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A guide to winning effectively Kingdom Battle: fury

A guide to winning effectively Kingdom Battle: fury

27 март 2019, 23:1527.03.19

A guide to winning effectively Kingdom Battle: fury

Dear reader, this is the most elaborate plan to win this event that I could think of. To win this event it is necessary to have the most points. This manual will try and detail the ways to do that.

I) Conditions in which these tactics are effective 

These tactics can be applied in a big enough clan, able to attack towers, install city traps and capture Pop.

They require a good communication network amongst the clan members (Line or a good scheduling).

II) Tactics

1) How to score points

 To score points you can farm, kill ghosts and invaders or kill troops. Kingdom Battle: fury has 2x points events, so it is best to concentrate on   the tasks of that event to make the most of it. Please note that farming and killing ghosts and invaders will only give you points in enemy kingdoms, so make sure to communicate this to clan members.

  a) Farming

   Anyone can score easy points while farming tiles. Some events are won only by a few points, farming can sometimes make that difference.     Here are a few farming tips I have found effective to use.

   - Use 1hour Resource Yielding speed-up 75%

  - Shield your tiles if you can, that way you can farm large amounts without having to watch for your tiles

  - Only use level 1 warriors, otherwise if you are attacked it will give extra points to the enemy since higher warrior lvl are worth more points.

  - Only send between 10 000 and 20 000 T1 to farm, no more, otherwise it's risking giving away too many points.

  - Warn clan members if there are enemy tile hitters. That way troops can be retracted to avoid giving points away and the tile hitter may be     targeted (further info in killing enemy section)

  - Watch on your tiles if you can

  b) Killing ghosts and invaders

   Level 6 and 5 invaders and ghosts as well as Ubers are worth the most points. Best conditions for scoring points are to concentre on       them with % boosts for shaman and hero if possible. Do wait for 2x points event to kill ghosts/invaders.

  c) Killing ennemies

  This is how you will score the most points. The way you do this is probably what will ensure you victory. You can score against towers, single enemy players or enemy Pop. Here is how you can make the most points.

  . Against single enemies

     - Disrupt enemy farmers, they must not farm in peace. This can ensure you some points and disable them the benefit to get some farming       points. Lower clan members can easily do this. It is important to avoid being side attacked while your shield drops when tile hitting. Best       conditions is to have players with small armies to do this so they can send all their troops away while keeping a 500k-1m war army. It's worth conditioning a few clan members to do this. Rewarding them with clan ressource is a good encouragement and creates team spirit.

    - Trap tile hitters. If you spot a enemy hitting on allied tiles, it is often easy to trap them. This can ensure you some easy points and stop the tile hitter from causing further damage. To trap him, first make sure you are not going against a player way out of your league (otherwise communicate this info to clan members and allied clans). Then send your army on a tile close to enemy with your hero in war mode, with shaman and boosts. Send T3 if possible for max effect. I have trapped many enemies that way scoring easy points and shards. Make sure to immediately call back your troops from tile once you've trapped enemy since you will be a known target.

  - Organise town traps with you clan. This consists in someone organizing an Onslaught (OS) and clan members sending troops there. There must be a sizeable army force before dropping shield. You can make a lot of points that way. Make sure to resend troops there if the army number goes down. This action is especially effective when during 2x points for killing enemies because you obviously make more points but also because your enemies will be eager to score points and will be more inclined to attack. 

  - Organise OS against single ennemies who are unshielded thinking they are cleverly out of reach. If they are too strong it is not worth it (over 50m troops). But if you can spot a 20-70m unshielded player which has 20-40m troops, most of them under T5 lvl, then it is a good target to pick on. But try not being suspicious while you organise OS (don't land your city right next to his)

 - Organise Os against enemy Pop when shield is down. If it's possible (the Pop most not become too heavily guarded) do not let enemy clans shield there Pop otherwise they will benefit from repute which will give them a big bonus on attacks against other clans or towers.

- Organise Os against towers. Managing this part is probably a keypoint.  You will need to find lower level towers quickly before the enemy. Take down lvl 1 towers in priority. If you are home Kingdom with Towers, the best way to defend is probably to destroy lvl 1 with your clan and reinforce lvl 2 for defending. Otherwise reinforcing Lvl1 towers very quickly can be a good way to score points. Lvl 3 and above for a clan our size (2 trillion influence, rank 116) showed to be too big to be worth destroying. But if you can bring together different clans from your kingdom and do simultaneous OS on a Lvl 3 and above tower then you will be able to score a lot of points for your kingdom as a whole. 

Here are a few tips to destroy effectively towers:

- Organize big OS with top players, reputees, boosts, everything necessary for a wild run.

- Be ready to launch multiple OS to take down a tower. You will score a lot of points if you win a OS. It's worth going all the way rather than launching 1 failed OS. 

- Be sure that enemy clan has not reinforced the tower you are planning to attack

- If against a lvl 2 or above tower, it can be worth waiting for enemy clan to launch a OS and then attacking after they have weakened the tower. 

- Watch out for enemy clans, so that they don't do the same to you.

- When a tower falls: you can try taking down enemy cities who are attacking the undefended tower for ressources while they unshield.

To be able to do the above points and win the event, you will need team work, communication, timing and collaboration.

2) Team work

The key to victory is teamwork. Why? Because this will enable you to take on strong ennemies that you could not attack alone, attack towers, organize traps, attack/defend Pop. To achieve this you will need to manage timing and communication

 a) Kingdom peace and communication.

- Peace is the best option so that you don't compete against each other for Pop and tiles.

 - Communication amongst kingdom clans is also a good idea. You can communicate against tile hitters, towers you have spotted but decided not to take on. You can also coordinate different clans to OS against high lvl towers or enemy Pop, this is probably a good option if your kingdom clans are strong enough.

b) Clan organisation

To be able to win you will need a good team play amongst your clan. It is probably the only way to win this event, since most points are won by killing enemies, and to do so you will need to OS as a team. Thus timing and army numbers are crucial.

- Timing is crucial because you will need enough players available at the same time to do successful traps or OS. It is useful to communicate timezones and organize in advance who can be active when. That way you will know when there is less chances of successful actions and when it will be a good hitting time. You will need to be quick, so be ready, know your friends.

- Communicate clear clan rules. Indicate clearly farming rules (20k T1 max) and try and recruit clan members who don't usually attack in towers OS.

3) Preparing before KvK Fury

a) Clan preparation

- Make sure your members have enough trained troops, so that a few of them can benefit from mentor repute if necessary (+25% training) -

- Make sure no big armies are farming when event starts

b) Knowing your enemies

- Check all three kingdoms. Know who the main players are. Know who controls the Pop, who gets the repute, who has what kind of troops. Know when the Pop shields before/during the event so you know when they will benefit from repute and when you will need to attack it if possible.

III) Key points to pay attention to during the Kingdoms Battle: Fury 

Make sure you shield your pop exactly upon event start: it will be out of the way for the next 24h. That way you won't have to defend it straight away and will get reputee to have great attacks/defenses.

Make sure you defend the pop the second day

Have players scout different kingdoms to check if any player is susceptible to have a shield drop or if shield has dropped. 

Voilà. This is the end of the most exhaustif and comprehensif guide towards victory. The rewards are definitly worth it. The above indications should enable you victory at a lower cost. Our clan ended up 1st 

All the best and see you on the battle field

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29 март 2019, 00:0029.03.19

I think this was a very good and detailed  guide. However I would disagree with Osing towers until you win, that's just not effective. Fury ended, by now you have screens of what each lvl tower contains troop wise. OS only if you can clear the tower with minimal loss, if you do anything else you are just wasting time and troops.