Captains, the reward system on Prizes has been updated!

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Frank Connett
25 June, 2016, 1:42 AM UTC

Well, well, well, Seems this is just another Plarium "Show me da Money" gimmick just like the new Bastions.

 At least once a month you guys just have to tweak the system all fo da luv of the Rubies.

I have yet to see you do anything for the old players because YOU KNOW they will spend the money anyway. This is so very evident by the way you offer your packages of specialness every few days now. Different players get offered the same special deal for either a higher or lower cost based on their recent and history of purchase activity.

I am really curious if the game gets that many more "REAL" players a day that you can continue to genuinely anger the long timers over this latest manipulation of their finances.

Sure if you shut us up and force us out then only the newbies are left and they do not know any thing is different. 

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Frank Connett
25 June, 2016, 1:50 AM UTC
I bought an XBOX Console last year, and you can play online with it as well but I don't have to keep paying to play and win. Much more fun to win than spend spend spend.........
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25 June, 2016, 6:43 AM UTC

Well. I did my today's Prizes.

There is no emotion, neither any fun, anymore. You have turned them in a mechanical thing. Click click click.

What a big loss.

I hope I keep back my about 3M force I have inside and stop playing them.

I had plans. Befor you changed them without previous notice or warning I had plans. I had played big amounts of SOLs knowing that I would have them again. How I will launch 10 raids at once with a bunch of cannonners, luggers , marines, etc...

If I had been informed a month previously I would not play any SOL.

You killed the game.

You killed my  illusion in this game.

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25 June, 2016, 7:28 AM UTC

I have tried to kept silent but some of you are forcing me to come again and tell the truth again. So let me be more expressive here.

1-- What i said earlier is 100% of true and that truth is the reason of boiling of many here

2-- @ ASH, i am not looking for respect from a person who never understands what is actually being said, and what they are understanding.

3-- @Blackbart, thank you for your compliments, i appreciate that. it is sense not "SENCE". I am representing plarium and i have been given this mod right by Plarium and other rights which includes banning, warning as well. & you are no one to tell me how i should express myself.

4-- @ Be Afraid, I appreciate your opinion and i can understand your frustration as well. I appreciate the fact that you represented your opinion using better words & a better presentation. Can you pllease guide your fellow players (if there is any from your BH or friends) to use the words wisely & leave some space to abosrb opinion of others as well.

5-- @BlackBart, if you guyz present your opinion in a good manner no one is going to tell you whine and all that. Just look at be afraid reply & than see yours in all other threads.

6-- @Bassdiablo, Change is always good and sometimes it is necessary to keep your game alive (the Truth), Just work a bit to build one or you can ask for guidance from others.

7-- @Frank, No one is forcing you to shut up or anything at all. Please be a little positive. As we told many times this has been implemented in all the games in all 3 platforms . If i say we didn't had complaints than it is not true, we had but player worked a bit & now they are doing fine.

8-- @Arya -- Right now i got every reason to ban you, Posting personal info of some other player without his consent, threatening a player. But i won't cause i do not roll this way until i am forced too. You can give my co-ords & my bastion co-ords to players in game or in text message & ask them to attack or whatever. But you can't post it publicaly cause it won't do you any good.  (I Deleted your post because it is against forum rules)

Additionally i may have few points in prizes and maybe a lot less experience than others but i managed to develop & learn strategies managed payouts in 5 figures and did well in the prizes. & i am not just playing this game of plarium. 

9-- @ Mule -- i sent a PM, hope it helps. & you will get your sols back.

& Now what i have to say over all is.

Why i acted rude and called you names because some particular player here are just repeating their replies over & over again. Express your opinion but also listen to others & appreciate their "try" to help you as well.

Now i am getting called rudest mod of all but there are many who tell me that i am the nice one as well so it does not make any difference.

Yes i got a little carried away and that was because of a similar reply over & over again. If i was rude than you also need to look about yourself.

Express opinion in a polite manner (avoid using words, money eaters, Sc*ms, & some other terms used all the way in this thread) and try to listen to others and reply with respect to that. Not just a copy paste from previous reply or the same thing with different words.


Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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25 June, 2016, 8:10 AM UTC

FaZi, you are abusing your authority as moderator. If anything is against the rules, then another moderator should have decided on that, not you, precisely because you are the subject matter of our complaints apart from the prize update. In any case, by your own admission, you confirmed that you acted rude (and continue to do so quite frankly). Thus, you are clearly not fit to stay as moderator. You're using the forum as your personal blog where you can act bossy and lord over us ordinary players. 

