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Proguide to Vikings war of clans

Proguide to Vikings war of clans

9 май 2018, 03:4109.05.18

Proguide to Vikings war of clans

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  Proguide to Vikings War of Clans

When starting to play “Vikings War of Clans” it's a easy game to start.

You have to build your kingdom to start. I have found it best to follow the game tutorial. This helps you to start with the basic town setup. It will have you to build or construct the basic buildings that will supply your town with food, lumber, iron, rock and silver. In building these buildings keep in mind, the more buildings that you build of one type the more resources of that type your town will produce. You will be asked to train troops and this is done after you build the barracks. As in the resource buildings, the more barracks that is built the more troops you can train at once. Troops consume food that your farms produce so keep a eye on your food level. When your troops starts to consume more than it's producing than that resource level or amount of food will turn from the color white to red. The higher the level of your town the more you will be able to do.

At the beginning you will have whats called a peace shield that will keep your town safe from being attacked for a short period of time. Pleas use this time to grow your town to a level that will make it easy for you to defend it.

When it comes to a war or fighting in the game you will need infirmaries that will house troops that are injured in battle. Just like any building the more you have the more troops you can heal.

You will be able to go out in the “Global Map” or forrest area to gather resources like food, lumber, rock and silver that is used to help build and maintain your town.

When your town reaches a level of 6 or higher this will putyou in a higher risk of beimg attacked because then the attacking town will be able to steal or win resources from your town.

It's very important to look for a clan to join. A clan will give you bonuses and benefits and support that will make the game easier.

This is just a basic beginning guide to what is needed to start this game. The more you play the more you will learn.