6 more raids anyways.... so i should just let them go away ? u can do this,what i do >>>> i send dragons or other slower units to close castles ,then i use pathfinders to moderately close castles,i use wyvrens far ones and i use thieves to very far ones .then i push them all starting from closer time ones.i push 30 raids in just 10 mins... the next tutorial ill be making will be about champions.this will also help there too

u can do 5 raids at a time even 2 if thats what u desire and because u have 2 high champs..

5. market and thieves guild: the number of caravans and their capacity allows u to get more resources. thats how much u can first if ur a newbie u wont be able to get 100k resources from a single raid if u dnt have ur market and guild upgraded.u can also increase caravan capacity in black market using soulstones

okay few how to,what to and why are left

i told u guys why it is good not to spy sometimes right ? lets go into that now

raiding active castles are simple,u spy a castle and u raid it,a castle might be reinforced so u try that ur raid isnt far behind the spy,u spy and u boost to 10 seconds so no one can reinforce the target b4 ur raid hits or u arrange the raid or siege to hit only 20 seconds after ur spy so if there are so much defense there u cancel ur attack

how about the bot or abandoned castles ?

a castle hasn't been played for some very long time and still when u spy to raid for resources there is an archer there,how did that archer get there ?

the answer and the way to not let ur raiding units get killed is easy .someone has put an archer there as a tripwire... s/he put the archer there so when someone spies they reinforce the castle and kill the attackers units.. people usually send 100 wyvrens or something like that so easy pvp points...the trip there is a reinforcement so u can either dnt spy which also has a problem too, but is an immediate solution or spy twice b4 u raid a castle with trip unit in it

one more point about adding bot castles to ur contacts:

there are botlines which give alot of resources so u might want to raid them all... so u would want to have access to their coords... wanna add them all to ur contacts ? there is no need.. all bot line castles are in the same line,thats why we call them bot line.. u just need to add one to ur contact,then all u need to know is go up or down ,left or right to see all the other bot castles where u can spy and raid from spy report the ones which have lots of resources u need

the glitch in raid time : u can only raid a castle for resources once a week ,if u raid that castle more than once u wont receive that extra 50k resources u normally do from other castles...

when uv already raided a castle it showed that u already have so it would point out that u have received 50k/50k of the resources,if u raid that castle again u wont be receiving resources.still there are castles that dnt give u the message but when u go ahead and raid them,push them and u still only receive 50k,not 100k resources... its a problem we all have experienced..

here it clearly shows that i can raid this castle,but when i go ahead and raid it

the game tried solving this by introducing a timer on added castles to ur contacts... it still happens and will happen..

the reason for that might be either when u do that the one week time just finished when u were in the game,playing or it finished just an hour or two ago...

this is something can easily be avoided and to be honest game developers have been doing such a good jub with updates and patches being added to the game its really just not worth the time to bug them for this

easy solution : do the raids on castles one day later... the time to receive the extra resource or any resource is 7 days,u raid each castle in 8 days and u wont have any problem..

there are many imbalances or functions that dnt work the way they should but they all favor the players so i dnt see the reason to bug CMs or plarium about this,just simply because iv figured those things out ... exploiting the loopholes in the rules, just to troll is never a good option ,at least morally ...

believe it or not it has to do with this post too ,yes ,pretty funny .. dnt waste ur raids on fake attacks just to harass others,those are the raids that can bring u resources that can be turned into a nice army in ur disposal.....

stay 100 feet clear of trolls and have a good fun time playing this game ,which this and every other games are for,

i just had an idea :s i should write a topic on why people play the games,which seems like lately some players forget.looking forward to that :p 

Jan 12, 2020, 23:2701/12/20

thank u sir,

each tutorial i make i hope a knowledged player like u also makes a comment with more explanation

any more comments like this is always encouraged