If you are too hot-tempered and have no patience to deal with "duplicate" or similar complaints, then quit as moderator. You say other players should speak more politely and "present their opinion in a good / polite manner", and yet you speak rudely to the players here by calling them dumb and implying they cannot understand simple concepts well enough.

Your authority should be revoked immediately by Plarium. You say you represent Plarium, and yet you disgrace them by the way you treat its players.

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25 June, 2016, 8:35 AM UTC

Yes i got a little carried away and that was because of a similar reply over & over again. If i was rude than you also need to look about yourself.

All i have to say is the above sentence & you need to look into yourself as well Arya. If i confirmed acting rude than i also confirmed that why is that, and it is not just about handling duplicate things it is about rules, sense, Etiquettes and lot more.

Additionally right now you are dictating me, and plarium right now, stop doing that. This forum is not my property not yours. It is a forum to discuss things with compliance to the pre defined rules.

thank you for your suggestion to plarium about removing me as a mod & i will make sure that it is forwarded to Community managers.

I am not acting bossy or anything i am doing my duty as usual, only difference is i do not accept normal support criteria set by different companies  that whatever other say you will calm them down, no i will not.They get paid and i don't and even if i would i will not tolerate dictation, going over board and telling others about how it should be done when you yourself have no idea. If someone is crossing thier limit and going over board, i can't stay calm.

Additionally this is not a complaint against moderator thread, if you have any issues send PM to community manager, do not post it here.

It is also against the forum rules to talk about other things instead of the topic of the thread.

You can read forum rules, and can find there what is against rules & what is not. Additionally there is always someone who is looking over other work and they will restore your post if it was not against the rules.

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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25 June, 2016, 8:39 AM UTC

Okay I was going to keep quiet but this is a real pain.The other games these new systems has been implemented on I play and I can tell you they dont do prizes there as you lose much much more than we use to here.

There is a reason why the games have different play styles and strategies and it should have been kept like that.We dont want all the games to be exact copies of the other.Pirates is my main game and I play 2 of the others but this prizes system just doesnt work.Ask any of the bigger players on stormfall etc and they will confirm no one does high level prizes anymore.They are forcing us to take a fun part of the game out of our daily game play.

Just my 2 cents.

PS:English isnt my native language so EXCUSE any misspellings or pronunctiation errors If I made any.
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25 June, 2016, 8:51 AM UTC

Violated forum rules

1.2. While free debate and discussion are encouraged, we will not tolerate posts using inappropriate/offensive language or content. Below are guidelines to help determine whether or not certain language is appropriate.

There may be inappropriate language that does not fit into any of these categories. We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case-by-case basis. Clear or implied language which:

a. refers to or threatens violence in any capacity that is not directly related to the game world.

b. is rude or offensive in nature, including but not limited to: personal attacks, name calling, cursing/foul language, cyber-bullying, trolling.

i. excessively communicates the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish.

1.3. We also ask that you treat the Plarium Support Team with the respect with which you would expect to be treated yourself. The staff are doing their best to make your community experience on the official forums as enjoyable as possible. We especially ask that you extend this courtesy to our designated Community Moderators. These are NOT Plarium employees, and they are using their own time to help you answer your questions and find solutions to your issues. While we will often defer to their judgment, if you have a question with a specific ruling by our moderators, please contact the Administrator of the Forum.

3.1. Threaten, humiliate or assault other players or Forum administrators.

3.2. Use abusive language or profanity towards fellow players or administrators (this includes personal messaging and commenting).

3.10. Flame, spam, flood topics or post off-topic, irrelevant messages. This includes using the forum, email, messages, comments, picture comments and private message systems to spam other members. Such posts will be subject to removal.

3.11. Share with the aim of inciting users, appealing to users to leave the game, encouraging them to abstain from buying in-game virtual currency, or posting fraudulent or abusive personal statements relating to the administrators or Plarium employees.

3.12. Share any content, which infringes third party rights, including intellectual property rights.

3.14. Obstruct communication with moderators. This includes blocking private messages from any moderator.

5.1. Administrators may delete, correct or change user shared content.

5.2. Administrators may ban a player at any time if he or she is in violation of the Community Policies. Players will be notified of the ban. All bans are not subject to appeal.

5.3. Any content and activity found in violation of these policies is subject to immediate removal, and may result in a warning.

