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Transfer of resources to stronghold

Transfer of resources to stronghold

9 янв. 2019, 01:3609.01.19

Transfer of resources to stronghold

Clan chief should have a MUCH higher allowance of resources transferred. 

After a CvC we win 75 million of each resource. 

You can only transfer 500,000 at a time, so 150 marches. Times 5 resources equals 750 marches

That's a lot of clicking and doing nothing for 750 trips to transfer all the resources. Time that could be spent actually playing the game. 

From a profit standpoint, If I run out of hero power attacking invaders, I might buy more. But I won't be attacking invaders for 90 minutes to 2 hours while I'm transferring those resources. 

So why not make it something more reasonable, like 10 million per transfer, or even unlimited transfer for clan chiefs, so we can actually be playing and enjoying the game instead of wasting hours on administrative tasks?

9 янв. 2019, 01:5509.01.19

I does get a better once you upgrade your stronghold bank and some stronghold economy knowledge.

Our clan can now send 2.9M of resources before tax. As your clan grows and moves up the leagues it will get more resource for winning the event.

My old clan won the clans battle and the Chief got 400M of each resource. The crazy thing is it took 827 marches to send all the gold.

We found it easier to send it out to clan members to let them use it as they needed then send the spare to the stronghold after.
10 янв. 2019, 11:0410.01.19

I'm sure I saw on a contributions report a few days ago that someone had sent in 10M rss to stronghold at once. I'm not sure if I misread the numbers but I wish I had taken a screenshot.

Does anyone know how it is possible to send more resources to stonghold than the stonghold buildings and economic knowledge allows?

10 янв. 2019, 15:5010.01.19
There is a boost in some packs that you can buy to send extra large convoys to the stronghold ... I don't know how much they increase it because I haven't gotten any or looked good at them.
10 янв. 2019, 15:5110.01.19
To send resources faster to the stronghold find the place next to the stronghold that has the quickest sending time ... and well one should be sitting next to the stronghold when moving large amounts of rss ... and yes sending to clan members is also an option with hyperfarms then supplying the stronghold.
14 янв. 2019, 22:0914.01.19

Congrats on winning your CvC! Your frustration won't last long, LITNINROD. As you make your way through upgrades in the stronghold, specifically those that lower the tax rate, you'll appreciate the limited amount that can be sent in the beginning. Besides that, the fact that you've won indicates that you are keeping up just fine. The left corner square next to the stronghold has a march time of 17 seconds to start with, so make sure your town is there when you need to send large amounts. 

Also, as previously mentioned, keep your eyes open for the unique packs with items that increase the capacity of convoys sent to the stronghold. If you manage to snag yourself one of these very desirable boosts, keep in mind that they do not work unconditionally and your maximum capacity is still dictated by your marketplace. In other words, even with a boost, you cannot send more to your stronghold than you can to your clan mates so use them wisely. ;)

4 окт. 2023, 03:5804.10.23

so who recieves the tax that is imposed for sending resources to either clan members or to stronghold.

4 окт. 2023, 06:4704.10.23
6 окт. 2023, 05:39(отредактировано)

No one receives it.

Eleria is mistaken - I have played for quite a number of years and have continued to suffer tedium throughout.  As you develop, the number of rss needing to be sent goes up (rather faster, I would say, than the increased capacity to send).

If you come to the site to shop you can buy items which hugely expand the capacity to send rss.  If, like me, you come here to play Vikings:War of Clans one chance to relieve the tedium has, fairly recently, been introduced.  It is a town skin called "Villein Abode".  It lasts 3 hours and one of its attributes is to increase the capacity of convoys to the stronghold by 250,000% (yes 250,000% - I would guess that someone at Plarium, after a decade or so and numbers of comments by players, noticed the tedious and silly game level - except that such a thing has never previously happened).

Currently you get the town skin by reaching personal achievement checkpoint fourteen in a victorious Clans Battle.

19 окт. 2023, 08:0619.10.23

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22 окт. 2023, 08:3822.10.23

So player, litninrod there is a banker subscription to increase the capacity of your carts to say send to allies or clan members.  And then the other option using the banker subscription is to increase the capacity of your carts to send to the clan stronghold. You simply go to the upper rightside of your computer screen and click on the golden bank icon. Then you click on the subscription tab. One banker subscription is $9.99 for 7 days. And the other banker subscription is $19.99 for 30 days. I have noticed this purchase for at least 4 years or so. I never used it because I didn't know how important it was. This purchase besides the purchases from the special tab for strongholds are used to help upgrade the clan stronghold. When I get paid one day then I will purchase both the $9.99 banker subscription, because I have to upgrade our stronghold to 5th level.