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A Huge Update - Seasons for small(ish) to medium size players

A Huge Update - Seasons for small(ish) to medium size players

22 июнь 2021, 20:0222.06.21

A Huge Update - Seasons for small(ish) to medium size players

1.  Introduction

Buildings expanded to level 40, tier VIII troops introduced and new knowledge to acquire - for those who come to the site to buy pixels there is much of interest in the Huge Update.  But what about those of us who like to play Vikings: War of Clans and so acquire resources in the ways which the game provides?  Well for us there are the Seasons and Runic Coins.  This guide sets out some first impressions of this new feature from the perspective of the 5 billion to 100 billion influence player.

2.  Limitation

Acquiring Runic Coins requires a player to have progressed beyond the Leagus of Rookies, League of Recruits and League of Warriors and to have reached the League of Conquerors or higher.  Coins are acquired in personal Competitions and for those Events it is the Palace level which determines League.   This is the list plarium give for the various levels

Personal Competitions (except the Ghost Hunt):

- League of Rookies: 1-11 levels of the Palace.

- League of Recruits: 12-17 levels of the Palace.

- League of Warriors: 18-21 levels of the Palace.

- League of Conquerors: 22-24 levels of the Palace.

Personal "Ghost Hunt" Competition:

- League of Rookies: 1-15 levels of the Palace.

- League of Recruits: 16-20 levels of the Palace.

- League of Warriors: 21-22 levels of the Palace.

- League of Conquerors: 23-25 levels of the Palace.

However, judging by my own League in-game, that list is out of date so check your own League by clicking on "Events" in-game then click on a personal event and then on "Ranking".  Your League for that event will be displayed near the top of the resulting screen.  Bear in mind that your League may be different for Ghost events from the others.  Do not make a habbit of this as the position you occupy in your League can be rather depressing (unless you bear in mind the number of folk included who are merely shoppers).

3.  Is it worth prioritising your building program so as to reach the League of Conquerors more quickly?

My answer to this is that probably it is.  Advancing through the Leagues has drawbacks, in particular checkpoints and quest targets are progressively harder to reach.  However the rewards which can be purchased with Runic Coins are sufficiently attractive to offset that.  Assuming those rewards will stay as they are and not be slimmed down in the future.

4.  Acquiring Runic Coins

So once you have reached the League of Conquerors ( - well done >) - ) how do you acquire Runic Coins?

First you must wait for a Season to be announced and to begin.  The first such Season, The Age of Seekers, is in progress as I write (22/06/2021).  During the Season, personal Events are called "Seasonal Personal" in the Events window and some of the checkpoints (typically the third, seventh and tenth) include Runic Coins.  In some events the number of Coins is modest - typically 5k - but in others the numbers go up to 100k.  A Season lasts four weeks so there are quite a number of Events.  Perhaps you will spend the Coins as they are acquired or perhaps you will accumulate them towards the more expensive items.

5.  Where do you spend Runic Coins?

At the top of the "Events" window the name of the Season (currently "Age of Seekers") appears and if you click there the number of Runic Coins you have so far acquired is displayed and when you click on "Seasonal Store" you are taken to a screen where the items which can be purchased with the Coins appears.

6.  What to buy with your Coins

The most eye catching of the items that can be purchased are a Town Skin - called the Gard of Patronage costing a whopping 3 million Coins - and a hero's skin which confers a bunch of military benefits.  This is more immediately attractive than the Town skin and at 1 million Coins is more attractively priced.  The skin presently on offer has a melee bias - no doubt different skins with a bias towards other troop types will appear in future Seasons.  Perhaps some will look no further and focus their efforts upon acquiring these items.  However I would encourage you to browse a little among the other items in the store.  In my own case I was delighted to find a coffer which contained Inga charms - sufficient for a promotion to the sixth stage and a handsome boost to learning and troop training!  There are also Baggi charms for those still in need of them.  Possibly best of all, in the long term, there is a coffer containing handsome quantites of hero's energy and shamans' power and another coffer with equally handsome numbers of boosts.  Individual items are also available which may save frustration when you fall just a handful of items short of some important advance.

7.  How long does it typically take to acquire sufficient Coins?

Well I can only speak to my own, very limited, experience.  But with ordinary levels of effort and just a week into the season I have acquired about 500k Coins.  So I would say a hero's skin is in fairly easy range, a town skin might be a stretch in a single season but lots and lots of hero's energy, shamans' power and boosts will be within everyone's compass.  HURRAH!

8. Overall

This Season has certainly given me additional motivation to check out Event checkpoints and made it cost effective to strive for a lot more of them.  It might be a bit too much to describe Seasons as a game changer but their introduction is certainly significant.  Whether for good or ill time will tell.


3 сент. 2021, 11:5603.09.21

how i can get offense against seige troops

3 сент. 2021, 11:5703.09.21

not from sharmen

3 сент. 2021, 13:1803.09.21
3 сент. 2021, 13:43(отредактировано)


Good post,however elsewhere there is a suggestion that the two main items in a season may not be repeated,  such that there is a need to 'get now' 

 I hadn't seen this before and thought it was new, but must be the post after.

Madhawa Athapaththu..

This is not the best place to ask your question, and you can edit it rather than using another post.

There are lots of ways to get to offense against siege.

Have you nothing currently?

The main things are troop types. hero gear , gems and knowledge.