5.4. The player agrees to accept a change of penalties or corrective actions in the event that he/she violates the rules of the Forum. The Administrator may consider issuing a warning message if this is a first offense. If this warning is ignored, continued inappropriate actions may result in a 24, 48, or 72-hour suspension of posting privileges, depending on the severity of violation. Any further violations of Forum Rules may result in a permanent suspension of posting privileges.

6.2. Moderators and Administrators will determine whether content and/or an activity constitutes a violation at their sole discretion. A failure to strictly enforce any aspect of these Rules at the time of a violation occurrence does not prevent the Administrators and/or other Plarium staff from doing so at a future point in time.

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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25 June, 2016, 8:53 AM UTC

We moderators had a detailed chat last night about this issue. & we are trying our best to not go over board specially after the kind of behaviour some people are expressing here.

Even all the above things has been violated we are still playing cool.

I am hoping you understand the situation and act accordingly.

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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25 June, 2016, 8:56 AM UTC
I didnt violate any forum rules.I voiced my opinion as its the reason forums are there for.We are all unhappy about this new system and we have the right to say it.
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25 June, 2016, 9:05 AM UTC

@FaZi, calling you out on your rudeness is not being rude. Moreover, you and I are different because as a moderator, at least within the context of this game forum, you have a higher standard that you should follow in terms of how you speak with the players and how you conduct yourself in the forum. The players post their complaints and issues here in the hopes of letting Plarium know their grievances in order to ensure that the game stays enjoyable. You are in fact the one treating this forum like it is your property. I am not the dictating that you should act with respect and politeness, as well as with the necessary patience, in dealing with players here. Logic, common sense, and decency dictate that. Read your replies again and see how arrogant you sound:

"Yes forum regulations says no duplication of posts & linda posted that message in 3 different threads.

Enough have been said which means there are examples given from other player who got the pay out & doing fine in the prizes.

If someone won't want to understand or maybe have a dumb mind than we can't say anything about that.

You can discuss all that you want but do not repeat it over & over again. Put some sense into your next reply.

Respect the forum rules, respect the company who is giving you this free game to play (spending money is your choice, You were never asked to do so) & on top of that respect the fellow players. 

I hardly put things from a mod point of view & mentioned that in multiple threads regarding this issue. We are players, we are volunteers & atleast i won't get dictated by bunch of idiots, who are talking nonsense everywhere and guiding me about things that i have to follow."

CLEARLY, FaZi, you are the one violating the very terms and conditions you have posted here, using insulting words such as "dumb" and "idiots".

I pointed out in my earlier post, which you deleted, that your low prize pts indicate that you haven't reached the high prize levels. This is precisely why your replies to the players complaining do not address their concerns. You do not understand their complaints because the update do not affect you. The ones heavily affected are the players who have reached levels 80+ to 100+, more or less, where millions and millions of their forces are stuck in the bank. 

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25 June, 2016, 9:08 AM UTC
And do not lump together the other moderators and administrators with you. All of them have acted appropriately and with respect in dealing with the players' complaints. None of them lashed out at the players like you did. None of them abused their authority. Even with repeated similar complaints, they all responded to said complaints in a polite manner. 
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25 June, 2016, 9:29 AM UTC



"Additionally i may have few points in prizes and maybe a lot less experience than others but i managed to develop & learn strategies managed payouts in 5 figures and did well in the prizes. & i am not just playing this game of plarium. "

I would add and i am willing to learn to build a new strategy. If I am low in pirates it does not mean in all games, keep that in mind.

& stop talking about others, I know very well how much experienced you are.

I didn't ask you to point out which rule i broke or which not & you don't have any authority to point that out either.

In my violated forum rules, there are 5 offenses that you have made until yet. Next upcoming is ban, keep that in mind as well.

Consider my this message a final 3rd verbal warning. and it just on the edge of where things get worse.

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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25 June, 2016, 9:48 AM UTC

One of you has been banned, Now be careful.

If i break the terms & condition it is my community manager who will see, but if it is you than we are the one who will proceed.

