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Interview with TOP 10 in both Offense and Defense rankings

Interview with TOP 10 in both Offense and Defense rankings

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Interview with TOP 10 in both Offense and Defense rankings

Do you want to always be on top of the rankings? Learn how in the interview with the Lord known as "MO"!

Name: MO

Date of birth: 12/17/80

Location: 'Merica

Order: R1SEN

Kingdom: 41

Total time in the game: 3 weeks – I started late after playing Vikings

Enemy warriors destroyed: 400m

What you're proud of: Ranking TOP 10 in both Offense and Defense in the same week.

Super ability (you would like to have/already have): There are no super abilities that I do not have.

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, golf, and playing with the minds of Throne players.

Likes: Honesty, humility, and confidence.

Dislikes: Stupidity

Favorite food: Crab

Favorite song: Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

T - Throne: Kingdom At War

M - MO 

T.:Tell us the story behind your nickname.

M.:My nickname is MO, because just when you think I'm done destroying you, I have "alotta MO left"!

T.: What is your goal? Perhaps you want to be the permanent holder of the top spot in the Lords rankings?

M.: My goal is simple: winning. I want to win for our Order, first of all. R1SEN is not the biggest Order but we never stop. I enjoy chasing individual records if the Order event is at hand. Kills are a key stat I track, but it's not always the most important.

T.: What is your game strategy? Do you have your own methods or tactics that help you defeat opponents?

M.: My strategy is more behavior-based. I enjoy figuring my opponent out. Sometimes they have a flaw I can exploit, sometimes they must be trapped. I enjoy cracking their "code". Some great players go with straight math, but I prefer creating my attack windows.

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