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August will be rather busy!

August will be rather busy!

Hey Throne community! In August, Throne: Kingdom at War will be five years old. To celebrate the game's birthday, we've prepared:
- Gifts
- A creative contest
- A quiz on Discord

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2 авг. 2021, 13:0002.08.21
2 авг. 2021, 20:4602.08.21

All good stuff but what would really be good would be something worth spending our hard earned money on.  I have never seen a game that penalizes you for spending money.  The more you spend the less we get if we want to spend more.  Kinda counter intuitive don't you think?

14 авг. 2021, 06:5214.08.21

LOL,  It is a big bussiness and the gaming Corp that runs it loves profits more than us.  Is what it is.

I still I like the game and even though I'm very large it doesn't make me a better player lol. I take the big picture, it may take me some time to get to the new levels and hopefully improve my play lol.

This game is very, very expensive, again is what it is.

IMHO,  sit back and just play as best you can. Save your money till the good packs come and don't spend more than you can afford. The way the econmies are going depending where one lives. One may need to worry more about what inflation may do to one's cost of living.  

Best of health to all... This Co Vid world is not going away.  This game is a fantastic place to visit and leave all that shizz behind for some fun with a lot of good people.  

 Fisherman stay well, game well and prosper.

17 фев. 2022, 13:2517.02.22