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"Proguide" For starters.

"Proguide" For starters.

6 май 2018, 06:5306.05.18

"Proguide" For starters.

Hello  Jarls &  of course Ladies 😉 haha, here i will be Giving a few Tips, DO's & DONT's , & Honest Advise for Beginner Vikings ! .

1. As you Start you will want to focus on Upgrading ALL 5 of the main Resource Buildings to the same as Palace Level.

 This will Increase Production on each of the following 

Silver , Food , Stone , Iron , Lumber.

You'll be able to build More then 3 Of each... More then other's...it's up to YOU Jarl, which ever you rather have the most ! . 

I personally have more farm's then anything else, due to the fact my troops EAT A lot. 

Don't worry you'll be able to demolish buildings as you Continue progressing & Replace the spot with a much more needed/Preferable Building.

Last tip  about Resource Building's....Manor's don't only increase Silver production But have a huge Impact on Troop Training .... Haha...you'll be able to train troops Faster, Jarl ! , They Reduce the amount of time you have to wait for your Warriors to be Fully Trained. 

Let's move on to Our Barracks

Upgrading Them Will Increase the Amount of warriors you could train ..increases the Train Limit, Lets say you could train only 900 at a time...an upgrade will increase 50+...950 After upgrade, Jarl! 

Keep Upgrading !!! 

Moving on to our infirmary, 

Upgrading them will increase the amount of beds For your wounded Troops !....i suggest you upgrade them !, Other jarls will eventually want to attack you and if they succeed at it & Your Infirmary capacity is only at 20,000 Beds & you lose 60,000 Troops You'll be able to heal 20k but the other 40k will Die unless you have Gold to Resurrect Them,Jarl ! . 

"Oh no ! , Build LOTS of those & Pillage other people's "RSS" !."

Up next, the ....ORACLE, this one isn't capitalized for no reason, Jarl. 

Upgrading The oracle Will allow you to find More knowledge, The Oracle is One of the MAIN buildings you'll want to put your time into, Once inside it, you'll be able to Increase knowledge on defences , offenses , Resources , Espionage , Hero , Did i mention you could Unlock Stronger Higher Tiered Troops ? .

Haha check it out for yourself , Jarl. 

(Oracle is very important)

Our WALL...

Upgrading our Towns Wall will Increase your towns Defense During another Jarls Attack, keep it upgraded (Wink) . 

Vault .

The vault serves an important Role as well, Other jarls can attack you and take your Resources, The higher your Vaults level The more resources will stay intact during another jarls Attack. 

Watch tower.

Upgrading the watch tower will increase the KM's you could Oversee, this includes finding Resource locations, who's yielding here, there & over there ! 

upgrading it will also improve information & the way it alerts you when an enemy is marching to attack you.

A tip to prevent this would be, Keeping 1000 Gold saved up & 8hr Peace treaty marked as Favorite so you can quickly Surround your self in a Bubble. Nobody can hit you then. 

PS: if you are yielding, An enemy can hit your troops, can also Spy how many with out warning. 

Our Troops, 

We have Melee, Ranged & Cavalry 

I personally went with Melee , you can focus on all 3 if you want to, but i suggest you pick a class & focus most Knowledge points into which ever you prefer the most, carefully read their traits.

We don't ever want to end up a weak Jarl !. 

Our main building, The palace . 

A palace upgrade will simply allow you to increase upgrades for other buildings, lets say your a palace level 12, all your buildings are level 12, Upgrading palace to 13, now you'll be able to upgrade them as well. 

Advise , i recommend you upgrade the majority of your buildings to palace level before upgrading your palace any higher. 

Last but not least Joining a strong alliance, a clan .

There will be plenty to choose from, some closed some opened , being in a strong Clan will make everything much easier/Fun.

There will be several events Hosted, participate as a clan member, all help to score the check points & you'll win amazing prizes, Golds , boosters & many more !!!!

Goodluck to all , Jarls ! .

1 last thing, there's A LOT More to it then what i was able to cover up, jarl, come participate & enjoy for yourself !.

Sincerely ,

E Y E 

A life hack, hmm 

Friends come and go, so do Partners , have fun with everyone who brings positive vibes & don't pay no mind to whom left.

Hacks beneficial Life joy 😉

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19 сент. 2018, 17:3619.09.18
How do I get this gold on siege for 500 daily
20 сент. 2018, 00:4920.09.18
20 сент. 2018, 00:52(отредактировано)

I cant work out what you are asking,maybe someone else can.

Are you  perhaps asking how you can get enough gold for a shield?

11 июль 2019, 04:2211.07.19
That iui s what I want to know.
11 июль 2019, 12:1411.07.19
See your other posts.
11 июль 2019, 21:2811.07.19
I have. No comprehensible answer yet.
25 июль 2019, 06:0125.07.19
If you’re using gold to shield every time, it’s cheaper to purchase coffers in the “items” section. When I actually remember, I buy the coffers with relocations and 24hr shields. More cost effective 
25 июль 2019, 13:4725.07.19
25 июль 2019, 13:50(отредактировано)

If you read all the posts here, and all Pascal's other posts,it seems he has two problems,

The first, learning how to play the game.

The second, acquiring  gold in the first place.

Spending it wisely.

You have just given him a whole new question to ask.

27 июль 2019, 01:5627.07.19

P0ON TANG said:

If you’re using gold to shield every time, it’s cheaper to purchase coffers in the “items” section. When I actually remember, I buy the coffers with relocations and 24hr shields. More cost effective 

Right now I am not raiding. So I buy a 7-day shield.

I am building my village and trying to learn how to play.

I hate "Discovery" games. Where one has to try something to see what it does. [Why is there not a Help button on every screen that pops up?]

Right now I am saddled with useless Level 2 troops that I got as awards for playing. They cannot be used to harvest supplies. Shielded, I am not attacked and they are not useful on defense.

I carefully generated Level 1 troops in quantities my farms could feed. With these "extra" troops, I am WAY negative right now. And I cannot seem to harvest enough food to break even.

27 июль 2019, 21:0927.07.19
27 июль 2019, 21:15(отредактировано)

i think you can get rid of unwanted troops via the shrine of odin....theres a dismiss troops feature in there somewhere.

 Go to the 'In the Town' section and click on the troops you want to dispose of. A dismiss option will then appear 

28 июль 2019, 00:4728.07.19

So who has told you that level 2 troops cant be used for harvesting supplies.

Yes its true that troops you don't want  and consume too much food can be dismissed.

 I would also say if you are only harvesting,and staying shielded,you don't need more troops than the total number that can be sent on the marches you have.

You can always train more when you need them, if they get killed.