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Patch Notes (24.11.21) Update 4.90

Patch Notes (24.11.21) Update 4.90

The Guardian Ring and some other fixes!

This update brings a few miscellaneous battle fixes, but the real focus of this update is the Guardian Ring - which gives everyone new ways to use duplicate Champions. Here’s everything you need to know:


The Guardian Ring is a new building that replaces the Sparring Pit in your Bastion, but don’t worry - the Sparring Pit’s hasn’t been lost entirely. In the Guardian Ring, you can:

  • Level up your Champions passively without needing to Battle.
  • Assign Faction Guardians to give all Champions of that Rarity within that Faction a global stats boost.
  • Empower duplicate Legendary Champions to make them even stronger.
  • Unbind duplicate Legendary Champions to get Life Tokens, then exchange those Life Tokens for new Champions at the Token Trader.

Read below for a full tab-by-tab breakdown of how everything works:

Sparring Pit

We moved the old Sparring Pit building into the first tab of the Guardian Ring. Nothing’s changed here, so you can still passively upgrade your Champions’ Levels. Just insert Champions into the Slots, then wait as they slowly gain XP over time. Then, when they’ve gained enough XP and are ready to level up, you just press the upgrade button to level up.

Faction Guardians

The Faction Guardians tab lets you assign duplicate Champions of different Rarities to become Faction Guardians. This means they’ll boost the stats of all Champions of the same Rarity in a chosen Faction. Only Rare, Epic, and Legendary Champions can become Faction Guardians.

There are 5 Guardian Chambers of each Rarity in every Faction - with 2 Slots that need to be filled in each. Filling each Chamber provides a global stat bonus to all Champions of the same Rarity in that Faction. Similar to Great Hall Bonuses, these stat boosts are active in every battle. 

Chambers are unlocked and filled in order, and each subsequent Chamber provides a different boost, but each boost adds to the total stats boost gained throughout that group of Faction Guardians.

If you remove a Champion from one of the Slots in a Chamber, the bonus from that Chamber will be deactivated, along with all bonuses from higher-positioned Chambers.

Empower Champions

Duplicate Legendary Champions can be Empowered using their own duplicates - meaning another of the same Champion. Empowering Champions makes them significantly stronger by giving them a permanent Stats boost.

Only Legendary Champions can be Empowered, and you can only Empower a Champion up to 4 times. Once you use a Champion to Empower another, you lose them - so think carefully before you decide to Empower a Champion.

Some Champions in RAID are only available to obtain once, and as such, you will be unable to get duplicates of them. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t Empower them.

In the case of those Champions, there are surrogate Champions that you can use to Empower them. Lydia the Deathsiren, Gomlok Skyhide, and Urost the Soulcage are all examples of these Champions.

You can find a list of these Champions by hitting the Info icon in the “Empower Champions” tab.

Unbind Champions

In this tab, you’ll be able to permanently release your Legendary duplicates to get a special resource called Life Tokens.

You can then exchange those Life Tokens at the Token Trader for new Legendary Champions. Note: Each Champion can be purchased only once from the Token Trader.

Bommal the Dreadhorn rebalance

[Skill 5 – Pressure Wave [P]]

  • The Dreadhorn now receives 300% more damage from [Bomb] debuffs instead of 200%.
  • Decreased the chance of placing a [Stun] debuff from 50% to 25% on all other enemies for 1 turn each time a [Bomb] debuff detonates on an enemy.
  • Decreased Bommal’s ACC and SPD on Floors 10, 50, and 90 on Normal difficulty.
  • Decreased Bommal’s ACC and SPD on Floor 10 on Hard difficulty.

Battle fixes

  • The Scarab King’s bar indicating decreased MAX HP now displays properly after Saito (equipped with a Destroy Artifact Set) attacks the Boss.
  • Fixed the animation when Champions with AoE Turn Meter decreases attack Bommal the Dreadhorn.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to select certain Champions for revival.
  • We've renamed a couple of existing Champions to better accommodate future releases: Stoneskin is now called Rockbeast, while Sharpshooter is now called Drillmaster.

Important notice: Hydra is already lurking in the next big update and will require three unique teams of 6 Champions to make good use of all three available keys. Please keep this in mind when you use Champion Empowerment or exchange Champions for Life Tokens. 

Raiders, we've sent you an appreciation gift: 500 Life Tokens! You'll have 7 days to claim it. Collect the gift before it expires! 

That’s everything! We’re really excited to hear what you think of these changes? Share your thoughts.

Nov 24, 2021, 14:197 days
Nov 24, 2021, 14:257 days

This is awesome. Now we have the fusion without having the calendar shown to us. That’s an improvement. We can spend all our energy in champion training before knowing if there is a shard paywall. 

