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Few tips for new players (proguide)

Few tips for new players (proguide)

2 май 2018, 04:2802.05.18

Few tips for new players (proguide)

Game ID: 538605

This tips are most for a new players but can be good for veteran too.

1. When you are starting a new game or you want to get more ressources, you need to set all skill points for you economy ( Hero and Shaman Skills ).

2. Join an active clan: They will help you with anything and give you ressources if you need. You can get gold from Clan Events (CVC), They will protect you from other attackers. You are getting more resources if you are in Clan Zone.

3. Village Upgrade: When you are upgrade your village or if you want to say town. First upgrade your Ressources buildings and Vault, then other buildings. And last is Palace.

4.Hero Equipment: First you can create a Green Value ( Rare ) item. And then look for a Yellow Value Legendary materials to craft Legendary equipment.

5. Focusing on resources or attack power: If you wanna to focus on resources you can also upgrade your hero's equipment with gems which will give you a resources production. Or for attack ( Attac power ). Depends on what do you wanna to focus.

6. If you are going to CVC ( In enemy kingdom ): If you are not so strong player and you do not have a big army. Then go to the edge of the map bcs there is a less players then in the middle. So you can use your Hero and Shaman to kill Invaders and Ghost's to get Invaders Lair or Ghost Shelters.

7. Clan points: Use them wisely. Clan points can help you to protect your Town/Village, and to get you alot of other things, to get clan points you will need to finish side Tasks and help clan member's in building or researching.

And last but not least you need to be friendly with everyone. Bcs then you will get more chance to be safe in a kingdom.

    Good Luck in your Journey of a Great                        Viking Warrior

11 июль 2019, 04:4111.07.19

Just how do you do #1?

Why is a Clan Event? How does one get gold from one?

How do you do #4?

What is CVC?

How is a real beginner supposed to understand this?
11 июль 2019, 12:0411.07.19

OK, you can fight if you want , but I would forgo that for a while, though it has its  advantages  it can be a trap for the inexperienced.

Concentate your efforts on building and knowledge.

To do #4 ,

you have  to attack invaders ,to collect the loot they carry, you  need to have energy to attack them, and skills, you learn the skills in the Oracle ,the purple  crystal  building.

You dont get much free energy, so you again have to win or buy it.