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New Knowledge in the Oracle

New Knowledge in the Oracle

18 дек. 2019, 09:2318.12.19

New Knowledge in the Oracle

Jarls, from now on when your Oracle reaches level 31, you'll get access to additional, secret Knowledge. You'll need Soul Shards to learn the secret Knowledge.

There are 3 categories of secret Knowledge:

  • Attack 
  • Defense
  • Fortresses

Knowledge from the Attack category will be useful to combative Jarls who love burning down enemy Towns. This category of Knowledge will help you improve your army's stats during an attack and increase the number of warriors on a march.

Knowledge from the Defense category improves your army's stats during defense and increases the number of warriors on a march. It's an ideal option for those who take pleasure in setting cunning traps for their enemies!

Do you regularly repel attacks on the Clan Stronghold? Has the Place of Power become your second home? Or are you fighting for the right to become the King of Jotunheim? Then you need Knowledge from the Fortresses category to improve your army's stats during battles for Fortresses and to increase your troop headcount in an Onslaught.

By learning the secret Knowledge from any branch, you can also upgrade the following stats:

Capacity of resource buildings

  • Troop capacity
  • Warrior number in reinforcements
  • Reinforcement troop speed

Please note: after the first upgrade of secret Knowledge in one category (for example, Fortresses), the cost of secret Knowledge in the other categories (Attack and Defense) automatically increases. Take this into account when planning your future development.

What Knowledge category are you going to upgrade first and why?

18 дек. 2019, 15:0718.12.19

Does "Attack" knowledge help in POP / SH / Fury Towers? Or is it only "Fortresses" knowledge?

"Fortresses" knowledge helps on Fury Towers as well I guess.

20 дек. 2019, 21:3220.12.19
Level 35, Eagle Horse 3, secret knowledge tab Does Not Exist: Hello Please??
25 дек. 2019, 10:1025.12.19

I had the same question, was not entirely sure about it, but I was right in the end. This is the official response from plarium:

"The Attack and Defense trees improve your Troops' statistics no matter where you fight. However, Fortresses tree is only useful when you are attacking or defending a Fortress. Please don't forget that the amount of bonuses may vary depending on the tree. Also, the upgrade cost for secret Knowledge starts at the same level in all categories. After the first upgrade of secret Knowledge in one selected category, the cost for secret Knowledge in the other categories increases. Therefore, we kindly suggest you to choose wisely."

27 фев. 2020, 21:1227.02.20

The Secret Knowledge is the biggest rip off that Plarium has ever perpetrated on it's players.

9 май 2020, 14:3709.05.20

I would like someone to explain to me what difference exists between games on Plarium, Mac and Facebook. Every day you try harder to play better and every day you get less of a reward.

10 май 2020, 17:2210.05.20
10 май 2020, 17:30(отредактировано)

Based on this and your other post.

I think that.

# You have found that improving levels or skills has had little effect on your success,but also made it harder to reach the events levels the game asks. 

You are asking if you would have more success with your game if you were to play it through another device.

# The answer is probably no, but to confirm this you would need someone who is playing the game  on Plarium.com, Mac and via Facebook or whatever other medium is possible,and I think that is most unlikely.

There is the assumption that by doing the next level, it will be easier from there on, but the next level takes more than the current level, e.t.c.

All these types of games, even those that are completely free to play have increasing difficulty as the level increases.