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Risky Orphan

Risky Orphan

28 янв. 2022, 13:0828.01.22

Risky Orphan

The original author's spelling is retained.


I cannot sleep
I think of my town
The thought does creep
Is my shield down?

I should be fine
My knowledge isn’t shabby
What shaman did I assign?
I hope it isn’t Baggi

I cannot rest
I toss and turn
I am distressed
Does my town burn?

This is nothing new
It brings me shame
What torment I’ve been through
When my town was aflame

My troops were lost
My silver gone
Into the forrest
And the warming sun

I’d better check
I need to know
My phone I check
Before I doze

And what should await
My eager thoughts?
What should I anticipate?
Happy bliss, or have I lost?

I look upon my screen aghast
A message has appeared
Maintenance has begun alas
And sleep is gone as feared