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Mu Archer

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Season1-Episode1: The legend of Zelda the sister of dogs

The devil-backed King Storest was capturing all the lands an eye could see. All the villages were burned, men tortured and killed, women and children were captured as slaves. As the king's troops march to the tundra mountain village, Kionke, its ruler orders his solders to take his daughter away as quickly as possible. But it was too late for it. Only four could stay alive after the blood flooding massacre that day: two Mastiff+Kangal breed masgalies with their mother and the little girl Zelda.

Masgalies became the family to Zelda. The mother dog feeds and milks all three until few years later dying. Zelda grew up as a nature nurtured half dog half human barely remembering things from her family and past. She was hunting beasts and wild animals day after day to eat.

One day they were captured by people who were enemies to Storest. They too suffered a lot but weakly standing. They were waiting for their forfathers' stories to come true: the savior from the sky falls in to the forest comes in flames to protect them once an all.

They cleaned and raised Zelda and her dogs not knowing what they have to witness. As Zelda grew her true nature overwhelmed her to become the fighting goddess, a single shadow warrior of speed and brutality. At first, she broke bones and skulls of the strong warriors coming closer to her. Her masgalies were alert days and nights to kill melees and attack all moving things like siege and cavalries. Nights became sleepless for Zelda waking up from the blood dripping nightmares. No one were safe until one day Zelda started realizing her similarity to her host and remembering the Storest massacre and her mother's brutally dying.

Then she became friendly to her new host and started getting training for archery, sword, knife, stoning and all. Her intellect found herself in sword and she became the combination power of T7s. She started taking the sweet revenge from Storest: taking his clans down one by one on clan battles. For every clan destroyed, she put a piece of tatoo on her left leg. Then, clans came together against her on Battles of Furies but all were gone in seconds. Zelda and her dog friends' fame and fight skills spread all around. While hearts of many were with her, others scared to death. She fought on the Holmgang and destroyed them without any mercy. She survived against all the Helheim warriors sent upon her. Each and every one of the warriors burried into their graves alive. When she was asleep, her blood siblings would take care of the enemies down to the bits and pieces. She and her masgalies were ready for the dooms day to confront the old Storest. All preparation were ready: apes, beasts, king of kings all sided with Storest at the battle field of Jotunheim.

This was just the beginning of the legend of Zelda the sister of dogs... Then every victory brought mountains of bloody gold, runic, mark of resolve, totems, obsidian, and other rare jewels.

Season 2: it is about the gray wolfless of the Dragon World

Season 3: the SEEKER of the lost world

Season 4: reborn of wild boar whisperer

Season 5: reunion of blood brothers and sisters

Season 6: conquering the world of the worlds.

Season Finale: travel to future