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Mistakenly posted in wrong game forum....

Mistakenly posted in wrong game forum....

17 апр. 2019, 00:2617.04.19

Mistakenly posted in wrong game forum....

I had used the search function here to see if others had posted about this and did't realize I was sent to the wrong game forum.

Re-posting here:

 16 April, 2019, 6:38 PM UTC

It's easy to make insulting remarks, to both those who troll and to those who complain about it, but its hardly a laughing matter when it effects an entire Order's ability to play the game.

There is a player who recently left our Order (didn't like to be advised on what to Order was trying to accomplish) and has made it he/r mission in life to attack our Order in every way possible.

This player holds the ESH and dispenses negative reps to our most powerful Order Members.

This play is making it impossible for members of our Order to yield in home kingdom as s/he sits on the edge of our territory and jumps tiles as soon as one of us claims them.

Currently in OvO, s/he is attacking our Order at will for any members who have stayed in home kingdom.

I agree that the verbal abuse is just stupid, and actually says more about he/r than any of us, but the actions are effecting our ability to play the game and compete fairly. Blacklisting doesn't prevent he/r actions.

We have a right to play this game, have paid for our fair share of packs, without this vindictive juvenile behavior.

I can already hear the jeers...cry baby...blah blah blah...but I don't spend my time or money playing a game that has no recourse for dealing with out of control players. It cannot be profitable for you to lose an entire Order because of one mentally unbalanced player.

Should you decide there is something more you can say or do other than "suck it up, spend money and get stronger so you can kick he/r ass" please do so. This individual has dominated our Order, influenced the effectiveness of the entire kingdom, for too long.

In the original post I included my name, my kingdom, and my Order's name...I do not know why it wasn't picked up in the copy/paste I did but here is the information you may find useful.

Kingdom: 134 Dorgensfield   Order:  Tomb 000000 Oblivion   IGN: Midnight Sun

19 апр. 2019, 17:1119.04.19
I am not the least bit surprised that this has been so completely ignored. Just to update you, since you have chosen to leave us to our own devices, we are leaving...yep, decent players are talking about a mass exodus from Dorgensfield. Enjoy a near empty, non-functioning kingdom. 
19 апр. 2019, 17:2219.04.19
CYNDAR is correct and has understated how bad the 185 billion power player is in relentlessly bullying 30 million power players and less.  Using horrible racist and homophobic comments etc...  Is this how you all want the game played?  Seriously?  Choosing a "baby" kingdom to go to with 185 billion power to bully?  Are you kidding me?  Everyone is defenseless.  I have not been attacked but I see it all the time.  I am exiting for greener pastures.