Naughty move, Plarium

Nov 24, 2021, 14:327 days

They release just update itself and it is here...welcome to the bright feature, who is the same like dark past, but more pictured....endgame, i was think to unninstall it yesterday, but decide to little wait...unneeded, they just ignore all f2p player and low spenders and release their new trade even trash will cannot be avoid and will cost money, great work...for someone....this is last bitching, was a great project, but like many others, was ruined...i check how thing goin and decide to just go back to Blizzard games, DOTA and CS....but trying to get things here right, i see this was searched effect really - too many f2p players and low spenders overload the servers, and Paylarium cant just tell them officialy to go away, so just make them feel misserable, get their reward, nerf they chances, drop and heroes, give them a trash dupe system, broke arena again and they alone will do it...goodbay greedy people, only regret will be that i lose a lot of time and even some money on doomed project (idea was good, but thats it, and then suddenly just became wallet pay-to-win game)...goodbay


Nov 24, 2021, 14:337 days

Faction Guardians: Good

Empower Champions: really bad. Nobody asked for this. We wanted something to get the ressources we spent back..and not something which will make PvE impossible if new content is designed according to having empowered champions

Life Tokens: Initially a good idea which was turned into something really bad. Half the prices for the champions and you have something players will like. With the current prices it is a slap into the face of every player.

Bommal fixes: How will 300% instead of 200% of nearly zero damage change the bomb meta? 

                        If you adjust his skills, why not on every level?

Keep those 500 Life Tokens and give me a sacred shard. Life Tokens are useless at the current prices.

Overall, a very bad patch...overwhelmingly missing the QoL changes and the dupe system (while looking good on first information) has turned out to be the worst I have ever seen

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
Nov 24, 2021, 14:367 days

This is awesome. Now we have the fusion without having the calendar shown to us. That’s an improvement. We can spend all our energy in champion training before knowing if there is a shard paywall. 

Naughty move, Plarium

It will be there in a couple of minutes

Take care🌟 

Nov 24, 2021, 14:547 days

It will be there in a couple of minutes

Take care🌟 

Is it really that hard to release the event calendar before the first event of a fusion starts? Is it really that hard to announce a fusion event before it starts? I dont get it.

Nov 24, 2021, 14:597 days

Good to see these updates.  I am a new player having been at it for only 2 months so far.  These updates keep the big spenders spending $$ on the game.  That helps to make it fun for all of us.  This updates turns this into a perpetual game.  Now the end game is to empower your champions.

I like the fact that I can do something with my duplicate rare champions.  I was using them to upgrade skills instead of using all the upgrade books.  I don't have a use for the 500 Life Tokens since it cost 2500 of them to get one of those posted champions.

Nov 24, 2021, 15:467 days

I am excited for the update and acknowledge it will never make everyone happy, but I really think they are overall good changes. I just have 2 comments.

1. The fact that it takes 5-8 duplicate legendaries to benefit from the token trader seems a bit high and I think it would be nice to see the range be 3-5 (1500-2500 tokens).

2. Champion inventory slots. I recalled hearing when the update was originally discussed that because the faction guardians would require us to hold on to more champions that may have been food or upgrade material before, that we would be receiving more champion inventory slots to accommodate for the extra champions we would be holding onto. Will this be happening?

Please, Please, Pleeeeaasee, give us more champion slots without having to pay for them. 50-100 slots would be incredible! The current silver cost is just so much for F2P players. My champ inventory is at 240 and the next upgrade (while it appears you have lowered the cost) is still 10m silver which is a lot considering how much it cost to upgrade gear overall. That is all :)

Im excited to see how you all continue to improve and grow this game and see how nutty hydra will be. 👍

Nov 24, 2021, 15:497 days

Thank you very much for this update. I would be realllllyyyyy nice if Epic champions were also included in the 'Empowerment'.

Nov 24, 2021, 17:207 days

new players will be crying at arena fighting against empowered epics I guess. same as they have no chance to use token trader. imagine someone having 3-4 legos and 1 or 2 of them are dupes. that 10% hp will not make any difference for them. I also wonder-what community favorite void was Nicholas as you announced????? people spend 150-200 shards for lego, or someone spent that with money and imagine their happy moments when going to exchange 6 dupes for 1. I dont think even whales would be happy to do that, especially I bet people having so many dupes dont need any from these from list. we joined in game where was a fun to pull lego randomly , now system is totally changed. this is not dupe system fix. seems you are scared that players will have too many champs. 1:1 reloll option when pulled dupe, if dont want-keep it and try to save for empowerment. thats the only way. otherwise this is not a dupe system  

Nov 24, 2021, 18:147 days

Here we are yet again with an abysmal failure. The Life Token system is basically only of use for the biggest of spenders. How in the world do you think it is at all reasonable to have to trade a minmum of 5 legendaries to get 1? With Sir Nicholas it's a whopping 8 for 1! There's no way that you don't realize that the only people with this amount of legendary dupes are people who spend quite a lot. I actually have spent way more than I should and would continue to support the game but what is the point when this is what we get back? This just sucks and is another huge missed opportunity to please your player base.

