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Secrets Achievements

Secrets Achievements

21 апр. 2020, 18:3821.04.20

Secrets Achievements

i have an idea regarding Troll and White Wolf achievements

1. Troll

I found a text saying that Trolls myths made their first appearance in the 12th century. The account of historical figure, Bragi, a 9th century Viking poet, tells of his discovery of a troll woman deep down in the forest. (  http://oriceran.com/folklore-and-fiction-how-trolls-became-a-common-fantasy-creature/ )

Bragi, a Viking poet ... yes, but also an Aesir, well known in this game.

Following the legend, Bragi was husband of Idunn, another Aesir of War of Clans

To activate Troll secret requirement, maybe we have to activate alternaly Aesir and Idunn several times ?

2. White Wolf

Plarium makes often reference to fantasy movies and books, for example "Tibboh"; another secret achievement, is probably an inverted "Hobbit"

Let's go to Game of Thrones : The white wolf is adopted by Jon Snow, who calls him "Ghost"

So, Ghost & Invaders, Jon Snow, Snowiking ... has this achievement something to do with the Swowiking ???

Just my reflexions .. don't kill me if you find i'm stupid

Thorkildson, member of Ao7 Clan

22 апр. 2020, 01:2422.04.20
22 апр. 2020, 01:31(отредактировано)

I personally cannot confirm your suggestion for the Troll is incorrect,but I think you are barking up the wrong tree.

Of course, Game of Thrones aficionados, may have made the same connection, but perhaps  ghosts only go boo.

26 апр. 2020, 13:4326.04.20
Isn’t Troll the achievement where you have to kill troops whilst you have a negative repute on?
26 апр. 2020, 14:1326.04.20
Oh spoiler alert.
27 апр. 2020, 17:0027.04.20

I have white wolf, yet never killed a snowking, so that is not it.

SIEGV clan. 
28 апр. 2020, 11:3028.04.20
And how did you get it?
30 апр. 2020, 12:5930.04.20
is anyone want to say anything about how to get white wolf achievement?
1 май 2020, 22:4101.05.20
That's not it, I have it and only one of my friends got it after doing the exact same thing  I did, the rest, none of them got it 
6 май 2020, 12:3906.05.20
so what was it that you did?
7 май 2020, 17:3207.05.20
I’ve had two friends receive White Wolf achievement, they hunted Ghosts with normal hits. They can’t decide which ghost-I’m assuming Moon Wolf makes sense-but whether the shaman used is a variable is still being looked at by our clan
8 май 2020, 17:2508.05.20

I hit six level 6 ghost, 6 level 6 invaders and 6 Ubers and i got it

Clan member came up with it
9 май 2020, 02:2209.05.20
9 май 2020, 02:23(отредактировано)


I have no reason to doubt what you say, and none to confirm your suggestion either.

However, this is at odds with what other players have claimed concerning this achievement, whereby low level palaces have White Wolf, and those that claim to have got it without doing as you suggested, but again I have no evidence either way on such claims.

9 май 2020, 11:1809.05.20

Well all i can say thats what i did and i got it

17 май 2020, 19:4817.05.20
I tried that earlier today and didn't get it so I don't think that's it..
17 май 2020, 19:5017.05.20
17 май 2020, 19:51(отредактировано)
Does anyone know how to get tibboh, cannonball baron or rarest of vikings achievments?
17 май 2020, 20:2717.05.20
17 май 2020, 20:31(отредактировано)

This is the problem , players say they have white wolf and how they got it, but others try and fail, because its based on assumption and not fact.

Those that have them..... 

.....and know the real reason why.

28 июнь 2020, 01:5028.06.20

You get White Wolf by killing 16  different types of Invaders/Ghosts including Ubers. Does not matter what level they are at least for the first 3 levels of achievement.

You get Tibboh for making Rings. Make Dragon Rings as they are cheap and fast to make. The number of rings per level is 5,10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 30, 70, 220, 650. You WILL need to buy extra inventory slots. Does NOT need to be Legendary, just make simple. Keep for 3 hours or until you get notification then dismantle. Start on next level.

Skald (rarest of Vikings) be blocked (blacklisted) by people. By level  10/20 for first level. Add 10 for each level after that. Can be the same person and done all at once per level. You both have to be online while doing this one.

Cannonball get booted from Valley of the Aesir (stronghold area) 5 times for level one. I don't know after that.

I know these to be fact as I have them.
28 июнь 2020, 22:5728.06.20
29 июнь 2020, 12:37(отредактировано)

Thanks on behalf of everyone for your  information.

I am still sceptical about exactly what triggers White Wolf  as there are players still saying they got it without killing  any ubers.

I was interested in getting the achievement mainly to solve the apparent mystery surrounding it, but don't really have a current use for the bonuses so,having wasted a lot of things like energy and re-locations chasing dead ends, largely gave up when it was said you needed to kill ubers as well as the basic invaders.

I suppose it depends on individual players aspirations and game, but It makes it quite expensive to get the award for players who aren't very advanced or spending bags of money for energy.

It also strikes me as a bit strange that its very similar to another award that involves killing invaders, and I can't quite fathom how very advanced players, with maximum level Hunt award,who are likely to be also killing ubers in other events, haven't got White Wolf  at all.
6 авг. 2020, 21:5506.08.20
6 авг. 2020, 21:59(отредактировано)
Ragnaroflothbrook aes597 said:

Does anyone know how to get tibboh, cannonball baron or rarest of vikings achievments?
built many dragon rings as you can in group of 10 every hour of time.. up to level 6. 20  lv 7 . 70 lv 8. 220 lv 9. and 650 lv10. Good luck
30 авг. 2020, 08:0830.08.20

 Secret achievement Yes


Minimum level of the Palace

Reward (Gold)

Number of Warriors in Training

Troop Offense When Capturing Fortresses

How to get

Destroy (pieces, each type):

Invader: 16

Uber Invader: 4

Ghost: 9

  1 Lvl. 2 Lvl. 3 Lvl. 4 Lvl. 5 Lvl. 6 Lvl. 7 Lvl. 8 Lvl. 9 Lvl. 10 Lvl. Total

Minimum level of the Palace 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  

Reward (Gold) 100K 170K 235K 300K 370K 465K 725K 1.8M 5.95M 20M 30.12M

Number of Warriors in Training 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 10% 13% 20% 20%

Troop Offense When Capturing Fortresses 1% 1.5% 2% 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4% 5% 6.5% 10% 10%

How to get  

Destroy (pieces, each type):

Invader: 16

Uber Invader: 4

Ghost: 9 1 1