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Secrets of a perfect trap by WAR MÖRDЕR

Secrets of a perfect trap by WAR MÖRDЕR

8 дек. 2017, 14:1708.12.17

Secrets of a perfect trap by WAR MÖRDЕR

Just imagine: a low-Influence player, a Town without troops, and millions of resources! You think it will be a cakewalk but... there's a giant reinforcement! We're sure that many of you have fallen into traps like this. The player WAR MÖRDЕR from Kingdom 73 shared his secrets of baiting and told us how he punishes those who hunt him. Hurry to read the interview!

V — Vikings: War of Clans


V.: Hello and thank you for agreeing to answer our questions. How long have you been playing Vikings: War of Clans?

W.: Thank you, Vikings, for the opportunity. I’ve been playing Vikings: War of Clans since November 2015. Started my career from K51, then shifted to K73 due to my big friend circle there.

V.: We are very interested to know more about your strategy. Tell us how you started acting as bait? Did you volunteer or were you voluntold by your clansmen? :)

W.: Actually, since I started playing I have had only one troop march, and it was hard to repel any hit from big players when they spied on my Town and saw I had low troops numbers, then wanted to hit me... I told my old Chief (Schnarffs) about it, and we did it like 40–50 times, haha.

V.: Are you the only trap in your Clan or are there other guys who work as bait? Have you tried out other roles?

W.: In my strategy, I’m the only one, but everyone in my Clan has their own strategy... I have tried all the things you can imagine in this game: withstood Onslaughts with millions of troops and Onslaughted big players who think I have small Influence, and it’s hard to kill them for a small player.

V.: Can you describe the standard procedure of "baiting the hook"? How often do you use it?

W.: This strategy works only when someone thinks I’m their target: I move and send my only march out and wait for anyone to try and spy on me. They see my Town is empty but with a lot of resources... I can’t tell you actually how often, but we try it every fight event.

V.: Do you start the operation spontaneously or schedule it in advance? Who plans the attack?

W.: I start it spontaneously, like when I see a player watching me, I message my guys and tell them the coord I want to move to, and they wait for me nearby and send me reinforcement quickly when I move.

V.: Do you slow down your Town’s development on purpose so that you don't alert your potential victim?

W.: Yeah, I always try to have small Influence and play like a stupid sometimes to trap our enemy.

V.: This strategy is risky, because you can come across a strong and sly opponent. Have there been any battles when your trick cost your Clan a lot?

W.: No, my trick has never cost my Clan anything, 'cause we know how to do it well.

V.: Have there been any battles that you're proud of? Maybe there was a strong opponent or an old enemy that you crushed?

W.: Yes, of course, I remember we had KVK with Christfollower. He was a big guy and it was hard to kill him, he’s one of the good players in the game... I did this trick with my old boss (Schnarffs) and got him 2 times in my Town.

V.: Tell us how you choose a victim. Which stats do you take into consideration?

W.: I always look at the player’s stats, I have never cared what influence they have. Like, how many troops they've killed and what gear they have on, when they don’t hide it. All to know which troop type I should have in my Town to trick them.

V.: What do your opponents do when they realize that they’ve been tricked? Do they send angry messages?

W.: Haha, this part is always funny! Sometimes I get love messages, sometimes I get bad messages... but a real fighter tells me it was a good trick or a good job.

V.: Does your trap work in your own Kingdom, or does everyone there already know you are full of surprises?

W.: No, my trap doesn’t work in my Kingdom, 'cause when I was in K51 we had peace, and in K73 we are the top Clan. No one wants to fight us, 'cause they know we are hard and great fighters.

V.: In your opinion, what is the secret to a strong Clan? What would you recommend to beginners?

W.: I want to tell all beginners: please don’t think this game is only for big players, you can do good when you know how to use your Town in a good way and play as a team… Work on your Knowledge and not on troops, 'cause Knowledge is the secret of everything. When you don’t have much experience, try to be small until you are ready.

Jarls, do you set traps all the time or do you usually fall for them? Send screenshots of your victories to the comments!