Nov 24, 2021, 18:317 days

I do agree that I really like the faction guardian abiliy now, but now it means we will need to keep all of these duplicate champions thus taking a slot. I am already fighting for champion space constantly and it is only going to keep getting worse as you release more and more champions. It will be a never ending fight for space having to sacrifice our duplicates just to make room for a new one or one we need more. You need to just remove the storage limits and make the cost some kind of solution so it does cost more to keep getting the slots, but no so much that it strong arms the F2P people.

Nov 24, 2021, 19:017 days

it would be great to see also :

the bazzar and clan shop put into the marketplace,

doubling the scrolls from minotaur labirynth, or making it that f.ex. two champions or more can get the scroll in one battle.

it would be nice if not only legendaries, but also epics could be exchanged for the life tokens.

Nov 24, 2021, 19:347 days

I'm  sure  you  have  been  told  this  by  every  Content  Creator,  but  the  life  token  cost  is  insane.  you  must  be  Daft  to  think  that  its  fair  to  trade  5  -  8  legendary champions  for  one  single  champ.  

what  a  wasted  opportunity  for  this  feature.  

Nov 24, 2021, 19:377 days

Plarium...  your  empowerement  system  is  way  to  strong.  Do  you  even  realise  it  ?  beeing  an  end  game  player  I  enjoy  a  lot  arena  since  this  is  the  only  part  in  the  game  for  endgame  players  and  now  what  ???  you  just  come  to  broke  it,  competition  is  broken  and  its  over  to  try  to  compete  for  the  smart  players  since  its  a  big  mess  right  now.  The  same  2-3  players  will  win  reset  every  week,  you  made  your  game  even  more  pay2win,  but  now  its  an  even  bigger  step.  I  think  you  will  loose  more  that  you  will  win  in  that  direction

Nov 24, 2021, 21:296 days

I play the game because I like it ... you did everything well every time, just missing some small things for example for us FTP players, a little more understanding, I know how the server system works and I know that it really takes a lot of money to maintain it all , but still think a little for us that I have a gift, I'm not able to spend $ 1000 on the game but I love the game

Nov 24, 2021, 21:506 days

Honestly  champion  disenchant  is  not  bad  but  has  to  be  duplicate...........  Also  the  cost  for  exchanging  them  is  too  pricy....  hopefully  in  the  future  they  will  add  more  tokens  that  can  be  obtained  without  sacrificing  a  champ,  or  reduce  the  cost  of  exchanging  one.  Lately  the  shards  pack  are  so  expenives  and  the  bundled stuff  are  crappy such  as brews,  rare  tomes  or  silver  that  can  be  farmed....  too  pricy  and  not  worth  it.  Shards  pulling  has  been  crap  and  .5 %  for  ancient  and  8%  for  sacred  just  to  get  a  Lego.  thats  so  bad.  I  dont  see. The  point  of  jacking  the  price  up  even  though  the  champions  pool  has  been  diluted  so  bad.  the  chances  of  getting  a  lego  from  shards  purchased  is  so  low,  why  make  the  offer  so  stingy???  More  better  offer  could  means  better  attraction  and  more  revenue  for  them.  Well,  i  dunno  what  they  are  thinkjng  anyway.

Nov 24, 2021, 22:006 days

Where did events go?

Nov 24, 2021, 22:486 days

Not really happy with this dupe system. The only really useful thing in it is the faction guardians. Life tokens? And the 500 gift ones? What a joke. I've been playing for 2+ years and I can't get enough for even one champion in the trader. The rates are insane. And the empowerment? fishing for those whales, now that other games are starting to catch up. If 2022 is going to be PvP year, you'd better scrap that and get back to the drawing board, the empowerment will benefit 0.15% of players and everyone else should just give up on PvP. 

You know what? Remove the player cap on platinum arena and 3v3 arena in general, let everyone get to higher tier and start some ideas on clan v clan activities, not only the grind fest we have 2 weeks

Nov 25, 2021, 02:036 days

This is awesome. Now we have the fusion without having the calendar shown to us. That’s an improvement. We can spend all our energy in champion training before knowing if there is a shard paywall. 

Naughty move, Plarium

There's a calendar in game and I have it in a pinned post under Game Discussion.