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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25 June, 2016, 11:24 AM UTC

well ...i was not going to say moire on this... but ..WOW.. i can not believe Fazi's atitude... (even highlighting my spelling mistake..lmao)

Fazi, you have changed this thread into one about general rules and how we should all love the way changes by plarium affect all of our gaming.

i for one do not care about you... your conduct on here speaks for itself as to what kind of person you are and you are certainly not one of us gamers, maybe that is why you asked to become the guy who dishes out this drawl to us gamers insdtead of being with us.

now ENOUGH of this upset your causing..... are all these complaints from all us players unfounded?...NO,.. or we would all not be on here complaining and having to put up with dealing  with crass remarks from yourself if it was.

we don't want to get into a slanging match with you.. we just want to the previous PRIZE system reinstalled.

i for one wil not be playing them anymore, nor the treasure islands... so as a level 86 player who has learned all discoveries and updated all of them, what is left of this game to play now that all these negative changes have been made? Plarium has ruined the game more and more till us guys who normally put up with it have had to come on here and voice our opposition only to be rudely shot down by Fazi the games awesome representative

you may ban me now for what i have said Fazi but it will only hasten my departure from playing all plarium games, with the money i spend i am sure they will miss me and others like me far more than having a fellow like you representing them.... the other Moderators must put their heads in their hands every time you write something here... you should resign your position after the way you have handled these threads.

Bartholomew Roberts.

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25 June, 2016, 11:36 AM UTC

FAZI, You are well out of order here, you are breaking the forum rules, insulting players and now banning them ?

This is not right
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25 June, 2016, 11:44 AM UTC

I am not here to ban everyone for things that are tolerateable but if things are going over board i have to. Such as in Arya case she left the main topic completely & telling me about my exp and how should i mod and all that.

Regarding your reply there is nothing to ban for, you can disagree with me and you can criticize me as well but do not convert into something like a war.

I am not telling to love all the changes made by plarium but i am telling you that plarium made their point clear that prize change will not be reverted.

And with that taken into consideration i was trying to tell you people that stop complaining and start working but than a series of personal attacks, a whole load of similar replies and a war like situation was started. Yesterday i read from my last reply to page 3 & that took one hour and when i summarize all of it it was just 1 point put the old system back.

Despite my fellow mod giving examples of system i quoted example, i tried to explain how to achieve bigger payout but people do not want to listen at all. This will drive anyone crazy.

I have been forced by multiple members to go hard in this thread. I do not take pride in that but i won't even make myself 100% responsible of this.

I didn't go hard on some because their selection of words was pretty good and they represented the point with out any argument but than there are some who are coming to tell me what should i do, what plarium should do & all that.

Dictation is not something that is appreciated at all and i will advise you to keep yourself away from this.

Now if i will point things that were out of context you will again complain about that so let me just ignore that.

what will happen to me, either i have to resign or not it is in the hands of community manager not in the hands of you or someone else. If i am a mod for more than 9 months there is something due to which i am around. so i advise again do not come to this point.

In earlier replies one of fellow mod tried to explain and something bad was said about her, we will not stand such things against our fellow team members.

The final conclusion of this thread is

Plarium is not interested in changing this prize reward system. If i was in your place i wouldn't waste my time dictating others i will simply go and try to figure something out for bigger rewards.

But only wise men will do that.

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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25 June, 2016, 11:49 AM UTC

If someone won't want to understand or maybe have a dumb mind than we can't say anything about that.

This is a direct quote from you FAZI,  anyone else would be rightly banned for personal insults yet you ban other is this fair or right ?

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25 June, 2016, 11:56 AM UTC

Limey you are upto dictation again.

Do not do that now, consider this a fair warning.

I will repeat plarium policy

If a moderator is acting wrongly, his CM will take care of this so leave it to my CM, okay?

If a player is going wrong, i need to handle that.

After my that sentence i explained the situation and also explained the facts. Mind reading that?

This is going to be the last irrelevant reply in this thread.

If anything other than prizes was included in some player reply. I am going to take a strict action on that. & i think i am very clear on that.

I would like to read only & only about prizes, not some dictation or about how i should react.

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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25 June, 2016, 12:20 PM UTC

dictation... DICTATES.... OMG.. Fazi

what are you doing? what is Plarium doing if not DICTATING.

Dictating 'take it or leave it'... dictating 'put up or shutup'... dictating that whatever the players wishes are shall always be overriden as obviously the players wishes do not matter as palrium DICTATES.

dictating as a dictatorship and deffo not listening to us players, there customers.... there is no democracy for players, just a dictatorship as you have pointed out Fazi.

We the players are NOT dictating we are ASKING, maybe even demanding to have the old system reinstated, which we all know is a better and fairer system than this new one is..

YOU are the ones DICTATING.... UNLISTENING... UNREGUARDING..... your the ones denegrating the game against the players wishes.

you want to try a bit more democracy and less of your unbending DICTATORSHIP.
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