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Active Clan Looking for Players

Active Clan Looking for Players

29 апр. 2019, 15:2929.04.19

Active Clan Looking for Players

Are you looking for an active clan to join? Come join us! We are small in numbers but are active everyday. Over 300,000,000 in influence and very close to constructing our stronghold. We will help you grow! Kingdom Molljevted #772 clan The Order of Light chief Jagienta.
5 июнь 2019, 03:2505.06.19
Still accepting requests?
13 июнь 2019, 21:2213.06.19
We are always looking of active player.  Any level.  We help each other out to grow and get strong All when having fun.  Kingdom 782 Svjindsager Clan Jolly Rodgers Clan X 118 Y 385
17 июнь 2019, 23:5917.06.19

Hey we are the same but have our SH at level 2...if you are looking to grow we could do help you and your clan.

We are situated in K654 and are the top English speaking clan in the Kingdom.

If you can have a look at Rise of the Phoenix as an option and save all that res for growing.

17 авг. 2019, 12:2717.08.19
17 авг. 2019, 12:33(отредактировано)

400B plus clan, stronghold level 3, searching for active members with a minimum of 1B influence.  Look for "Oñe N@tion" clan in kingdom #486, contact Big Bäd Wølf or Madam Abaddon.

18 авг. 2019, 16:1218.08.19
18 авг. 2019, 16:15(отредактировано)

I am clan chief and we too are looking for active player's, fighters, farmers, Spenders or none spenders all welcome no min inf required, We are currently 94b inf with 50 active members with a level 3 stronghold we are the number 2 English speaking clan in the kingdom and we are an international clan as well, we accept player's that speak all different languages from all over the world. Our clan name is Boom-Boom we are in Kingdom 377.

30 авг. 2019, 03:0030.08.19

We are in kingdom 346. We are looking for active players. Big and small. Spenders and non spenders. Fighters and non fighters. Remember it 

doesn't matter if you are hundred bil or hundred mil, you can only send so many waves of troops. So size isn't everything, it is the number of active 

players that makes the biggest impact.

We believe in equality. No matter the size. So all players are elders and alts are ranker. If want more information reach out to me in game 

Queen Southern Belle. 

9 июнь 2020, 23:0709.06.20
we are [BWOLF] in #745, very active clan, all the members are friends and we all help each other. We are friends with all the other clans in the kingdom (other than one rogue clan) , we share reputes, we help each other with achievements and concentrate on trying to win kvk instead of fighting each other. Contact Konr Rigsson or Anna or Cara if you would like more info or if you want to join, we welcome all levels of active players but we are particularly looking for 100-500b to fill in what we are missing. We currently have 3 players over 800b and we are missing mid-level players to support OS and etc. THANKS! 
17 дек. 2020, 15:3117.12.20

Bonjour , clan  tres actif , B&astion pratiquement fini , pas d'attaque de mine ,  cherche membre de bon  niveau minimum lv 33 , Clan ITUM , royaume #371

Si un membre parle Anglais ,  Russe un plus pour nous. Contacter Dominique30.

Merci à  bientôt 

31 дек. 2020, 19:4831.12.20

Looking for 3 to 5 strong players to assume leadership positions in our active clan. Kingdom 791  Veyjiberg. We have French, English, Norwegian, Russian and American players. 25 members 100% active. Thank you. Stay safe and well in today's world! Clan Astible. Stronghold Level 4.