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A guide to new secret Knowledge

A guide to new secret Knowledge

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21 июнь 2021, 14:0021.06.21

A guide to new secret Knowledge

The second stage of secret Knowledge

There are now two stages of secret Knowledge in the Oracle. The first stage unlocks once the Oracle has been upgraded to level 31 and contains three categories: Attacking, Defending, and Fortresses I.


The second stage of secret Knowledge appears in the same tab at Oracle level 36 and contains six new categories: Offense, Defense, Health, Fortresses II, Towns, and Tier VIII Troops.


As with the first stage, the mechanics for increasing the cost of Knowledge also apply to the second stage. This means that, initially, the cost in all categories starts at the first level, but after learning Knowledge in one category, the cost for all remaining categories increases to the second level. For example, if you learn Knowledge in the Towns category, then the cost of Knowledge in the Offense, Defense, Health, Fortresses II, and Tier VIII Troops categories will increase.


When you learn Knowledge in the next category, the cost of the remaining categories also increases. Let's say that, after Towns, you upgrade Knowledge in the Fortresses II category. Then the cost of the Offense, Defense, Health, and Tier VIII Troops categories will increase to level three.


Learning Knowledge in yet another category will increase the cost for the remaining categories to level four, etc. Consider your development strategy carefully and choose the Knowledge that you need to prioritize beforehand. 

It's important to note that the cost increases for categories of the first and second stages are not related at all. Thus, learning Knowledge from the first stage doesn't increase the cost of Knowledge from the second stage.


This is a special piece of Knowledge in the Towns category. It gives a substantial bonus to the offense of your troops when attacking Towns but prevents you from using a Peace Treaty for a while.


With every level of the Bloodlust Knowledge, both the bonus to the offense of your troops and the time during which you cannot use a Peace Treaty increase.

After you've learned the Knowledge, you cannot prevent its bonus from activating!


All pieces of secret Knowledge can be learned in exchange for either Soul Shards or Gold. When using the former, the upgrade process will take some time, while the latter will allow the Knowledge to be learned instantly.

24 июнь 2021, 15:2624.06.21

Una sugerencia, porque no poneis esta pagina para que se pueda traducir o que cada pais pueda leerlo, ya que todo no sabemos ingles y no podemos participar por igual.

27 июнь 2021, 16:4627.06.21

el problema no es el idioma, el problema es que no se informa de lo que cuesta cada nivel y de lo que ofrece. Al final decidimos a ciegas y nunca acertamos.

2 июль 2021, 15:5102.07.21

I wish you'd increase the number of attacks we can make in a 24 hour period of time. Kinda like do NOT place any limit on the number of attacks we can make!!!

2 июль 2021, 16:1902.07.21

As I can find nothing in the official post about limiting the number of attacks, for the benefit of those who do not know what you mean, please explain.