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This is Holmgang!

This is Holmgang!

14 янв. 2021, 11:4414.01.21

This is Holmgang!

Jarls, find out everything you need to know about the new epic Competition!

Holmgang is an epic Competition that is held between different Clans. In this Competition, Jarls will have to destroy and defend new Fortresses – Forts. The Clan that earns the most points for destroying Forts wins.

A new location

The Competition takes place on the Islands of Trials. This is a separate mini-Kingdom with Forts, where the battles take place



You can relocate to this new location by using the Journey to Holmgang item.


To relocate to the Islands of Trials, the following conditions must be met:

- Your account was created more than 30 days ago

- You are the member of a Clan that is participating in Holmgang

- Your Palace is level 21 or higher

- You don't have any active marches or troops in garrisons

- The Competition is active and more than 5 minutes are left until it ends

The Competition process



After the Competition has been announced, players receive a push notification that the registration period has started. To participate in Holmgang, the Chief or a Clan Elder must submit an application.

The following conditions must also be met:

- Your Clan must have been created at least 30 minutes before the Competition was announced

- Your Clan must have 500,000,000,000 Influence points or more

- Your Kingdom must be at least 30 days old


Selecting a time

To submit an application, a convenient time period for battles in Holmgang must be selected. The number of places for each time period is restricted: the application form window displays the number of Clans that have chosen a particular time.

The choice can only be made once per Competition and cannot be changed.

After the Chief or a Clan Elder has submitted an application, all Clan members receive a system message.

Assigning opponents

When the application period is over, the process of assigning opponents begins.

In Holmgang, participating Clans are divided into special Leagues. If a Clan is taking part in the Competition for the first time, it will be in the lowest League. After each Holmgang Competition, the points are counted up and the winning Clans are promoted to the next League, while those that lost are demoted to the one below.

During the first Holmgang Competition, all Clans will be in the same League.

Opposing Clans are matched up within their League according to their Influence. Once an opponent has been assigned, you can view it in the Competition window.


The Competition lasts 22 hours and includes the following periods:

- Waiting – the time before battles start and the time after they have ended

- Battles – the period of time that the Clan chose when applying


During the battle period, Clans are given time to prepare. After that, one Clan starts defending the Forts while the opposing Clan attacks them. Then, after a break, the Clans change sides and fight for the Forts again. The roles are assigned at random and change after every phase.

Scoring points

There are two types of tasks for which Clans receive points:

- Destroying Forts (to earn points in Holmgang)

- Killing any enemy troops on the Islands of Trials (to earn points for personal and Clan achievements)


Forts are Fortresses on the Islands of Trials. They contain resources and neutral troops – Island Guards.


Each Fort is surrounded by Dark Swamps. Your Town can't be situated in these Swamps and have an active Peace Treaty at the same time. You can, however, use a Peace Treaty on the five central islands of the Kingdom.


Three Forts are given to each Clan on the Islands of Trials. During battles, the Clan that is defending a Fort can send reinforcements and set traps there. You can attack your opponents' Forts, as well as send an Onslaught or espionage there.


You can only interact with Forts that belong to your Clan or to your rivals. You cannot perform any actions with Fortresses that belong to Clans that are not your opponents.

In the next phase, the level of the Forts changes, but their location remains the same.

You can interact with Forts in various ways in each phase of the Competition:

- The waiting period: you can only view information about a Fortress.

- Preparation for an attack: during this period, a Clan cannot perform any actions in Forts, just as during the waiting period.

- Preparation for defense: a Peace Treaty is activated in all Forts, and your Clan members can send reinforcements to the Fortresses that belong to your Clan and set traps there.


- Attack/defense: Forts become vulnerable to attack, Onslaughts, or espionage. The defending Clan can still send reinforcements to their Fortresses and set traps there.

A Fort can have one of two statuses: intact and destroyed. If a Fortress is successfully attacked at least once, it is considered destroyed. The attacking Clan can still send troops to a Fort that has been destroyed to plunder the remaining resources (no points will be scored for doing so, however). The defending Clan cannot send reinforcements to a burning Fort or set traps there.



The Chief and Clan Elders can enhance the defenses of the Forts by using traps that provide bonuses against various troop types. A particular trap can only be set once in 24 hours.


To unlock and upgrade traps, you need to construct the Trap Workshop in the Clan Stronghold. You can start an upgrade process in the Trap Workshop at the same time as learning Knowledge in the Shamans' Residence.


The Trap Workshop can be built from Stronghold level 1 and can be upgraded by using the Precious Dust item. This item is also required in order to activate traps in a Fort.

The end of the Competition

When the battles are over, the waiting period for the end of Holmgang starts.

