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❄️ The schedule of events during the festive season

❄️ The schedule of events during the festive season

⚡ Celebratory Blitz Competitions

From December 21 to January 7,take part in 8 personal and 8 clan Blitzes.

Personal Blitzes:

Celebratory Blitz: Resources

Celebratory Blitz: Ghosts

Celebratory Blitz: Enemies

Celebratory Blitz: Invaders

Celebratory Blitz: Influence

Celebratory Blitz: Training

Celebratory Blitz: Tasks

Celebratory Blitz: Battles

Clan Blitzes:

Glorious Blitz: Enemies

Glorious Blitz: Tasks

Glorious Blitz: Resources

Glorious Blitz: Influence

Glorious Blitz: Ghosts

Glorious Blitz: Invaders

Glorious Blitz: Training

Glorious Blitz: Battles

🏆 Bonuses

From December 24 to January 7, increased bonuses will be active in all Kingdoms.

Some bonuses will be active the whole time, such as +20% to building speed and Knowledge learning speed. Other bonuses will only activate for a limited amount of time. For example, you will only get +30% to warrior training speed and +20% to boost efficiency on December 25 and 26.

In the "Invaders, Ghosts, and bonuses" tab of the Events window, you can find out which bonuses are currently active.

🌟Festive battles in Asgard

Get Glory Points and an increased number of Medals of the Aesir among the rewards.

On December 24 and 27, as well as January 3 and 7 — mini Asgards.

On December 29— the Battle for Asgard.

🔥 A special Kingdoms Battle: Fury

On December 22 and 23, we will be holding the Kingdoms Battle: Fury Competition. The Kingdoms that take 3rd and 4th places will get level 8 Gifts of the Gods as an additional reward.

There will be no information about these prize resource locations in the Events window. Look for the Gifts of the Gods on the Global Map.

☃️ A festive Uber Invader

On December 20, 25, 28 and January 1 and 2, the Snowiking will await you on the Global Map. To fight it, you will need 100 units of Hero's energy. The "Unlock Invaders I" Knowledge needs to have been learned too.

Happy holidays! 😊

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