After the points have been calculated, the winner is revealed. The Clan that earns the most points for destroying Forts wins. If the score is tied, the Clan that earns the most points for killing warriors wins.


Rewards for the winners

In addition to trophies for personal achievements, all Jarls from the winning Clan receive military bonuses. These depend on the Holmgang League in which the Clan was placed during the Competition, and are active for seven days.






14 янв. 2021, 12:0614.01.21

So basically, you took the sh siege and made a competition of it?

14 янв. 2021, 12:1414.01.21

More like a mix between sh siege / tower / pop

14 янв. 2021, 13:4314.01.21

well well 

14 янв. 2021, 13:4414.01.21

This is Plarium - of course they didn't fix any of the main problems

14 янв. 2021, 13:4614.01.21

When will this competition run? - on the off days after Fury/Jot - or instead of other dreadful competitions (CVC/KVKr)

14 янв. 2021, 19:1514.01.21

Trap work shop ? Did any one see that ?or maybe my computer go bad again

14 янв. 2021, 20:0814.01.21

Con el minimo puesto de influencia del Clan, muchos jugadores nos quedamos sin opción de participar y de obtener sus premios, con lo que estaremos en desventaja.

Como se va a cuadrar esto entre los eventos habituales, CvC, KvK, Furia..?

Los que no podemos participar vamos a tener los eventos habituales o vamos a tener que quedarnos sin hacer nada?

15 янв. 2021, 02:5715.01.21

Eso es cierto, pero no diferente a Jotunheim. 

15 янв. 2021, 16:2115.01.21

Well, I have to be honest here. The more of these type things that are introduced into the game the more I consider quitting and finding something else to play. Helheim is bad enough, but this may just be the straw that broke the Dummys back as it were. I'm retired and on a fixed income I can't keep enlarging my game budget for things like this. If I don't however I will be at an even more disadvantage. Catch 22 in real life. I've spent a decent amount of money in here over the past year plus but am dismayed at this new area. 

You really may have lost me Plarium, I know in the grand scheme of things that matters very little or not at all but I can't believe I'll be the only one. 

15 янв. 2021, 21:3215.01.21

Yet another competition for the big players. For example as a level 21and 1b inf, There is no way I can earn points in jotunheim. I have also never seen a monster in Jotenheim because they are all killed by the time I get online.  I dont bother going there any more because there is no advantage to me.

15 янв. 2021, 22:1915.01.21

I have to seriously reconsider my remaining in this game. Too many new aspects are getting created whilst old glitches are never resolved. Another competition catering to the monster players and no consideration for the middle of the road players who also spend money on the game. Sorry Plarium, you*ve played it all wrong this time.

16 янв. 2021, 00:1316.01.21

No one considered speeding up proceses or maybe getting gold resources faster, money has become an issue and should be addressed, have to agree though basically catering to bigger players also really need to clean up kingdoms of players who haven't played in over a certain time and find ways to make competitions for lower level players to have to fight as well as bigger players this is another competition for someone who is in the trillions or billions in influence who can absorb the loss on shear numbers. good luck

16 янв. 2021, 02:2516.01.21

This is the towers from the other game and you added  the things from sh-siege,towers and pop and made an mini arena of it. This means again is the suckers that are able yo use a lot of money that dominate the game and you harvest more money.  So those who try to play the game fair can just quit.  Don't blame us players for  feeling this way when it's you plarium that set it up this way.  Your greed is transparent.

16 янв. 2021, 04:5816.01.21
17 янв. 2021, 16:08(отредактировано)

Sound and looks like more calculations the game has to do, hence more lag to a game that already cant handle the built in calculations it already has^^

So all in all, just what we need, more bluecircles :)

16 янв. 2021, 06:4716.01.21

dommage comprend pas l anglais ni le russe le FRANCAIS FAIT PAS PARTIE DE VOS CLIENTS merci

16 янв. 2021, 07:0816.01.21

Another money pit for plarium to force us to pay or lose!

16 янв. 2021, 08:1016.01.21

There's many things that needs fixing and there's many things that players have asked for, non of it will improve. Instead pullhairium creates another moneygrab to satisfy their globalist greed. I might just quit and leave a 800 billion ghosttown. Losers!!! 

16 янв. 2021, 08:4116.01.21

I am in sympathy with the other players' remarks here. I too am quitting. The craven greed of Plarium is nauseating.

16 янв. 2021, 10:3616.01.21

Hello Jarls!

I am sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the latest game update. However, decisions about new features in each update are based on players' suggestions. We are always happy to hear your ideas. Our developers take every suggestion into consideration.

I will forward your feedback to our specialists👍

Thank you for your commitment to the game. Have a great day!

16 янв. 2021, 12:5216.01.21

500 000 000 000 points? thats stupid! big clans, big players, big money!